6 Of The Best Tips on Choosing a Hosting Service

Choosing a web host is among the most important decisions that all website owners have to make and it is essential to pick a host carefully, as a wrongly chosen one can spoil the hard work that you have done over the design phase. Availability of large number of hosting services makes it quite difficult for a website owner to choose the best one.  Several questions have to be answered before one finds the best option. Thus, choosing the best option for the best web host service is a Mandatory thing to be focused on.

  • Ensure your Requirements

Before choosing a host, the first and the most important thing to be considered is the exact requirements. Is it going to be a personal website, a business oriented one or based on special services? If it is just for fun, then there are several free hosting services that one can avail, while professional service providers are required if it is a commercial website.

  • Use of cPanel

Most website owners are not aware of the technicalities such as dealing with file transfer protocol (FTP) and in such case, it becomes difficult to gain access to the files and data stored in a website.  Using cPanel, ispCP or other such systems, one can use website data even without knowing about FTP. One must make sure whether they use such system in their host services or not.

  • Email with Domain

Most web hosting services offer an email associated with the same domain name. Choose a host that offers an email using your domain, which can be used to communicate with your clients and other business organizations.

  • Web Space

This certainly is among the most crucial points that one should look after.  A newly designed website needs smaller space, since resources are limited and generally traffic is very light.  As a website grows and spends some time over the internet, not only it will require more resources and features, but traffic will also be increased. A good hosting service always can provide greater web space.  Make sure you do not over buy the space either.

  • Faster Host Speed

A good website takes no time to open and one can easily check it by going to DOS prompt and typing “ping hostdomainname.com”. All that you need is to look for average ping, which must be around 80-100.  If it goes above 100, your host is not good enough.

  • Online Reviews

Online reviews are quite handy for all finding it confusing to choose a host. Take assistance from independent review sites to get genuine reviews and opinions. It surely will help you and will let you know about real pros and cons of a service provider.

A hosting service makes one’s website appear over the internet and allows people to visit the website. One must take care of the above-mentioned points while choosing a host service.  A website with a good host can certainly change the fortune of a new business by dealing with more visitors.
Steffany Kellam is graduated student from economic university. She has long experience in big web hosting (as the Swedish say webbhotell) company. She  writes Internet related articles.

Is content really king or do you need to write for the spiders?

There has long been a debate in the search engine world as to whether or not you need to focus on the kind of killer content that will benefit humans the most and push them to your site or to use all of the tips and tricks that we have to make sure that the search spiders push us up the rankings in way that would only make human readers head’s itch. And while the perfect answer probably lies somewhere in the middle of these two extremes, the debate still rages on.

So which one is best – is content really king of the hill when it comes to driving traffic, or can you get away with a bunch of keyword stuffed electronic friendly articles to push people to your sites?

Content is king – most of the time

While it may have been possible to get some pretty slick rankings in the past with spider optimized articles and websites, the fact of the matter is that things are changing – and rapidly at that. Each and every day sees more and more subtle changes to the underlying structure of SEO, and the major search engines are constantly shifting their algorithms to weight different factors across the board. This has made it next to impossible to gauge with any real accuracy what the future of SEO holds, and it’s become more and more important to make sure that we are writing for our readers more than the spiders.

That’s not to say that the SEO world is dead and we need to shift our focus entirely – far from it. But we need to be more judicious with the way that we write, and understand that companies like Google are looking for the most relevant content to serve their users – and the eventually the spiders will only be focusing on killer content just the moment that the technology makes that possible.

You cannot ignore the new wave of search engine practices or the boom in other traffic methods

The second major reason that you need to focus on content over the spiders is the fact that he social web has changed the very fabric of web traffic. No longer can we count on all of our traffic to come from the search engines. While they still play a prominent role in how new visitors find our material, the social web has caused millions of other little pathways to our content to open up – and if a reader stumbles upon some jumbled mess of an article or other SEO work we’ve created for the spiders we’re going to start losing the pole position we’ve worked so hard to create.

So while there needs to be a balance between writing for our user base and writing for the machines, the landscape of SEO is dictating that we need to be leaning more towards amazing content and less on trying to game the search spiders.

Joel Mayer writes about SEO and other online marketing techniques for the AustralianWebMarketers blog

Trouble With Plugins

Malewail was down most of the day. Apparently one of my plugins have taken down the site. I will have to go through them one by one and find out which one it was. Malewail will be back to normal soon.

I do apoligize

I do apologize, Malewail have been having some hosting issues. I keep having MySqL issues. My hosting company have been very slow with fixing the problems. I have had a support ticket open for almost two weeks now. And I am still experincing problems.

Do anyone have any idea of a host that I can move too?


Recently I have changed hosting form 110mb.com to Anhosting. This has allowed me to start a new blog, Calgaryblog.info. Calgary Blog Info is a directory of blogs and websites in the City of Calgary. Also providing tips on blogging and monetizing. I am running a pretty good directory plugin from linksback.org. Allowing submission of blogs and websites to be shown in a customizable directory. Check out Calgaryblog.info and let me know what you think, any advice is greatly appreciated.

Recent Hosting Change

I recently changed from a free host to a paid Host. Probably the best move I can make, ANHosting had a great Halloween special doubling everything they were offering. I still have some bugs to work out, not everything has transferred properly. But that’s my fault for not making good backups of my origanal files. Soon I will get back to a regular posting schedule and begin work on Calgaryblog.info.

Growing Pains

I have been having trouble with my host again. So I am switching to paid hosting. It is not as smooth as I thought it would be. So in the next few days Malewail will be on again off again. Hopefully It will back up and running soon. And I can start making more post.

6 Keys to Locate Most Suitable Hosting Provider for your Site

Author: Joel Higgs

6 Keys to locate most suitable hosting provider…

Technical Support: Live support is preferred. Next comes email support, which is a must!

Prices/Money Back Guarantee: Many web hosting companies does not offer a money-back guarantee, however it is important to have especially when you want to switch companies, try out the services.

Upgrades Pakages Available: Skip web-hosting company that only offers one package. You would need more space and bandwidth as you expands
your online business. Especially bandwidth, as you do not want your server to be down when you traffic increases. Plan for expansion.

Friendly Control Panel: Cpanel is one of the most popular control panels for web hosts to offer, but there are others. Ask what type of control panel your web host is offering to provide you with. This is important for beginners, as an easier interface means easier tasks for making updates to their website/accessing emails.

Added Features: Instant Install is a feature offered by most web hosts these days. Other features like forums, blogs and guestbooks should be available for installation.

Reviews/Feedback from Users: While looking at the prices, tools available on these web hosting companies, testimonials of our customers using these web hosting companies should also be checked out to see the experiences of these users that have actually used these products as ultimately it is these users that are the ones who know the exact advantages and disadvantages of these web hosting companies.

Web hosting directories provides you an easily comparison between different web hosting companies. A typical web hosting directory provides a list
of web hosting companies complete with the information of services these web hosting services provides such as its different hosting plans, prices, etc… These information will get you started to look for one that suits you best.

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How To Find The Best Web Host

Author: Don Fletchinger


Building a website is very easy as there are countless web hosts, software programs, and website builders on the internet to choose from. But building a website that really produces profits, that builds traffic and ranks among the top websites on the net is extremely difficult to do.

Choose a hosting service that owns their own equipment and has high-speed connections to multiple Internet backbones, backup power generators and backup systems in place. Make sure they are a reliable business that has been around for awhile. Check their support system and make sure they offer 24/7 email, ticket system or live telephone support. Try their support team and see if they respond quickly enough for your needs and if their support staff is helpful and knowledgeable.

You should be able to host at least one domain name. There should be no restrictions on sub-domains. Look for e-mail access as well. The better the service, the more options they will provide for email. Make sure to get ample disk space for your website and try to get as much bandwidth as possible. Also make sure that your hosting service includes a statistics program so you can monitor your website traffic on your website.

If you plan on running a internet store or ECommerce shopping cart you need a hosting service that offers this service and supports SSL(Secure Sockets Layer.) When starting an online storefront, a web host will be able to guide you through the hosting process effectively. Ask the host about upgrade options so you can have an upgrade plan in place for when it is needed. Starting an online store is an exciting opportunity, and your web host will impact the success of your store.

Building a website that works, that drives traffic for long-term profits, takes the right process, the right tools and the right training. Check and see if the web host offers a website building program and tutorials to help you along the way. Make sure they have tools to optimize your website for the search engines. Check and see if they offer extras like auto-responders, Ezine publishing, and website submission services. Most web hosts bundle their services in package deals for you to choose from.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Good website hosting services have no problem directing you to helpful information or answering your questions in a way that you can understand.

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