The Importance of Mental Health

What is mental health?

Though no concise definition exists, mental health is basically your attitude and approach to life. Psychological, environmental, genetic, or physiological factors have a profound effect on overall mental development.

What is mental illness?

Mental illness impairs your ability to perform routine tasks, foster healthy relationships, or cope with anger or stress. It may be classified on the basis of extreme mood swings, irrational or destructive thought patterns, and behavioral problems.

How important is mental health?

Your mental health has a huge impact on every aspect of your life.

o Self-image

Good mental health means appreciating your achievements and accepting your shortcomings. A mental illness can cause an inferiority complex, a negative body image, and intense feelings of self-hate, anger, disgust, and uselessness, which could mutate into extreme depression, psycho-social disorders, or eating disorders.

o Education

Students with mental problems socially isolate themselves, and develop anxiety disorders and concentration problems. Good mental health ensures an all-round educational experience that enhances social and intellectual skills that lead to self-confidence and better grades.

o Relationships

Mental health largely contributes to the functioning of human relationships. Mental illness can hamper even basic interactions with family, friends, and colleagues. Most people suffering from mental illness find it difficult to nurture relationships, have problems with commitment or intimacy, and frequently encounter sexual health issues.

o Sleep

An inability to handle stress or anxiety can cause insomnia. Even if you mange to fall asleep, you may wake up a dozen times during the night with thoughts of what went wrong the day before or how bad tomorrow is going to be. You may develop severe sleeping disorders which leave you exhausted and less productive.

o Eating

People with mental disorders are more prone to indulging in comfort eating or emotional binges. Finding comfort in food is something we all do from time to time. But with a mental illness, it becomes difficult to control yourself. Overeating can lead to obesity, which puts you at a risk for heart disease and diabetes, in addition to creating an unhealthy body-image.

o Physical health

Your mental state directly affects your body. For example, stress can lead to hypertension or stomach ulcers. People who are mentally healthy are at a lower risk for many health complications.

So make a conscious effort to improve and maintain your mental health.

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Men’s Sexual Health and Nutrition

There are many reasons we need to make sure to eat a balanced diet. We want to stay healthy so we can do and see all the things that we can and also so that we can be there to enjoy time with our loved ones. Good nutrition is not only good for strong bones and muscles, for the heart or to help reduce our risk of diseases and other health conditions, nutrition also gives us energy to do the activities we enjoy. One of these activities for many people is being able to being sexually intimate with our loved ones. As we get older, we may worry that we do not have enough energy for this and many men worry that they may not be performing well. It is important for men to eat the proper nutrition for the whole body and for their sexual health as well.

According to, Health and Fitness and “The Better Sex Diet” it is important to get your blood circulating and foods high in omega 3 fatty acids such as mackerel, salmon and wild salmon can help with this. According to Dr Barbara Bartlik, an assistant professor of psychiatry and sex therapist with the Human Sexuality Program at Weill Cornell Medical Center, these foods will help the nervous system and keep circulation going which will help the sex drive.

Having good circulation helps with a better erectile response, so eating foods that contain L-Arginine such as: granola, oatmeal, peanuts, cashews, walnuts, dairy, green vegetables, root vegetables, garlic, ginseng, soybeans chickpeas and seeds may help with this.

Also, eating more soy in your diet can be beneficial to the prostate and this can also benefit a woman’s sexual health as well. Foods that are good for weight loss also have been shown to boost sexual health because obesity can put men at risk for erectile dysfunction and other problems such as low testosterone.

Also, too much saturated fat can in time clog the arteries which will prevent blood from reaching the genital region and possibly lower sexual performance. So it is important to not only eat foods that are good for your heart but for your sexual health as well. However, not getting enough fat can also be a problem because we need fat to keep our hormones and sex drive going. Eating foods such as: olive oil, nuts and salmon are foods with the good kind of fat needed to keep the sex drive going.

There are many reasons why we all need to keep our bodies healthy and to eat the proper nutrition. It not only keeps our muscles, and bones healthy and reduces our risk for diseases, but it can also help us to enjoy many activities one of which may be having sex with your loved ones. This will not only keep you happy and healthy, but keep your loved ones happy and healthy as well.

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Are Man Boobs Ruining Your Dating Prospects?

Dating and relationships are not always easy, as we lead busier and busier lives we seem to have less and less time to really get to know people. Our only contact can often be over the phone, by text message or online. While we all have feelings of not quite being perfect, who hasn’t wished they were a few pounds lighter or a few inches taller? If you are a man who is suffering with gynecomastia then the chances are that your man boobs are a source of embarrassment for you. There very existence makes you feel not quite right, maybe less manly somehow?

These feelings affect your relationships, whether you are dating, engaged or married there will be some affect on your relationship caused by this medical condition. I assume that you want to have the best relationship you possible can so the question is what can you do to stop your man boobs from ruining your love life?

1-Be open with your date
If they want to go somewhere that would require you taking your top off, swimming or a picnic where people will be playing games like touch football. You don’t want the first time your new love interest finds out about your condition to be in front of others.

2-Don’t tell them while drunk!
Having a few drinks seems to make some people feel they have to share every thing they worry about, don’t do it!

3-Refer to it by the medical term
People respect medical conditions, I mean no one would laugh at a diabetic would they? So when you have the conversation tell them you have gynecomastia rather than calling it man boobs straight away. Then be willing to show them what you mean.

There are ways you can fix this condition and that may well be the best thing for your present and future relationships.

One way you can fix your man boobs is to go for male breast reduction surgery it is available in just about all areas of the world. Surgery is never a option that should be taken lightly but we do have information available for you so you can make the right decision for you.

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The Equipment

The leading thing you can do to improve your personal life is to workout. Working out helps you to improve life, since you sleep better, lose weight, gain weight, maintain weight, etc. Exercise will help you fight infections, lower risks of heart disease, cancer, etc. Exercise will even help your brain to function better.

How to start workout:
For those that do not know where to begin, you have to start slow and work up to a reasonable schedule.  Before you decide the time frame you want to work with, you have to get a program together.

How to choose equipment:
When working out, equipment is designed to inspire you. You can find affordable equipment online, at second hand stores, in garbage cans, and so on. On the market, you will find a wide array of machines, including Pilate’s equipment. Pilate’s has proven to sculpt the body, which improves life. The equipment is designed to do its deeds, such as strengthening the muscles without overloading the joints. You can also find bargain treadmills. Treadmills work the entire body, muscles etc. The walking machine will help reduce fat and calories, which improves life. If the weather is bad, a treadmill can substitute for thirty-minute walks. If you are just starting work out fifteen minutes until you start to get in the groove. Once you are in the groove, you can work toward your goals.

What are some of the kinds of equipment that I can use?
Some of the equipment you can use is the treadmill this will help you walk. Maybe you like riding a bike. You can purchase indoor or outdoor bikes. Elliptical machines are affordable equipment, which are less the expense of treadmills. The machine will work the entire lower region of your body. The equipment works the muscle groups, including the smaller and larger groups of muscles in your legs. You can find model equipment that builds the upper half.

Workouts are a great way to improve your personal life. Workouts build self-esteem, confidence, and overall body and mind. You work to achieve good health.

You just want to remember not to over do it. If you overdo exercise, you will burn out and hurt. Exercise does not cause pain, only mild soreness when you are not use to working out. You will need to watch what you eat as well. You will boost energy by watching what you eat and exercising. In addition, you have to make sure you set goals that are realistic and that you can reach.

How do I find equipment right for me?
You can go online to view images and information that helps you to understand the different types of equipment.

If you are relying on toning and firming the body, we encourage you to review Pilate’s equipment. This man from Germany designed the top exercise equipment that has helped millions of people worldwide. In fact, Pilate’s equipment impressed so many people that nearly every gym has his equipment or practices his powerhouse routines. This is not a marketing article however, so it is up to you. Pilate’s is only a suggestion.

Other types of equipment include the stretch machines. Stretching the muscles and joints is one of the best things you can do to improve personal life. When you stretch the muscles and joints, you are promoting flexibility and wellness. As you can see, the action improves your personal life tremendously. Even if you do not exercise, it is wise to stretch daily to keep the muscles and joints from freezing. This only causes stress and pain, which is not improving personal life.

Avoiding Procrastination

Let’s face it, dealing with the obstacles of day to day living can drive us a little crazy. Without proper organization, this could make rolling out of the bed a problem of its own. We sometimes find it difficult focusing on one thing at a time, find that in the end nothing is done. From the office, to household, children, and finances, without proper organization could turn disastrous. You want to learn how to manage your time, actions and overall arrangements. Successful people know how to get ahead; they plan, set priorities, and always follow through. There are many services to help you to organize and control your life, but here are some suggestions to get you started.

Stop procrastination
Although there are good and bad procrastinations, depending on what you make or do for a living most commonly, you are working on nothing, something less important, or something more important. Stop putting off small things, for more important things. Still, not always good. Try writing down the tasks you could be working on and when something is completed; scratch it off your list. The description of procrastination is avoiding in doing a task and not accomplishing it. Improve your personal life by completing what it is your set out to do. If finances are something that you are putting off to get organized, pull out those receipts and take control of your finances. If your goal is to lose weight and this has created anxiety in your life, discover a nutritional plan that works for you and start today. The best solution is to start exercise. Start out slow and work your way into a complete three day a week program. You will be amazed at what exercising can do for you muscles, mind, body, and so on.

Allow more free time to do want you want
Increase productivity and find free time for you may seem almost impossible, but only when we are disorganized. The key to finding more free time is to organize what needs to be done. A simple list consisting of catching up on your workload, working out, time with family and friends, and pursuing your own leisure activity can all be done by making a plan. It seems a little odd to have to put your family on a priority list, but it sure beats not spending time with family at all because your doing everything spontaneously and unprepared. Improve your personal life by staying organized and allow room for fun.

Give yourself  peace of mind
Very few people understand the cause of happiness. Many of us focus on friends, cars, and money as the true reason for happiness and devote all of our time and energy acquiring these things. The real source of peace of mind is in inner peace. Remember that if we have a peaceful mind, we will be happy. Having all the money in the world would not make us completely peaceful if we decide to let in all the negative influences and disturbances in our circle. Improve your personal life by creating a healthy surrounding for yourself and family. You can take steps to gain peace of mind. The first step is meditating at least once everyday. Allow your mind to focus on nothing. Once you are in the mood, allow your thoughts to graze the pastures. In addition, there is nothing wrong with taking time out to dream about a life that you would like to live.

Sometimes if we take the step to dream, we will find the stamina to take action to achieve our dreams. Keep the dreams realistic.

Get ahead of your fears and conquer your goals, personal growth is just a plan away!

Suspending Bad Qualities to Improve your Personal Life

Suspending bad qualities to improve your personal life is a great start to success. Sometimes we have to leave bad habits behind to get ahead. Many people wander through life self-judging, failing to recognize discomforts is a part of life, and failing to see that the truth is the key that sets them free.

How it works:
You want to start by discovering what your want from life. Once you decide what you want, consider what hinders you. If you discover what hinders you, think of ways that you can remove those obstacles out of your way. The first thing you want to do is be honest with you and others. If you are honest, you will find a way around nearly every obstacle you encounter. Remember though people need support.

Getting on the right track is easy when you discover your needs and wants. Once you discover you, you want to make sure that you write them down. Recording the details is the start to discovering more about you and what you want from life. Don’t set your expectations beyond your reach.

As you study you, learn to review your visions and voices within. These little critters are designed to help guide you in life. If you begin to rumble, instead of running from the voices write them down. You may be amazed at what you discover. The mind is developed to capture pictures faster than any media camera can produce. These images store secret messages that help us to advance. When pictures emerge views them carefully and look for your hidden messages. When you write down your images, it gets better since you develop new ideas.

If you are writing down images, instead of running from negative visions, relate to them. Write them down describing in detail what you see. Allow room to see why you think like this. Do you hang around with people that make you feel this way? Do you conform to habits that make you feel this way? Allow room and find answers to remove those negative emotions.

When your body talks, listen and stop avoiding what it says. The body tells us what we need. When you avoid your bodies talk, it opens the door for incurring more problems. The world is full of problems so why keep adding rather start subtracting. Your body talks in many ways. When your stomach grumbles, it is a clear indication you are hungry. Feast, satisfy your tummy and you will live happier. If your muscles are sore, it is a sign you lack exercise and stretches. Stretch those muscles. Work those muscles out. The worst thing that could happen is that you will feel bad. How bad can that be?

Do you shun discomfort?
Discomfort is a part of life. Discomfort may produce in the form of boredom, fatigue, discomfort, and so on. Your body and mind will tell you when you feel discomfort. Instead of taking a flying leap to escape, face your discomforts.

Allow your discomforts to open new doors. Open the doors, walk in and face them head on. Most discomforts come from simple issues that lead to no problem at all.

Do you run around like a turkey with its head cut off suspending judgment of self? If you are, you are rolling backwards in a cranky vehicle that leads you nowhere. Spark up them plugs and put the gears in motion by taking action to stop judging you. Unless you are the man in the sky with the plan, you have no right to judge.

How To Prevent Your Partner From Cheating

Most of us at some point during a relationship are confronted with the issue of infidelity. This article has been written to help you prevent your partner from cheating.

The goal is to make your partner want you and not someone else. Here are 10 simple things that you can do which should keep your partner interested in you.

1. First and foremost you should try to trust your partner. This may of course not always be the easiest thing to do. But making your partner feel that you trust them,  gives them the signal that you are confident. A confident person is always more interesting compared to a person who isn’t.

2. Give your partner the space they need. If you let a bird fly away it is more likely to be loyal to you compared to putting it in a cage. In this situation the bird is more likely to fly back to you. However, if the bird is kept in a cage and it eventually manages to escape it is less likely to come back to you. Trying to control your partner will almost definitely lead to disaster. Give them a certain amount of freedom – but not too much. Some partners feel that an excessive amount of freedom is a sign of not caring or not being interested.

3. Whether we like it or not – we all have our insecurities. Your partner will have them too. Massage his or her ego by making compliments once in a while. The important thing though is not to over do it. If you swamp your partner with too many compliments they are either unlikely to believe you or they simply won’t accept them. Someone who has severe insecurities will struggle to accept an overload of compliments because they don’t actually believe they are worth it. In this situation your compliments could backfire. If the relationship is young, start off by giving the odd compliment here and there and monitor carefully how your partner reacts to them.

4. Don’t over do it with gifts. By overloading your partner with an excessive amount of gifts you could be sending out the signal that you are worried they may leave you if you don’t continue to buy them gifts. This could display a sign of weakness or insecurity on your part. You definately want to avoid this. Of course, surprising your partner with occasional gifts, at the right time, is the right thing to do. In fact, giving someone a present, especially if it’s an earned surprise, can often be more rewarding than receiving a present. So feel free to give your partner flowers, chocolates, nice sex toys, a weekend break away, or even a voucher for a massage, etc.  Just don’t overdo it.

5. Keep your partner intellectually stimulated. People easily get bored if their partner lacks ideas or if they are not up to date with what is happening in the world. Bring new ideas to the table – and sometimes insist on them – even if you’re partner doesn’t agree. Especially if your idea means a lot to you or if you are certain that you are right. A great way of keeping your partner intellectually stimulated is to teach them something that they could not do before. This, simply put, will make you an interesting partner to be around.

6. Make an effort to look good – this ensures that you remain attractive in the eyes of your partner. Go to the gym, do yoga, go for a swim or do some other form regular physical exercise. Please bare in mind though that simply looking good is not everything. Mental attraction carries a lot more weight in a relationship compared to physical attraction.

7. Build a healthy social life outside the relationship. The things you experience when you are around other people will bring new ideas into the relationship. If you spend every day of the week with your partner you run the risk of letting you relationship go stale. This is definitely something to avoid. Keep the relationship interesting.

8. Don’t fall into the routine trap. Some routine is definitely healthy in a relationship as it provides a certain amount of stability. Stability is without a doubt something we all need. However, too much routine sometimes can lead to boredom. Boredom can (not always) cause your partner to look elsewhere. Naturally this is something you want to avoid. It’s important to strike a healthy balance between stability and change. Some examples of change: Introduce new foods to the relationship, don’t always go to the same places on holiday, invite different people around for dinner, try a new hobby and in general – don’t be frightened to be spontaneous. Doing these things demonstrates to your partner that you are not afraid of change and it displays confidence. Confidence is definitely an attractive feature.

9. Don’t be too indecisive. Constant indecisiveness can be a sign of weakness. What you definitely don’t want is that your partner starts to make all the decisions for you. This can lead to a partner walking all over the other person. If someone starts to do that they start to take their partner for granted. This is something that you definitely want to avoid. Although a certain amount of indecisivness can on occasion be attractive as it will give your partner a chance to take the lead. The important thing here to remember is that it should not always be the same person who is in control. Control, in a healthy relationship, is very much a shared thing.

10. Finally, on a more lighthearted note – don’t forget to smile and laugh. In fact it’s very important to laugh and smile in any realtionship. Smiles and laughter will transfer to your partner – and they can draw from that, especially if they are having a bad day. Smiling and laughing also is a form of showing emotions. People who are able to show emotions display a certain amount of confidence. And that can only be a good thing.

To round of my article I would like to summarise what we have just learned. The two most important things in a relationship are Trust and Confidence. Have the confidence to occasionally show resistance. Resistance reminds your partner that you are actually there and that you form an important part in the relationship. Again, dont over do it with resistance – find a healthy dose. After having read all 10 points above – dont try to introduce them all to the relationship at once. You dont want your partner to think: “Oh, whats wrong with him/her?” Introduce them slowly, one by one. As you work your way through the list you’re confidence will start to grow automatically – because you will start to see signs of success and you will get the feeling that you have achieved something.

Protect Your Heart and Live to 100 Tips 91-100

91. Swallow phytosterols and phytostanols: These substances are derived from pine trees. They can lower your bad cholesterol levels by 10-15%.

92. Buy OJ fortified with calcium: Increasing your calcium intake can reduce your blood pressure. The vitamin C will also lower your risk of dying from heart disease up to 40%.

93. Eat pumpkin seeds: One ounce of these seeds contain 1/3 of your daily magnesium intake. Having a magnesium deficieny can increase your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and increase the build up of plaque and elevate your cholesterol levels. 

94. Get pricked: Taking part in acupuncture can trigger endorphins which help relax the heart.

95. Change your oil: By replacing corn or vegetable oil with sesame seed oil can lower your blood pressure by 30 points in 60 days.

96. Get a massage: Getting a massage can help to relieve stress and reduce inflammation.

97. Pick the can: Some canned vegetables were found to have 40% higher levels of antioxidants to fight heart disease then some fresh vegetables.

98. Eat red licorice: A compound found in licorice has been shown to spike blood pressure. This is especially true in men who eat black licorice. Fruit flavoured licorice however doesn’t contain this compound.

99. Be a vegetarian every now and then: By eating lentils, tofu, nuts and beans each day for a month you can lower bad cholesterol levels by up to 30%.

100. Use these tips: Take 10 of these tips and try to incorporate them into your daily living for a month. Soon they will become natural and you can add another 10. Follow this tips and you will be on the road to taking care of you and your heart.

Getting Beyond “He Said/She Said”

The term, “He said/she said” is often heard in the unfortunate case of rape.  In this situation the term applies to the fact that when there is little factual evidence on which to base a decision the jury is left trying to determine who’s story they believe and the case becomes one of her word against his.  These cases perhaps illustrate the problems regarding he said/she said that couples are faced with in a relationship.  Beyond the fact that in a rape case one or both of the parties may not be telling the truth, exists the underlying problem that men and women think and process information differently. The differences between men and women include differences in thought process, sensitivity, memory, and communication.  A successful relationship is one that recognizes the difference between men and women and is able to get beyond the he said/she said scenarios.

Men and women have a different thought process when it comes to solving problems.  While both sexes are capable of solving problems equally well the thought process involved in coming to a resolution varies between men and women.  For men a problem is an opportunity for them to demonstrate their problem solving skills in a quick and efficient manner.  Men see having the problem solved as the ultimate goal and they believe that the best solution is the one that is quickest and most efficient.  Women on the other hand see a problem as an opportunity to work together and reach a resolution.  Women relish the chance to communicate about the problem and the act of working together to solve the problem is more important than actually solving the problem.  Women may feel closer to their partner, even if the problem still exists, if she feels that the resolution process drew them closer together.  Understanding that women and men view the problem solving process differently will help a relationship to prosper.

Sensitivity is another area where men and women differ.  Women have a heightened sense of sensitivity relative to men.  This heightened sensitivity results in women being more prone to act on their emotions rather than on rational thought.  A woman’s sensitivity allows her to understand her own feelings as well as those of others better so her reactions tend to take feelings into consideration above logic.  However, men do not have the same level of sensitivity and therefore are more likely to make their decisions based solely on logic and not take feelings and emotions into consideration.  This disparity can result in problems during a relationship because the woman assumes that the man intentionally tried to hurt their feelings if they make a decision that has this effect while the man may grow frustrated if he believes the woman made an irrational decision.  Realizing that this difference exists will help a couple go get beyond he said/she said.

Men and Women also differ in terms of memory.  Men have a memory that is stronger in situations where they can recall the details of an event by making an association with something concrete such as a location or item.  For example men are more apt to remember an event that took place in a location that they are able to visualize well.  Women on the other hand have a memory that is stronger when they are able to associate the emotions felt with that memory to other memories where they had similar emotions.  This type of memory is especially problematic because when I women becomes angry with her partner, she is often able to recall other situations where he has angered her.  Unless the difference in memory is recognized it can become a source of frustration in a relationship when the man and woman don’t understand why their partner doesn’t remember something that is so vivid to them.

Men and Women also often have different communication styles which can complicate a relationship.  Men tend to be more introspective about their problems and choose to deal with them internally and without discussing them with their partner.  When they do decide to discuss a problem it’s usually after much thought and careful consideration.  Women on the other hand enjoy conversing about their problems with their partner and believe that doing so helps them to understand their problem better and come to a solution more easily.  Women often use communication as a method for reaching a conclusion.  They view the discussion as a way to figure out a solution.  The he said/she said aspects of communications must be understood to avoid frustration and disappointment in a relationship.

Men and women have different styles when it comes to problem solving, sensitivity, memory and communication in a relationship.  Careful observance and understanding of these differences is necessary for a relationship to flourish.  Understanding these he said/she said principals and being willing to get beyond them will help to minimize difficulties in a relationship in regards to gender differences.

Become More Healthy Tips 91-100

91. If you are worried about trans-fat in peanut butter there’s good news. A study done on popular brands like Skippy, JIF, Peter Pan and a supermarket brand found that they had less then 0.5 grams low enough for them to legally claim zero trans fat. They also contained only 1 gram more of sugar than natural brands.

92. Exercising won’t cause you to overeat. Exercise is actually good for curbing your appetite.

93. When exercising or doing anything you shouldn’t wait until your thirsty to take a drink. When you are thirsty that means you are already dehydrated. Before you exercise try to drink at least 16 oz of fluids like water or sports drinks depending on how vigorous your activity will be. Drink another 8 ounces an hour before and then drink 4-8 ounces every 15-20 minutes of your workout.

94. Listen to a book on tape or your I pod to make your workout go faster.

95. Participate in Yoga. You might think its to easy and peaceful but you’ll be surprised. In some forms of Yoga you can burn 250-350 calories in an hour session. Not only will you burn calories but you’ll improve your flexibility and increase your muscular strength.

96. Drink plenty of water. It’s not how much you drink but how often you drink. Not getting enough water can slow your metabolism by up to 3 %. Drinking small amounts throughout the day is better then taking in one large amount.

97. Meet with a dietician to become more informed about food choices and to get answers to any questions you may have.

98. Drop weight at church support groups. Researchers found that diet and exercise programs set up in churches help people lose an average of 20lbs that’s because there is a built in community where people can feel comfortable.

99. Try to avoid stress. A study found that people who were stressed and had high blood pressure were twice as likely to eat fatty foods than people who aren’t stressed or who are controlling their stress.

100. Join an online weight loss group. A study done found people who joined an online support group lost 5 1/2 more pounds then those who didn’t have any online support. Many of these online weight loss programs have counsellors who can provide feedback, answer questions and give support.