Rocky’s Burger

The search for the beef starts, with Rocky’s Burger Bus. Located on the corner of 11st and 46ave SE, this family owned and operated burger joint caters to the busy on the go working man. I decided to try the Rocky’s Special, a single cheese burger and fries with soda for $9.00.  The burger comes loaded with onions and relish and the beef paddy is about an inch thick.  My first bite confirmed that I had found the beef.  The old fashion cut fries where ample and complimented the hand formed beef paddy. The Rocky’s Burger is a good bang for your buck.  Which seems to be a rare find in Calgary today?  I definitely recommend this burger as a must try.  In fact I plan on visiting Rocky’s Burgers again, this time I going for the double burger.

Rocky's Burger Bus

Boogie’s Burgers

Well everybody is raving about Boogie’s Burgers on Edmonton Trail.  So off I went to find this quaint little burger joint, during the lunch hour.  Boogie Burger was packed with patrons and the music was turned up loud and the place was hopping.  Surprisingly enough the service was fairly quick and I was served with in twenty minutes.  I ordered the triple burger with onion rings and a coke, with a three dollar tip the cost brought me just over $17.00 for my meal.  The Bun on the burger was large fluffy and wonderful, the meat paddies where so thin the meat had troubles staying together. My question is simple; “where’s the beef?”  The onion rings where quite typical of a dinner or burger joint.  I must admit I liked the atmosphere of this dingy little burger joint, the music and the service.  Simply I was just not impressed with the size of the meat.  In closing, if you’re looking for a trendy little burger joint and your part vegetarian then this is the place for you.

Boogie's Burgers

What do supplements have to offer you?

Founded in 2001, Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition, Inc. (BSN®) has developed into a leader in the fitness supplements industry while remaining focused on producing diverse, cutting-edge items that produce the outcomes they claim. Throughout the last 6 years, this business has won well over 30 sports nutrition awards and helped shape the market itself. It is more than any other business inside the fitness supplement industry. This long legacy of performance has given BSN® Supplements excellent brand awareness and loyalty towards the company and its particular products, building a large following of clients, bodybuilders, fitness experts and fans in this particular timeframe, further bolstering it’s position as the Official Nutritional Supplement Provider with the UFC®, the top MMA organization in the universe.
BSN®’s products haveglobal reach and exposure, as numerous of it’s products are shipped to over 40,000 retailers internationally in over ninety countries. BSN®’s dynamic products have achieved positive results amongst the core demographic but a majority of its items are diverse enough to suit into anyones lifestyle and this is what sets BSN® Supplements apart from the rest of it competitors items that lack this mass appeal.

We shall start off with discussing the countless major benefits to using BSN® supplements and one of these tend to be more reps and increased stamina during your workout session at the gym. Most of the users of these products will report that this stuff works promptly and that the majority of people notice the effects within minutes of drinking the product

A lot of people put on pounds over the Holiday periods, and thus quite a few quickly make a resolution to exercise and get rid of those pounds they put on in that time, but a lot of them fail in their mission to lose that weight. For the reason of this scenario, that many folks will often just regain that weight and more, and this can impact their personal lives because they will just get discouraged and also have a shortage of want to workout to get back on target. For this problem, BSN® provides a myriad of products to combat this syndrome of laziness. Enter N.O. Xplode®.It’s going to provide explosive energy for your body to give you focus, extra pumps and strength to give you an exceptional workout. For the remaining individuals that actually stick to their promise to themselves to workout and have already reached a plateau they are unable to get over, especially after trying a lot of different methods that help them learn the way to overcome it, and so are getting discouraged by not seeing new results or gains. Many of us have no idea of the method of using supplements to overpower that wall and even if they’re only just starting. BSN® N.O. Xplode® is just the supplement that they may use to receive results.

BSN® carries a large helping size of one scoop, the the same as 20.5 gms each and every canister has 50 servings. Every serving has 36 calories without having fat or cholesterol. Every serving will have 150 mg of sodium, 75 mg of potassium, 9mg whole carbohydrates. You will find zero sugar, however, there is 25 mgs of vitamin B6. N.O. Xplode® also has pyridoxine HCL, and 120 mcg of vitamin B12. This also contains cyanocobalamine, 400 mcg of folic acid, 360 milligram of magnesium, 500 milligram of phosphorus, and 75 milligram of calcium. Many of the other components incorporate guanidine proplonic acid, calcium phosphate, L0 arginine AKG, trimethylglucine, NAD, L-citrulline AKG, sodium phosphate, dicreatine malate, glycerola stearate, medium chain triglycerides, magnesium oxide, natural. Some artificial flavors, and lots of other elements.

The suggested usage of BSN® N.O. Xplode® varies, subject to exactly what the user intends to utilize it for. On days in which you workout, a minimum of 1 or 2 scoops should be combined with 12 ounces of water, Half an hour to 1 hour before you’ll intend on starting your routine to ensure it kicks in. This should be taken on an empty stomach. You’ll achieve an improved outcome if you don’t consume anything before commencing your routine. Begin with one scoop and after that proceed to two in the event you start to feel it having less of an impact. Follow these steps and you will find you are likely to achieve the best results possible.


Muscle development is pretty much every man’s desire. The simple truth of it all, however, is it is incredibly hard to gain muscular weight with training alone. It amounts to more than merely training non-stop. There are more factors that exist such as nutrition, recovery and muscle-developing supplements also should considered when taking everything into consideration. The body that fitness experts desire is very difficult to achieve with diet and exercise alone. With the right fitness supplements a person is able to achieving the desired outcome.
Similar to other BSN® supplement products, there are several other fitness supplements which are all different from on another and used for achieving different results. Some are designed for muscle gain whilst others have different uses and are mainly effective in retaining muscle. Everybody is unique will probably have to try out many different mixtures of products to find the right match for you. What works well with an individual might not exactly work as well for another person. Some of the other products from BSN® include BSN® Axis-HT, BSN® Cellmass and BSN® Lean Desert Protein.
There are several products BSN® offers the avid gym goer. Apart from the products I mentioned above. BSN® Online has a assortment of products that can assist with other elements of your training such as products which improve muscle or to retain muscle. Together with the right mixture of products from BSN® it will be possible to achieve the desired outcomes of gaining muscle quickly.

Consumer Reviews

Personally i have tried this product a few times on occasion and I also can honestly say it’s an excellent Nitric Oxide product. I am accustomed to drinking a lot of energy drinks, so I assumed I had built up a considerable tolerance to stimulants. For some strange reason the product still left me feeling shaky and jittery after an incredibly good workout on the stuff. It gives me a bunch of energy I did not know I had that continually lasts throughout the entire day. Furthermore, i find I lose my appetite when I consume this. I did notice only a small boost in the quantity of pumps but it was after having a whole bottle of Primal Pump. This is actually good stuff gives me lots of energy whenever i need it, but it is actually expensive. You will find better prices for it online though as there is other brand items that are good too at a better price.

However, even though N.O. Xplode®® has lots of advantages, you should be wary of taking any new supplement and check the label to find out the possible negative effects and know if you are susceptible to any of those results of taking these supplements. N.O. Xplode® can cause possible mild to severe headaches or may cause dangerously high blood pressure levels. A few other side effects include having difficulty sleeping during the night especially if taking this stimulant too close to going to bed, or possibly worse side effects such as heart palpitations. Stay hydrated when taking these supplements. You really should talk to your doctor or at least a pharmacist to discover if including supplements with your routine is really best for you.

Billy Hodges is the author of this article on fitness and supplements. His hobbies include climbing, adventure holidays, and martial arts. Check our website @ for more information on fitness and supplements. or this interesting article available on our site Here!

Reducing Stress to Improve your Life

When you are feeling under the whether all the time perhaps it is because you are stressed. Stress alone can cause major psychological and mental problems. In fact, stress can cause self-induced exaggerated problems. Stress causes confusion, since it targets your physical, emotional responses, and psychological aspects while causing you pain. Stress is the leading problem that everyone in the world faces at one time or another.

What causes stress:
Bills cause stress, especially if you do not have cash flow to pay the bills. Jobs will cause stress, since you battle to make sure your duties are correctly handled. Children cause stress. Especially nowadays, since the media, television, etc has polluted and corrupted the minds of our children by offering them nudity, violence, and other harmful actions on air. A bad relationship can cause stress. If you are in a bad relationship, it only affects your mind and physical well-being, causing you stress. There are many reasons a person can feel stressed. The upside is, you have the choice to make stress your best friend or worst enemy.

What are the different kinds of stress?
There are many kinds of stress that can cause you problems like the acute stress this is a short-term stress problem normally, which may last shortly or could carry forward. You want to avoid overstressing self. One of the common reasons someone develops acute stress is because they are thinking of how to change things they cannot change. Only change the things you can change and learn to accept. We all deal with everyday challenges. Take each challenge as a learning experience. We all have to pay bills, work, and so on. It’s a part of life. We all have to face it. Sometimes we do not have the money to pay bills. Learn to set a budget that relieves you of stress. You may lose your job. Instead of sweating the problem, do something about it.

Children these days are increasing stress for parents. Many teenagers these days are difficult to manage. Today our children are plagued with mental illnesses, far more so than at one time in history. When you feel chronic stress, burned out and do not see hope, it is time to seek help. Your doctor or mental health expert can help you manage stress emerging from difficulty teenagers.

How to reduce stress:
You can reduce stress by managing, planning and setting goals. When you have something to look forward to, it improves your personal life. The first thing you want to consider while planning and setting goals is truth. The truth is what sets you free. Everything you do in life should uphold the truth. If you are not sure, research to learn the truth. You can take many steps to reduce stress.

To improve your life and reduce stress you may want to consider education. If you lack skills, experience or education you will benefit from returning to school.

You want to avoid setting traps for your memory and intelligence, since the emotions play unhealthy games if you allow it. What I mean is you want to avoid telling yourself I cannot do it. Life is too hard. Life is easier if you learn to think positive.

How you can improve, your personal life is up to you. You will need to consult with your inner counselor to learn what you need, what you are lacking and the steps you can take to improve your personal life. If you are unsure, seek feedback. Feedback is the key that leads you to success.

Using the Kama Sutra to Recession-Proof Your Life

Times are tough and it’s hard to find ways to get by in America. We’re not at the point of bread lines, but some of us feel as if we’re circling close to that drain. A solution needs to be proposed. An American Solution: ransacking the wisdom of another culture—in this case, the Indian Hindu culture. I’m talking about the Kama Sutra. As a *ahem* self-appointed expert in this field, I just ask you to bear with me through this article, and your bank account will be reaping the benefits in no time.

No gym membership or exercise equipment to stay in shape.   The cardio advantage is obvious, but you’d be surprised at the strength training you can get from lifting a girl for various positions or having to support your own weight in some variations on the missionary position. And if your girl is into pounding McDonald’s to save cash, then you’ll get some extra resistance when you have to pick her up. Her low self-esteem and extra mass will make her a keeper until your arms are ripped. Just fight through the tears.

No more money spent on entertainment.  If you’re serious about saving money, then hold off on that new flat screen or gaming console a while longer, and get your dick wet. There is no way you’re going to give a damn about some plumber saving some whore princess or whatever when you have 64 sexual acts in the Kama Sutra to work through. Are you familiar with The Widely Opened Position? No? Unplug your computer and get to it.

No need to travel.  Once you read the book, you’re as cultured as you’re going to get. There’s nothing out there in the world that’s really more profound than a book that teaches you about foreplay, because it will get you laid on a consistent basis, and that’s all that really matters.

Save costs on energy.  This is kind of a last ditch effort when you hit rock bottom, but hey, it’s a book, and books burn. When you’ve maxed out on payday loans and your fat girlfriend has left you because you can’t lift her any more, you can throw the book in a trashcan with some newspaper and light it up. It will help keep you warm until you can get to the inevitable breadline in the morning.

Best of luck using an ancient Hindu text to keep your ass afloat in the recession!

Tracy Hall is a guest writer and blogger for eDrugstore.MD, a safe U.S. medication facilitator since 2001 where customers can buy Viagra online & safely order Cialis in the convenience of their own home.

Eating Right to Improve your Personal Life

The main thing to a healthier you, is to eat right exercise and visit your family doctor regularly. This is all part of a healthier you and if your healthier you will feel better about your self. One of the biggest problems we have today is that most people do not eat right. While the world is wising up, they still fall short of proper eating habits, since we are rushed by a face paced world.

What do I have to do to eat right?

Eating right is a hard thing to do for some of us and for others it is easier to do. Eating healthy is a big problem these days. For some of us it is hard to buy healthier food due to the fact it cost more to fix meals the right way. There are a lot of people that are just making it in the real word with out having to buy a loaf of bread that cost $2.50 a loaf when they can get a loaf for $.50 so what do they do get the $.50 loaf and knowing that its bad for them but that’s all they can afford. So eating right can be hard for you too. We have options. You can grow your own home garden; bake your own bread for a fraction of the cost and so on.

What are some of the things I can eat?

Some of the things you can eat right are vegetables, dairy products, high-protein dishes and so on. You need a certain amount of fat, carbs, etc, which helps to keep you healthy. You can get a list from your family doctor or you can go to the library to get information on the basic four food groups. If you cannot afford to eat right then maybe you should not eat as much. In addition, do some excising; excising is always good for you. Exercise will increase your health, even if you cannot afford the four basic groups of nutritious foods. In addition, you have many services available to you, which can offer you food supplies.

How do I learn how to eat right?

If you want to learn how eat right you can read about it in books from the local library or maybe you will want to talk to your doctor. Your doctor might be able to tell you how to go about doing this and the right way for your body. You cannot just jump in and change everything about you overnight. You have to take time to start and to learn. For some of us that have been eating wrong all of our life, this would be hard to do over night. Then again, others may not have any problems with it. You want to consider your position and move forward.

Will I feel better if I eat right?

You will feel a lot better if you eat right. Eating right has a lot to do with how we feel. If we lack nutrients, it can make one feel depressed, ill, etc. Since, we get vitamins from our foods, you may want to include natural regimens of vitamins in your daily schedule also.

The right vitamins we need every day to make us feel good about our self. We get many vitamins from what we eat. Vitamins are what make us feel like a person. So if you eat right and get the right vitamins daily that your body needs to function you will feel a lot better about your self and that will help you to improve your personal life.

Fries Dressing and Gravy

Recently I went home to Newfoundland on vacation as we mentioned in Episode Eight of the Double D Show.  I was on a quest for Rum for a recipe that Scuba Cowboy wants to cook, but that’s another story. I did bring him back a bottle of Screech.

My sister and mom picked me up at the airport. When I came down the escalator I was able to see my sister first, I could see her smile beaming. Mom embraced me with a big hug. It was great to be back home. I looked forward to drive to see my brother and his wife and children and then on to see my dear old dad.

But first I had to get one of my favorite things, Fish and Chips. I asked Lisa my sister to take me to Ches’. Not to far from the airport is Ches’ Famous Newfoundland Fish and Chips. Oh it’s great! I was greeted by the server and was seated. I ordered a two piece fish and chips and a Black Horse beer. A beer that I can’t buy in Calgary where I live. I wanted to have another beer, Blue Star, but it was sold out.

A mountain of Fish and Chips. That’s what was put in front of me. Just check out the picture to the right. Doesn’t it look awesome? It really does taste as good as it looks. Wait there’s more, underneath those fries . Whats that? Dressing. Ah yes Fries, Dressing and Gravy.

Dressing is a mixture of mainly white bread crumbs and savoury and is often referred to as stuffing outside of Newfoundland and Labrador. Chips, dressing and gravy is served much like poutine, except for the dressing substituting for the cheese. While loved by Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, the dish is not widely known of outside the Canadian province.

Oh so good. I think I enjoy the Fries, Dressing and Gravy much more than the Fish itself.

I wonder when that Fish was caught. Maybe not as fresh as the Fish I will have in the coming hours. My Dad did not come to the airport to get me because he stayed home to catch fresh Cod Fish for our supper.

Peanut Butter Cookies

Servings: 54

1 1/4 cup creamy peanut butter
1 cup margarine
3/4 cup white sugar
3/4 cup packed brown sugar
2 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda


Preheat oven to 375 F.

Cream together first four ingredients. Add eggs and vanilla. In another bowl mix flour, baking powder and baking soda. Mix into the peanut butter mixture. Form small balls and place them 2 inches apart onto baking sheets. Use a fork and gently flatten.

Bake for 12-15 minutes until cookies are lightly brown. Allow cookies to cool for at least 5 minutes before removing.

85 Penis Size “Facts”

After all this, you must be more than ready for the penis size “facts”. Note: When it says “men” or “women” then that is what it says, otherwise it would say “all men” or “all women”. So think about this before making a comment. There are exceptions to everything in life… Enjoy!

1. If you are a woman and you don’t prefer bigger than average penises, then you are… an exception.

2. Women prefer bigger penises more than men prefer bigger breasts.

3. The average penis measures 6 to 7 inch long and 5 to 5 ½ inch in circumference (about 1 ¾ inch wide).

4. When you think you have a small penis, you are generally right.

5. Shorter and thinner than average flaccid penises are averagely shorter and thinner when erect than average erect penises. (Does that make any sense?)

6. Penis size is not just a locker room issue.

7. Women care about the size of flaccid penises.

8. Women love touching and looking at big flaccid penises.

9. Women love touching and looking at big erect penises.

10. Women love giving oral sex to big penises, if they are able to of course.

11. Big penises cause more vaginal pleasure for women.

12. What about this: Twenty percent of all women stay with a man for his big penis…

13. forty percent stay with a man for his money…

14. forty percent stay with a man because of who he is…

15. …eighty percent would like their partner to have a bigger penis!

16. …eighty percent of women don’t orgasm from intercourse alone!

17. …eighty percent of men have an average or small penis!

18. If your penis slips out often during intercourse, you probably have a small penis.

19. Women find small penises frustrating.

20. Women find small penises annoying.

21. Women find small penises boring.

22. Women find small penises embarrassing.

23. Women look for bulge when meeting men.

24. Women look up to men with big penises.

25. Women find big penises impressive.

26. Women consider men with big penises more masculine.

27. Men with big penises are more self secure.

28. Women prefer men who are self secure.

29. Most women consider men with a big penis a sex object.

30. Most men don’t mind to be considered a sex object by women.

31. Women pretend they want a sensual and sensitive man no matter his size.

32. Women know they want a macho and masculine man with big penis size.

33. Women want to sleep at least once in their life with a man with a very big penis.

34. Men with bigger penises date more women than men with smaller penises.

35. Men with a big penis have more chance to have sex with two or more women at the same time.

36. Women brag to other women if their partner has a big penis.

37. Women have more patience when it comes to well hung guys.

38. Men with a big penis get dumped less by their girlfriend than men with a small penis.

39. Most women are sexually very active with different partners between the age of 17 and 21.

40. Most women have had many more sexual partners than they are telling you.

41. Consequently, the probability that a man’s new date has seen a bigger penis than his is very high.

42. If a woman doesn’t make a comment about a man’s penis it means she is not impressed, …or worse.

43. Women make favorable comments when they discover their new mate has a big penis.

44. If you haven’t heard any great comments about your penis size when having sex the first time with a woman, you don’t have a big penis.

45. If you have never heard a complaint about your penis being too small, it might be because the complaint was muted while pronounced.

46. Asking a woman if she thinks your penis is big is useless.

47. If a woman tells you your penis is nice, it means usually it is rather small.

48. If a woman tells you your penis is big, it means usually it is plain average.

49. If a woman tells you your penis is so huuuuge, it usually means it is just big.

50. If a woman lowers your pants, utters a shriek, takes off her clothes and hugs your penis, it usually means you are too big.

51. However, if a woman lowers your pants, utters a shriek, puts her clothes back on and leaves, it usually means you are too small.

52. Women don’t tell you that you are average. They will tell you that you are big, the rest is small and very few are humongous.

53. If your girlfriend’s previous lover was above average thick, she will not feel you inside if you are below average thick.

54. If your girlfriend’s previous lover was way above average thick, she will not feel you inside if you are average thick.

55. Most vaginas prefer thick penises.

56. Most penises prefer tight vaginas.

57. If your woman purposely squeezes her vagina very tight during intercourse, she wants to make you feel big.

58. Women have to strain themselves to get off on a thinner than average penis.

59. Men with a short penis have to work harder to give pleasure to a woman.

60. Men with a long penis have to work less hard during intercourse.

61. Men with a long penis have more fun during intercourse.

62. Men with a long penis cause more fun during intercourse.

63. Men with a long and thick penis cause the most fun during intercourse.

64. Women consider a penis between 7 and 8 inch in length and between 6 and 6 1/2 inch girth ideal.

65. Women whose partner is smaller than average, wish sometimes he would wear a big strap-on.

66. A big strap-on causes less pleasure than a real penis of the same size.

67. Women whose partner is larger than average never think of him wearing a strap-on.

68. Men with small penises masturbate more often.

69. Over-masturbating causes your penis to shrink by eventually depleting your sexual energy.

70. Men with small penises are getting masturbated more often than getting laid.

71. Not using your penis by getting laid might cause it to shrink as well.

72. If a woman publicly says that size doesn’t matter, it is often because she is with a small penis guy.

73. Women who believe size is a non-issue tend to be more spiritual than sexual.

74. Women who believe size is a non-issue tend to be more insecure and are looking for long-term relations.

75. Women who believe size is a non-issue care less about sex to begin with.

76. Women who believe size is a non-issue usually want flowers, candies and long walks under the moonlight instead of wild sex.

77. Women who believe size is a non-issue only want to make love.

78. Normal women want to make love on some days and have sex on the other ones.

79. Making love is spiritual…, having sex is physical attraction, size and technique.

80. Men with a big penis can be just as good or bad in technique as smaller endowed men.

81. If a smaller endowed man has great technique, it might be because he doesn’t have much choice.

82. Most women who always prefer receiving oral sex to penetration, do so because of either mental or physical causes.

83. In general, women prefer vaginal penetration above oral stimulation.

84. The main reason some women feel pain from penetration by a large penis is that the guy rushes without waiting for the vagina to be expanded.

85. Other reasons a woman can feel pain from penetration by a large penis is that she is not relaxed enough or that the guy has bad technique.

All right…,

Linking Sexual Abuse to Mental Health Problems

A big obstacle to recovery is that often survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA) do not know that the problems they have are related to past experiences of CSA. In fact, in my research 60% of the participants did not link their mental health problems to their history of sexual abuse. They were completely unaware of the significant impact sexual abuse had in their emotional, physical, and mental life.

Instead they thought something is wrong with them and with their way of thinking. They became angry and frustrated with themselves for being depressed without obvious reasons, having anxiety attacks that don’t make any sense, and for being ‘utterly defective’. What some professionals easily overlook is that the ‘average’ person does not link her/his emotional state today to experiences they had 30 years ago and which they might have partly forgotten.

When health professionals do not take a thorough personal history and ask if the person has experienced any forms of abuse, survivors will not know the right questions to ask that give them access to the help they need. More often than not they don’t really know what they might need. Their lack of understanding the origins of their problems was compounded when they approached public mental health services’ for help. Research has shown that public mental health services don’t always inquire about a person’s history of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse.

This invisibility of sexual abuse is a tragedy. Without understanding the link between sexual abuse and psychiatric disturbances, survivors end up blaming themselves for being weak, stupid, crazy, unlovable, defective, and many other negative characteristics. Often enough it leads to self-hate and self-harming behaviours that in turn re-enforce negative self perception. Survivors’ mental health spirals downwards and recovery is seriously hindered. They might spend years and years in mental health care without little or no improvement.

The invisibility of CSA in society and in mental health settings combined with survivors’ childhood conditioning of being silenced, their coping strategies of avoidance and dissociation, family’s and friends’ limits of knowing how to deal with survivors’ pain and disorganised life, and the inability to link the problems survivors have to their experiences of abuse prevent people not only from being effective in seeking professional help but also from themselves from future emotional, physical, or sexual harm.

Sexual abuse harms a person in many different ways. How deeply a person is affected by sexual abuse depends on a number of variants. In general we can say that the impacts of abuse depends on the age of the child, the relationship between child and perpetrator, the frequency, the duration, the severity, the presence of threats, and the availability of support and care. Most survivors who seek help struggle with cognitive contamination, impaired social functioning, impaired memory processing, negative self-relations and identity, learned helplessness, physical health problems i.e. irritable bowl syndrome, sleep disturbances, disordered eating, mood disturbances, abuse of drugs and alcohol, to name just the most obvious.

Although the above mentioned symptoms are not always due to sexual abuse, it may be useful to ask yourself, whether any forms of sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, or neglect have occurred. When you have been abused and you can make the link to your problems, you can start dealing with the abuse and begin your journey of recovery.

Gudrun Frerichs, PhD is the director and founder of Psychological Resolutions Ltd. Gudrun has worked for the last 20 years as trainer, researcher, and psychotherapist in private practice. She specialises in assisting survivors of sexual abuse in their recovery. Her passion is giving survivors a voice and raising awareness of the horrendous damage caused by sexual abuse. People are invited to contribute to her monthly Blog Carnival “Recovery from Sexual Abuse” by following the link

Dr. Frerichs has researched the impact of interpersonal trauma on people and looked specifically at the recovery from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) in (2000) and investigated how services shape the recovery from sexual abuse (2007). More information about her research can be accessed on

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