Tasty Chicken Fingers

chicken-fingersServes 8

6 skinless boneless chicken breast halves cut into 1/2 inch strips
1 egg, beaten
1 cup buttermilk
1 1/2 tsp garlic powder
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup seasoned bread crumbs
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1 quart oil for frying

Place strips in a large resealable bag. Mix the next 3 ingredients in a bowl pour over chicken and marinade in refrigerator  for 2-4 hours.

In another resealable bag mix together the next 4 ingredients. Take chicken and drain excess buttermilk. Place chicken in flour mixture bag and shake until well coated.

In a large skillet heat oil to 375 F. Carefully place chicken in hot oil. Fry until golden brown and juices run clear. Remove excess oil with paper towels and enjoy.

High Blood Pressure

What is high blood pressure?
High blood pressure is when the blood moves from your arteries at a higher pressure than normal. When high blood pressure can be linked to a certain drug or disease it is often referred to as hypertension. Your blood pressure varies throughout the day depending on certain factors, so it may be necessary to take numerous readings to learn to control your blood pressure.

Understanding the numbers.
You may have watched TV or heard your doctor say BP 120/80. What does that mean? The top number is used to measure systolic pressure which occurs when your heart is squeezing out blood. The bottom (second number) is known as diastolic pressure which is used to measure the pressure when your heart is filling with blood –relaxing between beats.  A normal range for blood pressure is below 120/80. If your pressure is more then 140/90 then you have high blood pressure (this will vary if you are over the age of 65.) 

How do you determine if you have high blood pressure.
When you go to visit your doctor he will place a blood pressure cuff around arm and he will listen to the flow of your blood. Your doctor will measure your pressure on more than one visit to determine if you have high blood pressure.

How often you should have your blood pressure will vary. You should get it checked once every 2 years after you turn 18. If you are on medication for a high blood pressure or have a family history of high blood pressure it will be checked at every visit to ensure your medication is working and that it is under control.

Suffering from high blood pressure can damage blood vessels in the heart early on. Which would make you more susceptible to conditions like heart disease, stroke, and kidney problems.

Typically high blood pressure doesn’t have any symptoms which is why it’s very important to get it checked regularly.

If you suffer from high blood pressure your doctor will get you to change your lifestyle. If that still doesn’t help then you may need to be placed on medication. Lifestyle changes include;
Avoiding Tobacco products
Losing weight if you have a BMI greater then 25
Regular exercise 30-60 minutes 4-7 days a week
Reduction of sodium intake
Reduction of Alcohol
Avoidance of fat and cholesterol
Relaxation exercises
Increasing intake of potassium, calcium, and magnesium

If you are lucky enough the lifestyle changes alone may get rid of your high blood pressure.

Scrumptious Lasagna

lasagnaServes 12


1 lb Sweet or hot Italian sausage
3/4 lb lean ground pork
1/2 cup minced onion
2 cloves of minced garlic
1 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes
12 oz tomato paste
13 oz tomato sauce
1/2 cup water
1 1/2 tsp dried basil leaves
1 tsp Italian seasoning
1 tbsp salt
1/4 ground pepper
4 tbsp fresh parsley
12 lasagna noodles
16 oz ricotta cheese
1 egg
3/4 lb mozzarella shredded
3/4 lb grated parmesan cheese


In a dutch oven cook first 4 ingredients over medium heat until well browned. Stir in next 4 ingredients. Season with basil, Italian seasoning, salt, pepper and  2 tbsp parsley.  Simmer, covered for 1 1/2 hours stirring occasionally.

Bring large salted pot of water to boil. Cook lasagna noodles according to directions on package. Meanwhile in a bowl combine ricotta, egg, and remaining parsley.

Preheat your oven to 375 F

In a 9×13 baking dish, spread 1 1/2 cups of meat sauce. Arrange 6 noodles lengthwise over meat. Spread half of the ricotta cheese mixture. Top with 1/3 shredded mozzarella cheese. Add 1 1/2 meat sauce over mozzarella cheese and sprinkle with 1/4 cup parmesan. Repeat layers with remaining cheese. Cover lasagna with tin foil sprayed with cooking spray (to prevent sticking)

Bake in oven for 25 minutes. Remove foil and cook for another 25 minutes. Allow lasagna to cool for at least 15 minutes before serving.

Myths About Acne

Poor hygiene causes acne. If you believe this and begin scrubbing your skin hard and frequently you can actually worsen the condition of your acne. Contrary to what you may believe acne isn’t caused by surface oils or dirt even though it may look unsightly it shouldn’t be removed by rough scrubbing. The best approach to take is to gently wash your face twice a day with a mild soap. Pat dry and use an appropriate acne treatment suitable for your skin.

Stress causes acne. Stress of everyday life isn’t an important factor in acne. However if you have severe stress which needs to be treated with antibiotics then the medicine itself may cause acne as a side effect. If you think this is the case talk to your doctor to see if there is something that can be done.

Poor diet causes acne. Though there have been studies there is no direct connection between diet and acne. Pizza, fries, and chocolate don’t cause acne however many people still insist that eating certain foods does cause acne. If that is the case then avoid those foods. Scientists however do say that if acne is being treated properly then it shouldn’t matter what food you are consuming.

Acne is nothing but a cosmetic disease. Well it is true that acne isn’t pretty to look at it is more then a cosmetic disease. For many people it affects self-esteem and confidence which can lead to a disruption in the way people live their lives.

Acne needs to run its course. Truth be told acne can be cleared up. If you have tried numerous products in attempts to clear your acne and it hasn’t worked consider seeing a dermatologist. With the technology and products out there today there is no reason for someone to have to endure acne and its physical and emotional scars.

Crispy baked Potato Skins

baked-potato-skinsServes 8

4 large peeled baked potatoes
3 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tbsp parmesan cheese
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp paprika
1/8 tsp pepper
8 bacon strips cooked and crumbled
1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 cup sour cream
4 green onions  chopped

Cut the baked potatoes in half lengthwise and scoop out the filling leaving about 1/4 in. Place them on a greased baking sheet. Combine next 6 ingredients in bowl and brush over both sides of the skins. Bake at 475F for 7 minutes then turn, and cook until crispy approximately 7 minutes more. Pull potatoes out and fill each one with bacon and cheddar cheese. Bake approximately 2 minutes longer or until cheese has melted. Top with sour cream and chopped green onion.

Serve immediately

Revamped Ideas To Up Her Sex Drive

Lit Candles

The Old Notion: Light lots of candles because candles set the mood and are romantic.
The New Theory: By lighting scented candles you may be able to soothe some of her anxiety and make her more receptive to love making. A doctor from Chicago says Green Apple is one of the top scents. However you should avoid Cherry because it tends to inhibit sexual arousal.

Buy Her a Lobster Supper

The Old Notion: Buying lobster showed your exquisite taste and picking up the cheque leaves her very impressed.
The New Notion: Lobsters contain high amounts of phosphorus which is an important mineral in keeping vaginal tissues moist which helps with her comfort and may heighten her desires. Another way to increase desire is to serve up a side of carrots which are high in Beta Carotene which raises levels of progesterone and increases desire.

Slip Her A Sex Pill

The Old Notion: One minute she is downing Spanish-Fly the next she’s in between the sheets.
The New Notion: There is a supplement known as ArginMax which is known to double the increase in sexual drive for many women who are taking it. Tell her about the pill and she may make the decision herself to try it.

Re-create A Sexy Date

The Old Notion: Which makes you look sweet and sensitive.
The New Notion: Take one of your dates and recreate the sights and smells. If there was a particular smell that had her aroused reintroducing it may recreate that arousal.

Playstation Palmar Hidradentitis

We have all heard the stories about how gaming is bad for you. People become lazy or withdrawn and become consumed with the fantasy world while forgetting that we have to live in the real world. Well now add “Playstation Palmar Hidradentitis to that list, the term scientists use for a newly discovered skin disorder. This disorder can cause painful lesions on the hands similar to the ones on a persons feet after intense physical activity. When someone is continuously grasping the controller and repeatedly pushing the buttons it causes minor trauma to the surface of the hands. Since this is a fairly new finding there isn’t much information available. Another common health problem is Acute Tendonitis which can also be caused by the motions used playing the Nintendo Wii

Want A Great Immunity? Eat These Foods

It takes more than an apple a day to keep the doctor away, and well a decent diet all around is helpful there are 9 foods that can give your immunity an extra boost.

ddf-adp-yogurt-types-1Yogurt: The probiotics found in yogurt help to protect your gut and intestinal track clean from disease. A study was conducted in Sweden where employees of a factory drank a daily supplement of Lactobacillus Reuteri (specific probiotic) which is known to stimulate white blood cells. These employees took fewer sick days then their counterparts who had taken the placebo.

sweet_potatoSweet Potatoes: Our skin is very important it provides a first line of defense against bacteria. To keep our skin strong it needs vitamin A. The best way to get Vitamin A into your body is to eat foods rich in Beta Carotene. Sweet Potatoes are not only healthy but provide you with 40% of your daily recommended intake of Vitamin A. If you are looking for other foods rich in Beta Carotene go for orange foods; carrots, squash,pumpkin etc.

tea_with_mintTea: A study conducted by Harvard immunologists showed that people who consumed 5 cups of black tea per day for 2 weeks improved their T cells which pumped out 10 times more interferon; a cold and flu fighter. Other conditions may be improved by an increase in interferon such as food poisoning, athlete’s foot etc.

chicken-soup_0Chicken Soup: University of Nebraska researchers found that 13 of the soups they studied blocked migration of inflammatory white cells. Unfortunately chicken flavoured ichi ban doesn’t count. The saltiness of the broth helps keep mucus away similar to the effects of cough medicine. If you want to give your chicken soup an extra boost add some garlic and onions.

Beef steakBeef: Zinc is very important for the development of white blood cells. Even just a small deficiency can increase your risk to infections. Many people don’t get enough zinc especially vegetarians. If you don’t like beef, then try cereals, milk, yogurt, poultry,  etc.

mushroomsMushrooms: Mushrooms that pack the biggest bang for your health include shitakes, and maitake mushrooms. Mushrooms increase activity and production of white blood cells. Adding mushrooms to your diet can be as easy as adding them to pasta sauce, stirfries, burgers, etc.

salmon45Fish/Shellfish: Cytokin production is increased when you get adequate levels of selenium. Cytokins are important for getting cold and flu cells out of your body. Selenium rich foods include; crabs, oysters, lobsters, etc.

garlicGarlic: Garlic is important in the fight against infections and bacteria’s this is thanks to the ingredient Allicin. Studies have shown if garlic intake is enough it reduces risk of colorectal cancer, stomach cancer, and the common cold.

oatsOats/Barley: Have antioxidant capabilities. Not only does it boost immunity it speeds healing and may help your antibiotics work better.

Basic Things To Remember About Sex

Avoid eating heavy meals before intercourse. Eating greasy or heavy meals can lead to gas or indigestion during lovemaking.

Watch what you drink. Drinking may increase the desire in men but it can also limit their ability this is the same with women. 2 or 3 drinks may leave women loving but can’t limit what they can do physically.

Penile discharge or sores equals no sex. Many STDs don’t have obvious symptoms. For example Chlamydia in males may be almost symptom free yet can cause you major grief the next day.

Before any date whether you have sex or not bathe. No one wants to smelly sweaty armpits or a smelly butt.

Your teeth are important. Make sure that you brush your teeth twice a day and floss. You don’t want to have garlic on your breath or chunks of your salad from lunch in your teeth. This is especially important for those of you who are smokers. No one wants to kiss a dirty ashtray.

Always use condoms when you are having sex with a new partner. No matter how innocent that person may seem you need to be cautious and even regular partners should be regularly tested for STDs.

Don’t worry about penis size. One thing to remember is the penis looks smaller to the owner than the person who is looking at it. Even if your member is on the smaller side a woman will appreciate it if you are attentive.

Don’t rush into intercourse and focus only on the genitalia. Many women and men need to have foreplay. Take the time to massage and explore each others bodies. Find out each others likes and dislikes.

Make sure your girl knows that you think she is sexy. Some woman are very insecure about themselves but hearing how great you think she looks and how much she turns you on will definitely help put her mind at ease.

Everybody will have off days. Don’t get upset at your girl if she is finding it hard to reach orgasm or mad at your boyfriend if he prematurely ejaculates. There may be outside factors like tiredness, stress, inexperience or anxiety.

Sometimes more is less. Don’t stress if you can’t do those tantric positions find positions that are comfortable that provide you with enjoyment.

There are lots of lubricants and toys out there but they shouldn’t be used as a shortcut.

Women are slower. Women take longer to be aroused and take longer to reach orgasm. The key is that the longer sex takes the better it will feel for her. Take the time to kiss, cuddle, caress everywhere not just the genitals.

Though most women can reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation that doesn’t mean they don’t want to have a penetrative orgasm.

Having sex for hours doesn’t make you a hot stud. Instead it makes the vagina numb and sore.

Have manners. Don’t just pull your girls hair and force her head down to your member. Also avoid ramming your penis down her throat. If you think you are going to cum be courteous and warn her that way she has the option of what she wants to do.

Yummy Deep Fried Pickles

2787394105_5e73d2770eYields: 25 pickles

25 dill pickle spears
egg wash (recipe follows)
Breading (recipe follows)
Oil for frying
Dressing (recipe follows)

2 cups milk
2 eggs
Pinch of lemon pepper
Pinch of dill weed
Few drops pickle juice

2 1/2 cups cornmeal
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup lemon pepper
1/2 cup dill weed
4 tsp paprika
2 tsp garlic salt
cayenne pepper to taste

1/2 cup butter milk
1/2 cup sour cream
3 tbsp minced parsley
2 tbsp chopped green onion
1 1/2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
2 tsp freshly ground pepper
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1/2 garlic glove minced
Mayonnaise enough to thicken mixture

Use cold dill pickle spears and wipe dry with paper towel. Coat in egg wash and then coat with breading, repeat. Place on baking sheet covered with wax paper and chill for about 30 minutes.

Heat deep fryer to 350 F. Slowly add pickle spears in batches. Cook for about 3-4 minutes or until pickles are golden brown. Remove excess oil with paper towel and serve with ranch dressing.