How to Turn Your Cornhole Match into a Drinking Game

Let’s be honest: cornhole isn’t really a game you play without a drink in hand. It’s not a bad thing; this is just a fact. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to make your next cornhole match a drinking game. You can find a few ideas below. Beginner’s Game Who can play: Newbies Drunkenness level: Not […]

Making Jewelry Last Forever

Jewelries are accessories that are not a piece of joke. One piece could cost a lot of money depending on the quality and material used for it. That’s why there might have been a saying that “diamonds are forever.” It may have only meant that the person who was given the diamond should take care […]

Before Sunrise/ Before Sunset

Simplicity is beauty as we hear often. And there are two movies that would fit perfectly with that adage: Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. Both of the movies is about the special relationship of a man and a woman who are complete strangers but got along very well and somehow fell in love with each […]

You can be a Private Investigator like the ones you see on TV

Real life investigation as a job is a world different from how they depict it on TV. Experts say it’s usually boring, often spending a day doing nothing but surveillance or watching the activities of the subject under close watch. However, all that can be changed. You can be a private investigator like the ones […]

3 Fashion Tips from the Stars

Celebrities in every shape and form, be it a musician, a movie star or a reality television star, inspires fashion and creates fashion trends all around the globe. The stars are who we look up to for fashion advice most of the time, and they dictate- pretty much- what ends up in our closets and […]

5 Wicked Graphics for T-shirts

I’ve noticed the wide range of labels now embellishing their merchandise with amazing designs and graphics. Some are gothic themed, using skulls, wings, gothic script text etc… whilst others use 100% original in-house artwork. Stand out this summer and check out the wicked designs and graphics in the 2012 collections. 1. Cuckoos Nest Out There […]

3 Best Crime Oriented TV Shows

Crime has always fascinated the American television watching audience. Some have theorized that this is because crime and violence have been a part of our national identity since settlers first placed their feet on the shores of North America (slavery, Indian massacre, witch trials, the Wild West, prohibition, drug wars, gangs, etc.) But, also the […]

7 Ideal Automobiles For The Coming Zombie Apocalypse, That You Can Actually Buy

Picture this: It’s 2013, you’ve just finished work and you’re pretty tired. As you enter your car, you see a few drunken men walk towards you. You laugh as you put the key in the ignition, but then you suddenly realise these guys aren’t just drunk – they’re zombies! credit: Abode of Chaos That’s right; […]