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The Double D Show Episode Nine

So Dirty is alone in the studio in Calgary and Dave is in Newfoundland. Dave was searching for the main ingredient for Scuba Cowboys next recipe. Once again, we ask you to share your ideas and comments. What do you want us to do...

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World Painted Blood

In the first episode of the Double D Show on Malewail TV, Dirty and I talked about a new Sayer album called World Painted Blood. Well now there is a wicked cool video for the song World Painted Blood. So Check it...

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The Double D Show Episode Eight

Here we have Episode Eight of the Double D Show. We Answer another question. Our Sexy Sunday are dead. And we tell some short jokes. Next time we have a show I will be back home in Newfoundland. So We will show you some clips...

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Firehall Glassworks

Here we have it, Dirty’s interview with Brian Kelk of Firehall Glassworks. Just want to thank Brian and his son Cody at Firehall Glass Work.  It was a real treat to visit there shop in the old fire hall nestled under the...

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The Double D Show Episode Seven

In Episode Seven  Dave and Dirty answers a question from the Bearded Lady,tell a joke,  talk about Pageant Scandals for Sexy Sunday and a tribute to Ronnie James Dio. So we wanted to play a clip of a song from Black...

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Cheetah Power Surge

Here is a short 30 second commercial Dirty and I made for a contest being held by Cheetah Power Surge. Dirty came up with the idea and laid it out with a story board and found the clip of the Cheetah. I spent a few minutes...

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The Double D Show Episode Six

In this Episode we answer a question from a female viewer. We pick Ladies from the Golden Age of Hollywood for Sexy Sundays. And we tell a few Adult Riddles. Once again, we ask you to share your ideas and comments. What do you...

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Scuba Cowboy and the Beer Can Chicken

So we have Scuba Cowboy back again. The Double D Show mentioned in episode five that they have a Double Beer Can Chicken Cooker. Scuba Cowboy will us the Beer Can Cooker to cook two chickens. And he tests some beer to get things...

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The Double D Show Episode Five

So on this episode we switched things up a little. Dave wore White and Dirty wore Black. We screwed up the jokes, and you can tell we read from a teleprompter. And when the teleprompter is wrong so are we. Once again, we ask you...

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The Double D Show Episode Four

So on this episode we had a funny letter from a retiree, thanks for the great picture. We never did any jokes we did talk Sexy Sunday. Once again, we ask you to share your ideas and comments. What do you want us to do on the...

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Scuba Cowboy Cooks a Turkey

In episode three of the Double D Show,  Dirty mentioned that we will include some more videos to Malewail TV. So as a part of Malewail TV we present Scuba Cowboy. Scuba Cowboy stopped by and showed us how to cook a Turkey. The...

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