5 Classic Jewelry Items for Men

Designer jewelry for men is definitely in vogue. More and more guys are choosing to express their individuality through the jewelry they wear, which is not too surprising considering women have been doing the same thing for countless generations! While men’s jewelry is certainly nothing new – even cavemen wore necklaces and bracelets – the huge surge in the popularity of men’s jewelry has really only taken place over the past few years. Although the variety in styles is truly astounding, there are five classic must-have pieces of jewelry for men that have stood the test of time through the years and continue to be just as popular today as ever.

  • Cuff links: Once thought of as a men’s fashion accessory from the 1950s and 1960s, cuff links are making a comeback in a major way. While some may attribute the return of the cuff link to the current popularity of retro fashion, others believe that this iconic jewelry is still the time-tested, best way to dress up an outfit. Look for a simple design and have them monogrammed for a personal touch.
  • Tie bar: Another “flash from the past” in designer jewelry for men is the tie bar. There are a variety of styles to choose from, but whichever design you select, make sure that the bar is never wider than the tie you’ll wear it with. It should be attached between the third and fourth buttons on a dress shirt, and should firmly attach your tie to your shirt.
  • Rings: Long gone are the days when men only wore wedding bands or class rings! Contemporary men’s fashion trends allow and even encourage men to wear jewelry for the sake of self-expression and appearance, just as women have done for many years. Rings are a fine example of the change in how men are wearing accessories today. As is the case with other types of jewelry, you’ll find an almost endless selection online. One thing to remember when it comes to rings and other jewelry – consider not only the traditional metals like gold and silver, but also some of the more contemporary materials, such as stainless steel, tungsten carbide and titanium. Often these modern materials are lighter weight and more durable than some metals.
  • Bracelets: One of the hottest trends in men’s jewelry is bracelets. Guys simply like to wear them! Look for those made of the contemporary materials, which offer a wide range of styles to choose from. One fine example is a stainless steel link bracelet with gold tone coating.
  • Chain necklace: When you think of chain necklaces for men, you may immediately think of those made popular in the 1970s. However, today’s chain necklaces are generally much more subtle than those from earlier decades. Shop at reputable online jewelry retailers to find the perfect one for you, such as a intricate style chain in polished stainless steel.


Whatever your taste may be in designer jewelry for men, you’re sure to find an enormous selection available in local jewelry stores and through online retailers. When you shop for jewelry, remember to ask about what kind of a guarantee comes with the piece you choose and what kind of returns or exchange policy the retailer offers. While shopping at physical jewelry stores provides a great opportunity to try on pieces that appeal to you, there are some advantages to shopping with reputable online jewelry retailers. Whichever dealer you choose to do business with, remember these jewelry choices for men – they’re timeless, classic and always in style. Express your individuality and polish off your appearance with classic jewelry for men.


Cindy White writes about designer jewelry for men for JustMensRings.com.

Men vs. Women

Why is it that God has seen fit to make women and men so different? Besides the obvious differences, genitalia, femininity, child bearing and menstrual cycles, there are a thousand diametrical contradictions between us. It’s because of his sense of humor, that’s why. He had just finished building the earth, heavens and eternity and when Sunday rolled around it was Miller time or something. He made Adam, borrowed a rib and then came Eve. THAT is where things got messed up right there. I bet the first thing Adam had to do was take out the trash, sore ribs and all. She didn’t care that God hadn’t created light yet. She was perfectly happy bitchin’ in the dark.

I’ve heard it said a million times that men will never understand women. I beg to differ. We DO understand women, we just don’t frickin believe it that’s all. Argue, argue, argue, bitch, bitch, bitch. Man. All the time. They say never go to bed mad at each other. Really? What does that even mean? Stay up and fight? Women know stuff that men don’t and it’s not fair. They have long memories too. Why is it that in the midst of a heated argument, they will bring up something that happened five years ago that has nothing to do with what we’re arguing about? Nothing. In shock, we stand there with that dumbfounded, deer in the headlights look trying to figure out what just happened. It changed the whole topic. And while we’re standing there in total disbelief trying to figure out what just happened, they are so far along in their wailing we have no choice but to give up and lose. It’s at this juncture we know it’s over and anything said past this point is the start of a brand new argument.

My wife not only knows every single birthday and anniversary in her family, but mine too! I don’t care who you are, this is contrary to the ordinary course of nature. Borderline savant. She’s damn hard to argue with I’ll tell you that. Sometimes I feel like we, as men, don’t have much of a chance. And boy do they love their children. I’m not saying men don’t, we do, just not like they do. Women know every little detail about them. Birthdays, allergies, likes, dislikes, boyfriends and how to buy school supplies. They know shoe sizes, how big they are in the waist, what their favorite colors are. Men are vaguely aware of some little people living in the house. In all fairness, and I’ve always said, if it weren’t for women there would be, like 6 people on the planet. Yeah we’re different. I guess it’s better that way somehow. I just wish the footing was a little more even that’s all.
As it is, women will always sit and listen to a ten year old for an hour talk about how he almost caught a fly ball, and be just as proud of them as they can be. But men? We’ll always want to knock a fart out of him for making an error in left field.

A Day in Sam’s Life…

So I went to the pharmacy to pick up some Super Spike styling gel. I was milling around the back of the store pondering over the vast assortment of hair styling products. All of a sudden a blonde cashier from the front raced past me and alerted another staffer that a woman was trying to make off with some stolen goods. One of the pharmacist’s, another blonde, slightly older, left her station and followed the action toward the front of the store. My curiosity, like always, was rampant and the Super Spike could wait. I assumed a stealth mode and followed behind them.

The thief, a medium sized woman, knew the jig was up. She was shuffling down the aisle in quick small steps. An obvious attempt to dodge her pursuers. The posse now included a balding store manager and two apprehensive blonde clerks. Watching from behind the Max Factor display, I noticed the alleged thief wore no brassiere or shoes. She was dressed in a skimpy light brown top and black stretch pants. She did have on socks, and her breasts were swaying uncontrollably. I immediately felt sorry for her. I was trying desperately to telepathically inform her to drop the stuff, they can’t get you if it’s still in the store. It was like, an automobile accident unfolding in front of you and instinctively you slam on your brakes as if to save them. And like I was in a combat zone trying not to get shot, I found myself creeping from the Max Factor display to between the Revlon and the sunglass case.

With cat like instincts I watched. I was now in the perfect position to observe. A heavy vapor of body odor hit me like an invisible fog. It was so intense that it actually overpowered the Obsession sitting on the shelf beside me. The thief had moments before scrambled down this aisle and I had mistakingly stumbled into her wake. She could have been anywhere from thirty to fifty. Cinching the noose, they stopped her at the door just short of the Duracell batteries. The store manager, accompanied by his two clerks, good-naturedly attempted to gain her confidence. I could make out only parts of the conversation. She looked straight ahead, avoiding eye contact with everyone. She had an unnatural high-pitched tone. The kind that makes you want to clear your throat. I felt sorry for her even more. Embarrassed for her.

The store manager evidently felt her to be harmless enough, he was talking to her in sympathetic, almost caring tones. Although his physical appearance left a little to be desired, I admired his tact and sensitivity. For a moment I thought he was reaching her. I could hear her voice shifting from the high-pitched tone to something resembling adult speech. The two of them disappeared around the corner of another aisle. Damn. I had to find different cover. As I was making my move, the manager made a strategic blunder. He moved around her in an attempt to lead her down the aisle she had came from. This left a huge opening in the snare. She seized her opportunity for freedom. Just as an oblivious customer was coming in, and the automatic door opened, she bolted out, startling everyone. She was clutching some small object in her hand.

She bounded across the parking lot crossing the busy street. The balding store manager and his blonde assistants made a feeble attempt to chase her, but decided that whatever it was she had done wasn’t worth the effort. The madwoman was running though one of the widest and busiest streets in the area, and we all watched in horror as she charged blindly across it. I expected to see a flattened carcass at any moment. Flashes of Eyewitness news crews and Life Flight raced through my mind. I could see myself explaining the whole torrid story bravely to a beautiful brunette roving reporter, sadly grimacing while nodding my head from side to side. But, she survived. Turns out she could run remarkably well for an overweight madwoman. She sprinted through the Block Buster parking lot, maneuvered a corner like Mario Andretti and vanished from sight. Carl Lewis couldn’t have caught her. I returned to the Super Spike, slightly shaking, and resumed my original quest. As I paid for the gel, I chatted with the young blonde who had now returned to her station shakily. I asked what the woman had stolen. Turns out, she had taken nothing. The small object she was clutching in her hand was a pack of gum the store manager had given her in return for surrendering the stolen goods. And what was it that she had attempted to steal in the first place? Deodorant, the girl told me. It now all made perfect sense.

Growing Old…

At 59, I think I’ve noticed that deterioration has not only become foreseeable but inevitable. I feel like one of those public statues that attract pigeons. I’ve crossed the half-century mark, and already sense the whoosh of angel wings around my shoulders. I find it shocking, and scary, that I’m now closer to eighty than twenty, closer to ninety than ten. I swear it was only yesterday that I was throwing baseballs over our house and screaming “Annie Over”. Now I have little hairs sprouting from various parts of my nose and ears. The barber’s scissors have become a nuisance in only reminding me of the march of time.

My ten-year-old inner self still grimaces at the reading glasses that lay on virtually every table at my house. The flecks of white in the eyebrows and beard, the wrinkles that seem to grow everyday. As an analogy, I think life is a lot like a toaster. You go in soft, pliable, and out pops a dried up old person. I guess that beats not popping out at all. Over the coming years I can look forward to liver spots, failing memory, calcified arteries, digestive miseries, prostate and bladder complaints, faulty hearing, sadistic joints and those damn free radicals overtaking every cell in my body. I’ve already shrunk half an inch from my once proud six-foot three inch stature. It doesn’t seem possible that I’ve already outlived most of my friends and some of my family, considering all that I’ve done. Hell, if I were to keel over tomorrow I’d be less famous than a Chia Pet. That’s a sad piece of information right there.

It’s already too late for me to become an astronaut or a nuclear physicist or maybe a writer. And as proof of that fact, I just gave up on finding three synonyms for “detestable.” What’s even more troubling than the relentless march of time is its damnable tendency to accelerate as we age. When I was a child of six, one year was an entire universe of discovery and jubilation, a vast arena in which every experience tasted like a new ice cream flavor. Peach today, Rocky Road tomorrow. A year represented a massive chunk of my child life. But now, being a man of age, a year encompasses a mere two percent of the territory, a barely perceptible blip on the scale of a life time. Days become weeks, weeks become months, months become years. I’m thinking of all the time I’ve spent checking e-mail, brushing my teeth, driving, nodding off during business meetings, or reading the sports section for the thousandth time. Add up all those forgettable moments and it’s no wonder I misplace car keys, forget to water the garden or wash the damn truck. Hell, sometimes I misplace an entire decade.

Although, I’m not without weapons in the war against time. None of us are. I mean, if you think about it. I snatch victories when and where I can by creating moments, like walking in the rain, fishing on a beautiful lake in the evening or appreciating how the sun looks as it too, disappears over the horizon. But even those memories recede eventually. I try and fill my life with the love of family and friends. But even my favorite people tend to mutate over time. Sometimes into odd and unrecognizable people. I have convinced myself that I’m growing in wisdom, even though I’m losing mental dexterity along with precious I.Q. points seemingly everyday. I argue that time and gravity are the same. Both pulls us into a steeper and faster descent, we narrow our focus to the path ahead, dodging the occasional obstructions, hitting one every now and then. They seem to just poke up from no where. In the descent, you begin to spot the bodies of the luckless ones who crashed or spun out of control, former people you’ve known who came to grief in their own descent. We pass them, we pass everything in a blur as we accelerate, thinking we’re still in control, but no one ever survives that sudden stop. It’s like jumping from a 50 story building. Down around the 25th floor or so, you’re thinking, well, so far so good. Cause of death? Stop trauma. We then close our eyes and enter the next realm of possibility.

How to Diagnose Simple Car Engine Problems

When you own a car, knowing how to diagnose common problems is very important. If you do not know how to spot potential problems, something that could be easily be fixed can turn into a major problem that will require total engine replacement. The key to diagnosing a problem is to narrow down the problem so that you can isolate the system in the car that is causing the problem with the engine. If you do not have basic knowledge of common engine problems, now is the time to learn. Here are signs to look for and issues that may cause these common problems:

If Your Engine Has Trouble Starting or the Engine Conks Out

If the engine will not start, you should listen for a crank noise. If the engine does not sound like it is cranking, the issue may be with your battery. If the engine is cranking but will not turn over, the problem may be with the starter. If the engine starts, but conks out while it is in drive or park, there could be a problem with the fuel system. Vehicles typically conk out when the fuel pressure is not right or there is vacuum hose leak. You may also smell fuel when you attempt to start the engine if there is a leaky valve.

If Your Engine is Overheating Quickly

When you see smoke and steam coming from your hood, this is a sign that your engine is overheating even before your temperature gauge shows that the engine is hot. There are a number of different problems that could lead to an overheating engine. Typically, the problem is with your cooling system. If the radiator or other heat exchangers are not doing their jobs, coolant will not reach the engine while it is operating. You may also need to inspect the coolant to see if it is low. If none of this solves the problem, there could be a problem with one of the heads in your engine.

If Your Engine is Backfiring

A backfiring engine sounds like firecrackers are being lit under your hood. If your engine is backfiring or you smell a burning smell, the problem could be serious. You may have a burn valve, a broken camshaft, or the timing belt might have slipped.

Just because you are not a licensed mechanic does not mean you cannot isolate the problem and identify which part needs to be repaired or replaced. By identifying the problem, you can price how much repairs will cost and how serious the problem really is.

Author Bio

Jennie is a freelance writer who is also mechanically minded. Growing up, she spent a lot of time with her father working on cars, old radios, even odds and ends like cooling towers or swamp coolers. Jennie has just recently made the move to central Seattle with her husband and two golden retrievers.

Tips for Changing a Flat Tire

Tips for Changing a Flat Tire

Flat Tire

A flat tire is one of life’s little unwanted expectancies that can ruin a good day. If you are in your own driveway, it may not be that big of a deal, but if it happens while you are on the road or in a parking lot, it can be a real headache. While changing a tire is not that difficult, there are some things you need to know that can help you successfully change a flat tire on your car.

  • 1. Familiarize yourself with the equipment you need to change a flat tire on your car. Check to make sure that you have a working jack, a tire iron that fits the lug nuts on your car, and a spare tire for your car. If you have a special nut on your tire called a “locking nut,” you will also need the socket that matches it. This socket typically comes with your car when you buy it and is used to remove the special nut.
  • 2. Check to ensure that the car is in park and the emergency brake is set. Do not attempt to change a flat tire on a hill. If there is a slight slope, place a rock, brick, or other heavy object behind the tire that is opposite of the one you intend to change.
  • 3. Use the tire iron to loosen the lug nuts on the flat tire. Do not remove the lug nuts completely. This will come after you have jacked the car off the ground. Note that the lug nuts may not turn easily and you should be prepared to really put your strength into getting them to loosen up.
  • 4. Place the jack under the solid part of your car. Check the operating manual of your vehicle to see which area of the underside of the car the manufacturer recommends.
  • 5. Raise the jack until it meets with the car’s frame. Continue raising the jack until it lifts the tire off of the ground. It does not have to be off the ground very far. You just want it off the ground enough to allow you to remove the tire.
  • 6. Remove the lug nuts from the wheel. Set the lug nuts in a secure location or put them in your pocket until you need them again. Remove the flat tire from the wheel.
  • 7. Line each hole of the spare tire up and over the wheel studs. Use your foot to help hold the tire in place. Place the spare tire onto the wheel.
  • 8. Replace the lug nuts in their proper positions. Tighten them by hand. If you use the tire iron, do not attempt to over-tighten them. A sudden push could force the jack to move out from under the car.
  • 9. Lower the jack slowly and remove it from under the car. Use the tire iron to tighten the lug nuts as tight as you can.
  • 10. Store the flat tire in the trunk where the spare tire was. If your car came equipped with a “doughnut,” which is a smaller tire that is specifically made for use as a spare tire, you may find that the tire will not fit back into the original spot. Secure the flat tire in the trunk or place it in the back seat of your car.
  • 11. Retrieve the tire iron and the jack from the ground. Secure them in your car. Remember to remove the rock or object that you placed behind the opposite tire. Make a final walk around the car to ensure that you have not left anything behind. You have now successfully changes your first flat tire.

Mike Nichols writes for several insurance blogs. Get cheap Mississippi car insurance quotes or compare Nevada auto Insurance rates online.

Parlays: The Get-Rich-Quick Solution?

Does this describe you?

A typical 9-5er stuck in a dead-end job with more expenses than income.

What are your options?

  • Get a second job.
  • Go back to school to earn a degree so you can get a better job.
  • Suck it up and deal – you don’t really need a new car this year.
  • Rob a bank.
  • Win the lottery.

Of those options, the last is perceived by many as the best option.  It is the easiest, least risky option that still yields the results you want – and far more ethical than robbing a bank.

However, you really don’t have much control over whether or not you win.  So basically, you are back to square one.  Unless you…

Bet Parlays

A parlay is a single bet that links together two or more wagers.  To be successful, all the wagers must win.  Parlays generally result in higher payoffs because the chance of success is lower than individual bets; if any bet in the parlay loses, the entire parlay loses.

For those of us who have been around the block a few times, we are hesitant to jump into any get-rich-quick schemes.  So that leaves us with the question:

Real Money Maker or Sucker’s Bet?

If you do it right, parlays are like buying a lottery ticket or playing slot machines – a pretty low-risk gambling option.  You can spend a minimal amount of money, yet stand to win a pretty good sum.

If you do it wrong, parlays are like roulette.  Dropping $5,000 on lucky number 13 has about the same chance of winning as a seven-team parlay.

Of course, there is no sure fire way to win.  And depending on your predisposition to addiction, engaging in any gambling endeavor could be risky.  However, if you are wise about it, parlays can be an innocent way to have fun with the guys, exercise your brain, and earn a few extra bucks.  If you hope to be even a bit successful, you’ll need to know…

How to Bet

At a first glance, some people might see dollar signs at the 80/1 odds.  However, that payout is nearly impossible since it comes with seven correct plays.  On the other hand, making a minimal investment on a two-team parlay with 13/5 odds has a much better chance of earning money.  Try a two-team parlay every few week and you’ll see way more money than your incredibly risky 80/1 odds.

Once you get the hang of parlay, you might take your winnings from your two-team parlay and put it into a three-team parlay at 6/1.  However, you should only go this route on rare occasions; do it on a regular basis and you’ll be right back at the beginning – searching for a second job.  Advance past four teams and you’re asking for trouble – big time!


Jordan Dahlberg runs a site for printable parlay cards.  While he isn’t an avid gambler, Jordan does like to pick up an NFL parlay card every once in awhile.

3d Jewellery Printing is Here is Stay

Revolutionary techniques in 3D jewellery printing are moving in and becoming common practice in the Jewellery industry. Thanks to computer aided design (CAD) what used to take craftsmen ages to perfect can now be accomplished in a matter of hours thanks to the magic of lasers. This technology was developed by a team of physicists and aerospace engineers but it did not take long for people to realize that it could be used for fashion too. The machines can craft jewellery designs that jewellers of the past could only dream of, including very intricate designs hollowed out with structures already inside of them. CAD jewellery does not waste any materials and the end result is practically perfect and completely free of human flaws.

MLAB Machine

The MLAB Machine debuted at the JCK Las Vegas trade fair this fall. Using lasers the $289,000 machine can render a gold plate into dozens of pieces of jewellery using a computer imported design in a matter of hours.  The MLAB Machine was designed by Romanoff International Supply Corporation. Romanoff was founded by Barney and Jessie Romanoff in 1949. Today at age 1999 Jessie is an active contributor to the technology company. Their website features a bendable interlinking chain made by the MLAB machine as well as an incredibly complex brass ring in the shape of flower pollen.


Based in Houston, Texas Kraftwerx is a start-up company that offers customizable 3D designs, including jewellery, from the comfort of your own computer. Truly customizable toys, sculptures, figurines, and signs are also available. If you have every wanted a golden topographic map of Australia, or perhaps a crystalline butterfly, then this is the website for you. Sellers can upload their own 3D designs and the engineers at Kraftwerx will design it for you with CAD technology. You can choose to sell your new product on the website or just have it shipped to you. Design nearly anything you can imagine.


Gemvision was founded in 1990, and today they have headquarters in both Davenport, Iowa as well as at Leeds in the UK. The founder, Jeff High, was frustrated with traditional hand drawn jewellery design techniques. He began to research new methods, integrating his digital camera with graphic design software. Using the Gemvision system customers can actually sit down with jewellers and customize an entire piece of jewellery using stunning 3D rendering technology in real time. The finished result is sent to their engineering experts who use CAD technology to manufacture the new piece in 8 to 10 days.

Nervous System

Nervous System is a company in Massachusetts that uses generative design methods to complete customized jewellery that is based on nature’s design. It was founded by MIT alumni Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg in 2007. Their shop offers 3D jewellery and housewares in the shape of the fundamental structures of algae, coral, ammonite, cell cycles, dendrite, hyphae, lamina, radiolaria, and xlym, as well as one of a kind designs. There is no stronger designer than nature.

Joel Mayer writes about current trends and  fashion  from  Jewellery Melbourne  to dresses in Paris.

Your Wedding Day Music

Finding the right musical selections for your wedding day can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task. The options are countless from hiring a DJ to finding a local band or even just selecting your own mix of songs. Music might not seem like a big part of your wedding day, but it will create the mood and liven up the atmosphere. For every major moment of your day, music will be playing in the background to express the emotion that you want to achieve.

Your guests will here music from the moment they enter the ceremony until the last song is palyed at the reception. Since song selection is such a key part of the wedding, it must be considered and taken seriously to ensure that your special day is momentous.

First, you need to determine what you want to hear as you make your way down the aisle.  If the traditional wedding march is not original enough, you could select a meaningful song to play as you go to greet your groom. You could choose your special song that you share with your future husband or you could opt for a love ballad that features powerful lyrics that will add to the emotion of your entrance. An original song will set your wedding apart from the very beginning and show your guests a glimpse into the bond that you share.

Whatever style or mood you want to create, there is a song that will deliver this message. More traditional weddings tend to have orchestras or organists, while contemporary weddings offer fun tunes or unique scenic sounds to set the mood. Whatever style you choose, make sure your selection reflects your personality and that of your future spouse. Choosing the right song can make the moment that you walk down the aisle even more memorable and meaningful.

Even though the song for the ceremony is important, the bulk of your song choices will be for your reception. The play list for this event can be long and extensive, so it is important to work with a DJ or music enthusiast to help you make the most original and thoughtful choices. The music chosen should encourage the guests to dance and have fun. You should take into consideration your musical choices, but also the music preferences of your guests,

It’s important to have all types of music available for the reception. Some songs will be chosen for fun dancing, but other songs will be chosen slow dancing opportunities. You should tell the DJ ahead of time when you want certain songs played and what songs mean the most to you. This will ensure that your play list fulfills your needs and encourages your guests to have an amazing and magical night.

Three song choices stand out above all others for your reception. The first dance that you share with your husband should be hand chosen, to make sure that it evokes the right emotion for your special moment. This song should be powerful and express the love that you share as a couple. The right song will help to create a lasting memory.

Next, the father and daughter song should be selected in advance and convey a message that explains your relationship. Some fathers and daughters select songs that have fun dance routines to surprise the audience and add to the fun of the evening. Whatever song you choose, make sure you will be happy with your selection in the aftermath of the wedding.

The final musical choice is the song that ushers the end of the celebration and uplifts the guest as the wedding night ends. This is normally a faster song that has known choreography or dance moves. Your gusts will leave your wedding uplifted and inspired by your song selections.

Guest Post by Joel Mayer on behalf of   Wedding Band   specialists,  JMD Entertainment.