Can Pizza and Beer Really Be Good for You?

Film ScanPizza & Beers in Italy


Perhaps it seems too good to be true that delicious foods and beverages, such as pizza and beer, can be good for you. They absolutely can be! Of course, everything in moderation is the best way to go with most foods but there is plenty of room in a way of eating for both of these. Feel free to drink up and nosh on your favorite slice as both can be healthy for you and there are a few reasons why.


Pizza is a quintessential part of the American diet in many ways. It is often demonized as a food to avoid for people watching their health or weight. There are a wide variety of toppings available for pizza and some are healthier than others. Pizza commonly contains some form of tomatoes, such as tomato based pizza sauce. An Italian study shows that people who eat pizza once a week actually get certain forms of cancer less than others. The reason is the lycopene from the tomatoes. Not to mention that cheese is an excellent form of calcium and meat is a great source of protein. It’s true that both of these things can be fatty so use a light hand.

The way in which to boost the health of pizza is to choose toppings wisely. It also helps to make your own pizza. Choose or make the pizza with a whole wheat crust. Toppings such as spinach or green peppers add valuable nutrition. Grilled chicken is another pizza topping to consider. Portion size is also a factor. Eating a large pepperoni pizza at one setting isn’t the healthiest thing to do. Have a few slices of pizza, add a side salad along with it, and enjoy!


It’s true that beer is not touted as being useful or optimal for health reasons. Surprisingly, beer actually has benefits that are similar to those found in wine! Somehow it doesn’t get the same press. There are benefits to all kinds of beers so you can feel free to drink your very favorite brand. The key is not exceed two beers per day.

Beer is linked to reduced risk of both vascular and heart disease. Beer is made with both wheat and barley. Yeast contains a lot of vitamins and they do survive the process of fermentation. Vitamin B6 is one of those vitamins. This is what reduces heart disease as it prevents buildup of homocysteine. Beer gives a substantial increase of vitamin B6 into blood plasma. Savoring your favorite beer in the evening can also help you sleep soundly at night.

Eating a healthy diet is about balance. There is no reason to eschew all of your favorite foods or drinks. Instead, look at the big picture. Pizza and beer may not be ideal if you consume too much of it, but are perfectly fine in moderation. Luckily, food can be tasty and flavorful, as well as being healthy.

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