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Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz was born in Long Beach California in 1972. She was a high school cheerleader who would sneak out and party. In her mid-teens she would sneak out and attend Hollywood Parties. It was at one of these parties she met Jeff Dunas who came up to her and told her he could sign her up for some high profile modeling. Though she wasn’t completely sure how legitimate he was she discussed this with her friends and family. After she had travelled for modeling she returned to Long Beach to try and pursue acting. In 1994 she auditioned for a role in the movie The Mask. Even though she didn’t have experience with acting she was cast in the lead role. She received excellent reviews and decided to try to perfect her acting. She steered away from potential hits and stayed with low budget films. Once she felt she had it down she returned to big budget films and had roles in My Best Friends Wedding, where she met and began dating Matt Dillion, their relationship lasted for nearly 3 years. She also starred in Any Given Sunday, Being John Malkovich, Charlie’s Angels, Shrek and Vanilla Sky. Cameron also dated Justin Timberlake for 4 years before the two called it quits. 2008 was a busy year for Diaz she Co-hosted SNL, and starred in What Happens in Vegas. In 2009 she starred in My Sisters Keeper and in 2010 she will be providing her voice for the 4 Shrek.