Sexy Sunday 35


Brittany Daniel

Brittany Daniel was born in Gainesville Florida in 1976 5 minutes before her twin sister. Her father was a devout Catholic which made them have a strict upbringing for them and their older brother. By age 11 both girls began professional work as print models. Her first acting experience was her guest role on “Burkes Law.” In 92 at age 16 Brittany got her first regular role on the show “Swans Crossing” alongside other up and coming actresses Mira Sorvino and Sarah Michelle Gellar. After finishing high school Brittany and her sister Cynthia were cast for the leading roles in Sweet Valley High. The two moved to California for Sweet Valley High and supplemented their income by doing mainly commercials on the side. In 1995 they got the first film experience in “Basketball Diaries” alongside Leonardo Dicaprio. Once Sweet Valley High ended the girls continued making guest appearances and working on commercials. The two felt they weren’t getting to develop their individuality because they were always cast as twins. This caused Cynthia to take a break. In 99 Brittany got a guest spot on “Dawson’s Creek” which soon turned into a regular role. In that same year she made her first solo movie appearance in “Sonic Impact.” She then went on to appear in Hostile Ground, Joe Dirt, White Chicks and Club Dread to name a few.

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  1. She is hot and sexy. Your post insist me to google her pictures for almost 30 minutes and am still doing that. You know the image you have posted here is on the top of Google SERPS.

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