Blue Pill, How about a Pink Slice?

Seedless watermelon Purchased Feb.Image via Wikipedia

Are you thinking about using Viagra to spice things up? How about cooling things down with a nice slice of watermelon? A scientist in Texas found an ingredient in watermelon with Viagra like effects. The compund found in watermelon is citrulline. Citrulline reacts with enzmes in the body and changes to an amino Acid called Arginine. Arginine benifits the heart, circulatory system an the immune system.

So when watermelons are consumed in large quantities the citrulline helps relax the blood vessels and may increase libido.

Don’t forget that you would probably make yourself sick trying to get the same results as the little blue pill. It just might not be worth it.

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3 responses to “Blue Pill, How about a Pink Slice?”

  1. Loren Avatar

    If you ate enough you would also have to pee a lot too. I like watermelon though.

  2. Michael Avatar

    HAHA. I had no clue watermelon could have such an effect. I need to start eating more watermelon especially now that its summer.

  3. Herbal Avatar

    More watermelon in the sunshine is always good. Almost seems like how coke refreshing in the summer; that now it will be a case of fresh fruits packing a heavy blow to impotence.