Sexy Sunday 129


In her first porn, REAL SEX MAGAZINE 31, she made her debut with an anal scene, in NO LIMITS by Sineplex she shoved a baseball-bat up her ass and in John Stagliano’s masterpiece THE FASHIONISTAS she excelled in the leading role as “Jessie”. So even if you have only the slightest interest in pornography of the 21st century, there’s no way around her. Who are we talking about? Belladonna, first porn-cult-queen of the new millenium.

Belladonna was born on May 21st 1981 in Utah. Maybe it was the strict upbringing according to the religious beliefs of her father, a mormon and former captain of the US-Air Force, that made Belladonna who she is today: A wild, adventurous, freedom-loving creature, always on the look-out for a bit of fun and loving.

The girl with exhibitionistic tendencies got into the business via a girl-friend’s agent. After a short phone-call, Belladonna got on the next plane and the following day she was shooting her first scene with Chris Cannon, directed by Bill Whitrock. The rest is porn history.