Beer Goggles for Women?

beer-gogglesDr Kirsten Oinonen from the University of Lakehead conducted a study to see the affect drinking alcohol would have on a woman’s ability to determine the attractiveness of the opposite sex. The findings, apparently women also have beer goggles and even when they are sober their perception could still be affected.

Dr Oinonen’s research studied young women who were considered non-alcoholic who consumed up to 40 drinks per month. Each woman was put through numerous types of tests including one that looked at the symmetry of the male face. 45 women were presented with 60 pairs of faces. One of the pairs was less symmetrical than the other and they had to pick out which one was which. Results showed that women who consumed alcohol in the previous 6 months had a lower mark on the symmetry test. Even women who consumed as little as 5 drinks per month rated lower then those who consumed no alcohol at all. The more drinks consumed the lower the score.

Dr Oinonen’s suggests that her study shows that women who consume alcohol have a harder time judging facial symmetry even when sober therefore a woman who has had alcohol may find a less attractive man more attractive.

This is the first study done to look at the issue. It isn’t known if the results are just temporary or if it would affect women permanently at this point it is hard to determine.