Become More Healthy Tips 41-50

41. Watch out when snacking or grazing. You can easily eat 500-600 calories without realizing it.

42. Watch the pasta. Go for whole wheat pasta and watch your portion sizes. One serving of pasta is 1/2 cup many people eat 4 times that amount.

43. Stay away from bagels. They aren’t worth the calories and the toppings don’t help.  Eat a slice of whole wheat toast instead.

44. Don’t ignore the serving size on the package. I can’t stress enough how important this is. Take Kraft dinner for example. Once prepared it says a serving has 220 calories. Many people would assume that’s for the whole box, but really that is for 1/4 of the box and I highly doubt that all of you eat only 1/4 of the box. That means you have to take 220 and multiply it by 4. One box has a whopping 880 calories.

45. Don’t snack on nuts. Yes nuts are healthy granted you eat the right kinds but they have a high calorie and fat content. Instead of eating a bowl of them garnish them in your salad or toss a few into your oatmeal.

46. Don’t think that energy bars and smoothies are all healthy. Many are loaded with sugar and calories.

47. If you want a smoothie make one at home with skim milk, frozen fruit and wheat germ.

48. If you really must eat takeout. Look at the nutrition information online ahead of time. Pick out the lowest calorie burger and have a diet soda. Bring that home and eat it with a salad or some vegetables instead of ordering fries. This can save you up to 800 calories.

49. Instead of eating a chocolate bar or chips have a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread with a cup of skim milk and an apple.

50. Instead of buying chicken strips make your own with lean chicken breast.