Become More Healthy Tips 21-30

21. When you eat be sure to have no distractions. Sit at the kitchen table and focus on your food. Put the books or computer away. When you eat you want to know what you are eating and enjoy eating.

22. Dilute juice with water. Or fill your glass to the top with ice cubes and add some juice. This way it will seem like you are drinking more then you actually are.

23. Try to have only veggies for lunch. A nice garden salad would be good, but be careful of what you top your salad with. Opt for vinaigrettes instead of cream based dressings.

24. Eat at home more often. Not only will your wallet thank you so will your waistline. Eating at home means you can control what goes into your food and how much goes into your food.

25. Limit your alcohol intake. If you must drink try to pick healthier versions. Instead of having daiquiris and margaritas which are full of sugar go for a drink like Mott’s Clamato Caesar’s. They even have some brands of beer in light versions.

26. Instead of drinking a diet coke drink a can of V8 and get in some veggies.

27. Try to make your vegetables more flavourful. Try adding some garlic or ginger. Or make yourself a low calorie dipping sauce using soy sauce (watch for salt content) mixed with some hot chilli paste. Not only does this add flavour to your vegetables it gives your metabolism a little kick with the heat.

28. Mix 3 different cans of beans together and top with some low calorie Italian Dressing. Eat this three bean salad through the week you will get loads of fibre helping you feel full.

29. Vegetable soup counts towards vegetables. When looking for a vegetable soup again look for broth based instead of cream. Also look for the sodium content to make sure it’s not high.

30. Enjoy sweet potatoes. Chop them in slices and flavour them lightly with some butter and garlic and toss them in the oven. You’ll have tasty sweet fries in no time.

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