Become More Healthy Tips 11-20

11. When you eat your meals consume the foods with the lower calories first. Eat your veggies, fruits or broth based soups. When you consume the healthier foods first it gives you a chance to fill up. This way when you make your way to the higher calorie foods on your menu you’ll feel fuller and won’t consume as much.

12. Instead of whole milk switch to at least 1% or skim milk.

13. Juice can have as much calories as a soda and just as much sugar. Try to limit yourself to 1 glass. An even better idea would be to replace that cup of juice with an actual piece of fruit which has less calories only natural sugar and more substance to make you feel fuller.

14. Try to get calories from healthy foods. When you are trying to lose weight and become healthy you don’t want to waste calories on beverages. You want to make every calorie count.

15. Keep track of what you eat in a food journal. Even if its just taking  a taste test of supper while cooking write it down. You would be surprised at how much you may or may not be eating. The food journal can assist you in finding out what you need to change and may help you notice any patterns which may indicate emotional eating.

16. Don’t eat until you are stuffed. You should only eat the amount of food your body needs you should never feel like you are about to explode. If you do that means you have eaten to much.

17. Try to use lower calorie condiments instead of using mayo switch to mustard or salsa.

18. Eat more soups. Avoid cream soups and opt for broth soups. They are lower in calories and fat and fill you up.

19. Try to drink only water. Limit your intake of sodas, juices, and alcoholic beverages. Also watch out for coffee and tea. They are low calorie but that can change depending on what you put in them.

20. Pack a lunch to take to school or work. Avoid eating at the cafeteria or eating out of the vending machines. If you need to eat at school or work pick out the healthiest things you can.