Become More Healthy Tips 1-10

1. Gradually begin to eat fruits and vegetables. If you aren’t used to consuming them you don’t want to suddenly shock your body with all this new food. Start off by eating one serving of fruit or one serving of vegetables a day. Gradually increase your intake until you get to the recommended 8-10 servings.

2. Once you are used to your intake of fruits and vegetables try to eat at least 2 servings of them at each meal.

3. Stop supersizing your meals at home and on the go. Unless you want to supersize the clothing you are wearing.

4. Make eating have meaning other then just putting food in your mouth. Focus on the food. How it tastes, how it looks and how it smells. Really enjoy the food and the nourishment it is giving to your body.

5. Eat breakfast. Make sure it is well balanced and a fairly big size. People who eat a balanced breakfast are less likely to put on weight because they don’t engage in binges throughout the day. Eating breakfast also jump starts your metabolism.

6. When eating try to make sure your plate is half full of fruits and veggies 1/4 full of protein and 1/4 full of carbohydrates.

7. If you choose to eat out get a container and put half of your food in the container for later. Most restaurants are giving portions that are 3 sometimes 4 times more then the normal.

8. If you are going to order dessert only order one to share.

9. Eat food on smaller plates. This will help to trick your mind into thinking you are eating more then you are without adding the calories.

10. Make sure you can see what you eat. Avoid eating out of cartons or out of the bags. When you eat food in the containers they come in you don’t get to truly enjoy it. Eating out of the containers also lead to overeating.