Basic Things To Remember About Sex

Avoid eating heavy meals before intercourse. Eating greasy or heavy meals can lead to gas or indigestion during lovemaking.

Watch what you drink. Drinking may increase the desire in men but it can also limit their ability this is the same with women. 2 or 3 drinks may leave women loving but can’t limit what they can do physically.

Penile discharge or sores equals no sex. Many STDs don’t have obvious symptoms. For example Chlamydia in males may be almost symptom free yet can cause you major grief the next day.

Before any date whether you have sex or not bathe. No one wants to smelly sweaty armpits or a smelly butt.

Your teeth are important. Make sure that you brush your teeth twice a day and floss. You don’t want to have garlic on your breath or chunks of your salad from lunch in your teeth. This is especially important for those of you who are smokers. No one wants to kiss a dirty ashtray.

Always use condoms when you are having sex with a new partner. No matter how innocent that person may seem you need to be cautious and even regular partners should be regularly tested for STDs.

Don’t worry about penis size. One thing to remember is the penis looks smaller to the owner than the person who is looking at it. Even if your member is on the smaller side a woman will appreciate it if you are attentive.

Don’t rush into intercourse and focus only on the genitalia. Many women and men need to have foreplay. Take the time to massage and explore each others bodies. Find out each others likes and dislikes.

Make sure your girl knows that you think she is sexy. Some woman are very insecure about themselves but hearing how great you think she looks and how much she turns you on will definitely help put her mind at ease.

Everybody will have off days. Don’t get upset at your girl if she is finding it hard to reach orgasm or mad at your boyfriend if he prematurely ejaculates. There may be outside factors like tiredness, stress, inexperience or anxiety.

Sometimes more is less. Don’t stress if you can’t do those tantric positions find positions that are comfortable that provide you with enjoyment.

There are lots of lubricants and toys out there but they shouldn’t be used as a shortcut.

Women are slower. Women take longer to be aroused and take longer to reach orgasm. The key is that the longer sex takes the better it will feel for her. Take the time to kiss, cuddle, caress everywhere not just the genitals.

Though most women can reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation that doesn’t mean they don’t want to have a penetrative orgasm.

Having sex for hours doesn’t make you a hot stud. Instead it makes the vagina numb and sore.

Have manners. Don’t just pull your girls hair and force her head down to your member. Also avoid ramming your penis down her throat. If you think you are going to cum be courteous and warn her that way she has the option of what she wants to do.

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