Awesome things to Say to Your Girlfriend

Women are an enigma to men simply because they can turn from nice to naughty, calm to moody, caring to un-caring and careful to carefree in a split second. One minute you find everything is smooth-sailing and the next minute, you’re getting dagger looks for God-knows-what.


You have no clue what triggered the sudden mood change. It could be that you used the wrong tone of voice, you had that inflection as you were talking about something that is important to her; or that you unknowingly rolled your eyes just as she was saying something or perhaps it was what you said or didn’t say.


Whatever it is, you’d best be on your toes when talking to your girlfriend if you do not want to get on her bad side.


Awesome Things to Say to Your Girlfriend


Knowing that women can change their moods with a snap of a finger, you should know a few awesome things to say to your girlfriend to get her in the right or positive mood. You have to mean what you say though and not just say it to shut her up or to avoid her getting angry at you.


One of the most powerful things that you can say to your girlfriend, after “I love you” of course, is “Sorry.”


It doesn’t matter if you were in the right, the point is that your girlfriend was hurt over your argument or disagreement – or worse, something you did – and the best way to make her feel better is to apologize for your insensitivity.


Bear in mind that saying sorry over and over again for the same thing will not cut it for you in the long run. There will come a point when she will get tired of hearing your apologies for the same thing so you’d best not do whatever it is again after you’ve apologized for it.


“You’re beautiful” is also a very powerful statement. Women, no matter their age, size and shape; want to feel that their boyfriends appreciate their looks.


Women put effort into their looks so the last thing they want is to feel that their efforts went to waste simply because you failed to acknowledge just how beautiful they looked at a particular time.


“Thank you.” Two simple words that that your girlfriend will truly appreciate. Whether you are thanking her for cooking for you, taking care of you when you were sick or simply writing you a note to wish you a great day, reciprocating by appreciating her efforts will go a long way.


You should also throw in “I’m the luckiest boyfriend in the world” on occasion for good measure.


These may seem like simple things to say but they will create a great impact on your girlfriend and make a positive impact on your relationship as well.


What Not to Say to Your Girlfriend


Just as there are awesome things to say to your girlfriend, there are also a few things that you shouldn’t say to your girlfriend. Topping the list is “You look fat in that, Honey.”


So maybe it’s true that she’s gained a little weight but that doesn’t mean that you have to point it out to her. That her friends’ job, not yours.


“We will have to re-schedule our dinner date” or something along this line is also a big no-no. She may have already spent the day prepping up for your date and cancelling on her at the last minute will send you to the dog house pronto.


Lastly, asking what the occasion is when you see the table in a special set-up or when she tells you of her special dinner plans will also put you in the dog house – that is, if you forgot it was her birthday or your anniversary.