Bruins Continue Tear Ripping the Maple Leafs Apart

The Toronto Maple Leafs were scheduled to play the Boston Bruins Saturday night, instead they got mugged, mauled and generally discarded aside by the defending Stanley Cup Champions. Again, for the fourth time in four attempts this season.

They did actually make it on to the ice and indeed kept the game tight for a while despite looking like they were playing hot potato with the puck. They very rarely showed any patience on offence as the Bruins and their arena played the part of a very successful turnover factory.

The Bruins were mean and fluid – generally a bad combination for opponents – and their pressure finally made the Leafs turtle about half way through the third period en route to a 4-2 victory, one that will look better on paper than it will feel for the Leafs and their nation.

With ten minutes to go in the third period Toronto succumbed to skating a passive , non checking five on five mannequin-esk defensive zone waving of the white flag. Joe Coburne looked lost and overwhelmed on this particular shift, perhaps figuring he should follow everyone else’s lead and give up.

James Reimer in his first game since October after being out with “concussion like symptoms”  looked good if not nervous at times.  He did his part and that was really the only silver lining for the Buds.  He kept the Bruins from scoring five or more goals against the Leafs for the first time in four contests this season. Four is a good sign.

Meanwhile Boston’s net backup Tuuka Rask still hasn’t allowed more than two goals against in any game in his career against Toronto.  Rask is now 6-1 against the team that drafted him and then traded him away. I wonder if he holds a grudge or just wants to show the city what they could have had.

The man who traded him will probably never run another NHL team again.

The Maple Leafs are on a Father-Son road trip thing, where all the players dad’s are with them.  I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. There might have been too much nervous energy running through the blood of the team and at times you had to wonder where some of the players heads were at.

Toronto had a seemingly large number “oh whoops, was i offside?” moments.

I’d love to have been a fly on the wall of the fathers sections. I bet the chatter dwindled to minimum as the game wore on, as if someone was pressing a mute button down one every five minutes.

Fortunately for Toronto they are the youngest team in the league, and they might be good enough to give themselves a fighting chance against three quarters of the NHL’s teams. But they are not good enough to beat the NHL’s best. And Boston has been at the top of the class since last season.

Despite playing a little hooky to start the season the Bruin’s rolling and might be better than they were when they won the cup.

For the Maple Leafs, if there is lesson to be learned here it is that the they will have to learn how to fight back. And they’ll have to learn from the Bruins and these frequent beatings. And they are beatings, no question about it.

Toronto is being bullied mentally and physically by the toughest kid in school and they have no one to stick up for them.

I don’t know what to say about Dion Phaneuf tonight other than the Toronto Maple Leafs need a captain to lead and inspire them.

Toronto has had some injuries and no doubt about it Mike Brown could help if he were in the lineup, but the Leafs needs an infusion of Toughness, not just one guy and they need a Chris Neil or Sean Avery like player to deal with Scott Thornton specifically.

They need the old Colton Orr in the lineup every time they play Boston.  Milan Lucic seemingly wasn’t the same player for a full year after Orr broke his nose a few seasons back.  We don’t know if the old Colton Orr can come back after suffering from a serious concussion last season.

Mike Komisarek?  I don’t think he wants any part of the Bruins either.

Toronto has no truculence and if they ever hope to rise up and slay the bears who defend the title, they are going to need on their tree that are full of it.

The 12,000 Year Old Secret

Humans. How would you feel about living for hundreds or even thousands of years, free from disease and/or chronic pain and other maladies?  Sounds like science fiction doesn’t it but a newly released book claims otherwise citing evidence left behind by many of history’s brightest minds (Hermes, Paracelsus, Flamel, R. Boyle).

Geometry, Astronomy and Alchemy were the three ancient sciences.  Geometry was math, Astronomy was space therefore time and Alchemy was the Science of Nature. The book makes the claim that the mythical Philosophers Stone is real and that it’s simply a part of nature.  The Philosophers Stone is said to cure-all ailments and transform imperfect metals into perfect ones (gold,silver).  It then proceeds in seemingly plain logic to write about the history of the Stone and of how metal is generated by nature itself within the earth, seamlessly blending the two together as it then lays out the instructions in plain English on how to create the stone for yourself. In the Book of Aquarius the unknown author (which was released on March 20, 2011 for free) writes a highly entertaining history of alchemy and what was believed in for the past 12,000 years.

It claims that the fire that Hermes stole from the gods and gave to mankind was in fact not actual fire but the Stone itself

Fact or fiction it’s a must read for anyone who has any interest in life itself.

The Emerald Tablet by Hermes

A fundamental truth, without error, perfect and complete.
As above, so below; the lesser and greater; microcosm and macrocosm: they are the same. Following this
principle, all things were made from the One.
And as all things arose from a thought by the One; thus all things were formed as an adaption of the One.
This is the fundamental principle.
Its father is the Sun, its mother is the Moon, it is carried by the wind, it is nursed by the earth.
Its power is complete if it can be turned into earth.
Separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the dense, the light from the heavy, with care and wisdom.
It repeatedly ascends from earth to heaven, and then descends from heaven to earth, thus receiving power
from both the high and the low.
Then you will have the glory of the whole world. All ignorance will flee from you.
It is true force and the most powerful, for it conquers all subtle things and penetrates all solid things.
This is how the world was made.
Each level is a reflection of the one above; the microcosm is in accordance with the macrocosm. Now you
know how all things are made through adaption from the One.
This is the path of knowledge. Hence I am Hermes Thrice-Great, having three parts of the philosophy of the
whole world.
I have said all that is needed concerning the operation of the Sun.

A Hero in You

I had one of those defining moments in life the other day, a moment, an instance where you peer a little deeper into yourself and get a better understanding of who you are.

I have often wondered what my reaction would be if I saw a guy strike a lady or child, or a mugger steal a woman’s purse or wallet. What would I do?

Would I pretend I didn’t see it and go about my business ignoring a person in distress or would I puff out my chest, swallow whatever inhibitions I may have and do what I know is right in my heart.

Tuesday night while at the shopping mall, I overheard a man very angrily talking to a woman in her mid twenties.

As I turned my head to focus on the mans voice I saw the man very much in the woman’s face, his nose against hers, yelling at her to look at him when he’s talking to her.

And then he did it, as I was watching he hauled back and slammed his hand into her face with a sickening sound.

The girl across from me immediately asked if I just saw that and as she was asking that, in my head I was thinking; ‘This is not right, you can’t hit a woman…….in the middle of a freaking shopping mall no less.’

And that was it, without thinking and before I even had that last thought out of my head I had risen out of my seat and was charging towards the lowlife piece of garbage.

Initially, I believe that I was only going to step in between them to keep him from touching her again, but as I reached the guy he had decided to greet me by already throwing punches in my direction.

I fed him a few right hands before putting him in a headlock and tackled him to the ground, at which point I figured SOMEONE would step up and add a little assistance…..someone??…….ANYONE??? Seeing as how approximately eight people saw the woman get hit somebody is going to be a man right?

Wrong! NO ONE stepped in to help, security wouldn’t touch him, they’d only ‘monitor’ him until the police arrived despite the fact that two security personal actually saw the guy whack that girl.  Aside from security, and I guess if they are unwilling to help,  then getting the average Joe Smoe to get dirt under his finger nails is out of the question too.

Meanwhile I have a guy in a headlock and he’s still hitting me in the side of the head with his fist trying to get out from underneath me.

When the police did arrive they did their rounds of questioning with everyone and then informed me that the woman who was hit in the beginning to set everything off would not be pressing charges against the guy that hit her and that unless I was pressing charges, he was going to walk.

The police expressed gratitude for what I did and said not many people would do something like that, I looked around and said, ‘No shit.’ and felt utterly disgusted that there was nothing more that could be done to that guy.  I mean the mall would even have video of the attack.

Was I right or wrong in my reaction?  Would you do the same?

I know I was right, but I also know now that I was in the minority with my actions, and that right there makes me disgusted with the world we live in.


Bathroom Behavior

It has been awhile since I contributed to this site and it’s not because I’m overwhelmed at work and don’t have the time.  Nor is it because I was on vacation and wasn’t around a computer.  It was neither of those things, it is simply because I am lazy.

Oh am I lazy, habitually.  When I work, I work hard but getting the motor started is the harder than the actual work itself most times.   I can finish things with the best of em, but probably won’t be starting as many tasks as those so called go getters.

Ok, enough of that and on to my anecdote;

I was using the facilities at a local mall today when I heard the door to the washroom open and someone walk in, I was in one of two stalls rolling a joint. Yes that’s what I use public washrooms for.
The footsteps shuffled around the washroom for 10 or 20 seconds before entering the vacant stall adjacent to the one in which I was occupying.

Of course I was paying little attention to him untill he started to urinate.  That is when I began to hear the uneven splashes of liquid hitting and missing it’s target, and out of the corner of my eye I see pellets of pee hitting the ground and bounding into my stall.

Geezus, this guy is pissing EVERYWHERE! By the time he was done, I swear on my life that there was a current to the piss on the floor and in some places there was pee half of an inch deep and by all accounts the floor looked level before hand.

I’m not kidding when I say that if there had been absolutely no toilet in that stall that it would have made zero difference because in my mind this guy was pissing straight up in the air and letting it land wherever the hell it wanted.

I scrapped rolling my joint early on in the water show and after exiting the stall decided I needed to know who this failure at life was and decided to stick around, washing my hands untill he was done.  Lo and behold to my great disgust and astonishment I look into the bathroom mirror as one of the Mall’s very own janitors was emerging from the stall.

I’m not racist but the fact that the janitor was an obvious immigrant I said nothing at all left the washroom and doubt I will ever return.

Was it worth relaying this story?  I don’t know, but it makes me laugh and cringe everytime I think back to it.

Hook up the wagon, we’re going to the neigbours.

I wonder how or if the rest of the world can comprehend how much free space we have in Canada and how modest our population really is in numbers compared to the land mass area of the country itself.

I mean for arguments sake Russia and Canada are in the same size bracket for land mass. They are the two largest countries in the world in that regard yet Russia has almost five times more citizens residing withing their borders.

The United States you could say is in that size bracket albeit a bit smaller and they have ten times the population as Canada. Ten times!

China and India of course fit right in here but of course we’re getting redundant when the land mass continues to shink and the populations are running willy nilly over a billion citizens.

Canada has 33 million.

Kenya has 31 million and falling cramped into an area barely bigger than the state of New York and only a third the size of Texas. New York State and Texas have populations in and around 20 and 23 million.

Morocco, Uganda and Poland are all in simlar living arrangements and two of those four countries are killing themselves over land.

Finally I’ll leave you with one last wiki’d tidbit of land mass knowledge, Japan has a land mass of 145,883 square miles – the size of New York State – and a population that challanges the entire United States for total volumn. 127,433,494 citizens as of 2007, in an area the size of New York. 145,883 square miles.

Canada has 3,854,085 square miles.

I guess it’s not so bad to be a little bit cold.

Boycotting the Olympics

I’ve felt this way for a while. I never thought China deserved to be awarded an Olympic Games based on the human rights issues that go on in their country and the poverty that the majority of their citizens live in.

Unfortunately the IOC didn’t feel the same as myself, as they seemingly turned a blind eye on the atrocities that the Chinese government inflict on their own people and saw only the booming economy when awarding the 2008 summer games and not the veiled lies that the Chinese bid commitee promised.

At the time that the games were awarded the Chinese Olympic bid committee along with the Chinese government said that journalists would have unfettered internet (uncensored) access to work with reporting the games.

Now however, the Chinese government has backtracked on their promise to the media by saying that the media will not have full uncensored internet access but instead that they will have ‘sufficient’ access to the World Wide Web to report on the Games.

Internet pages containing the word Tibet will be blocked in the media village along with Amnesty International pages and any other page that the government doesn’t want their people and now apparently the world to know exist.

Here is my plea;

Boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games completely.

Boycott NBC during the Olympics and boycott the Games sponsors and the Beijing 2008 partners during the course of the games if not longer.

That list includes Worldwide Olympic sponsors Coca Cola, General Electric (GE), Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, McDonald’s, Manulife, Omega, Panasonic, Samsung, VISA and Lenovo.

Beijing 2008 partners Adidas, Air China, Volkswagen, Bank of China, CNC, CNPC, Sinopec, PICC and State Grid.

Finally minor sponsors and suppliers UPS, Haier, Budweiser,, Tsingtao, Yanjing Beer, BHPbilliton, Staples, TechnoGym, Great Wall, BEIFA, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Mengna, SCHENKER Logistics, YA DU and others that you can find here.

The ‘others’ I’m unsure of as they are written in a text that suspiciously resembles a Chinese dialect.

However if you do sympathize with the little guy and have the same views towards this issue as myself join with me in turning a cold shoulder to the games and her sponsors.

The athletes, they won’t care, in fact I beg that they’ll understand. They are there to win, exposure can come after they do that. And if you really want to catch some of the action, catch it on YouTube.

Some sponsors will be harder than others to boycott, I don’t remember the last time Kodak had anything to do with my life, or Air China for that matter but I’m a two can of Coke a day kinda guy and have a guilty pleasure in McDonald‘s. But I’m going to take a break for a few weeks if not longer.

The Games which are about human triumphs, being held in a country where the ‘people’ have no say says to me that the IOC is more interested in money than the plight of the oppressed. In my mind, that makes the IOC no better than the government hosting the 2008 Games.

Can one voice make a difference?

Here’s hoping it can.

Online petition can be found here

I’m here to do something.

I wonder sometimes about the meaning of life, one person’s own life’s destiny. Some people do great things are remembered through the sands of time while other’s lead incredibly unremarkable lives and are never known. Not in their present day and then they are certainly forgotten almost immediately following death, sometimes even sooner than that.

Henry Ford, John Rockefeller, JFK, Babe Ruth, Bill Gates, Benjamin Franklin, Jesus Christ, yada, yada, yada and the list goes on as far as it is varied in the reasons why the names are there to begin with.

Each and everyone of their lives had obvious meaning but what about me, what’s my life’s meaning? My footprint? I’m nobody special, I have never done anything to be globally remembered. Am I destined to be the footprint that the sand will blow over and cover before long?

What if the meaning of my life has already been taken care of? What if when I was in grade six, when I kicked a kid in my class in the nuts – who was following me and a friend to closely – and ruptured one of his testicles. What if that prevented him from having kids and reproducing.

I don’t know where he is now or even where he was the next year. I think his name was Steven, he moved away pretty soon after that . Our class got him a New Kids on the Block cassette (1988) as a going away present so he may not have been planning to have kids anyway.

What if that was it, my one contribution to the world, for better or for worse, that was why I am here, and now I’m coasting through life with no real direction because my calling has been answered.

You know what I think? I think there is plenty of time left *knocks on wood* for me to push ahead and forge a new destiny for myself. Something great, a lasting legacy and if all else fails I could shoot the President.

But would that be better than being a forgotten name and an even longer forgotten face? Known in infamy, not fame. Probably not., I wouldn’t want to be someone like Lee Harvey Oswald and James Wilks Booth yet their memories, at least in name, live on.

What if that annoying kid with the NKOTB cassette in sixth grade can still have kids?

Back to the Diamond

What do you do when you feel someone in a position of authority is taking advantage of you? Do you sit back feeling that you are powerless to do anything about it or do you take matters into your own hands regardless of the consequences?

In a Class AAA State championship high school baseball game in Cartersville, Georgia, pitcher Cody Martinfelt that home plate umpire was calling the balls and strikes unfairly and in fact had rung him and his teammates up for 9 consecutive strikeouts against..

Trailing 7-1 in the 4th inning Martin, allegedly conspired with catcher Matt Hill to send a message to the umpire by introducing him to a fastball up close and personal.

When Martin goes into his windup Hill has positioned himself at home with his glove hand high. As the ball is released, Hill drop’s down into the dirt ‘expecting’ a curveball and a fastball sails clear over his head smashing the home plate umpire directly in the facemask, rocking him back and forth slightly but ultimately cause no real damage, maybe a small headache later on that evening.

Martin and Hill deny planning it and claim it was a “mixup” of the signals.

Georgia High School Association executive director Ralph Swearngin however, after watching video of the incident believed the act was premeditated and fined the school $1000 while placing the baseball team on “severe warning status.”

The hometown fans however may have agreed with the players assesment, visible applauses and horn toots are heard immediately following the incident from what would have been a pretty lifeless crowd at this point in the game.

Having the Upper Hand

In baseball most batters hit from one side of the plate or the other. Some hitters however can hit from both sides of the plate, they are called switch hitters.

The advantage for switch hitters is that they are always able to be on the opposite side of the plate as to the pitcher’s throwing arm, thus allowing the hitter to see the ball for a slightly longer time period.

Pat Venditte, a pitcher drafted in this month’s amateur draft by the New York Yankees made a stir this past week in a minor league game against against their crosstown rivals from Brooklyn.You see Venditte is a ambidextrous pitcher. He can pitches with both arms and his father, Pat Venditte Sr. claims that Jr. can stand at home plate and throw the baseball over the outfield wall with either arm. He has an extra thumb hole sewn into his glove and switches his glove hand as he faces hitters accordingly.

Against Brooklyn when Ralph Henriquez, their designated hitter came to the plate after warming up as a lefty but stepped up to the plate from the right side, opposite sided to the arm in which Venditte had been throwing with up to that point in the game.

Venditte then switched his glove to his left hand, to which Henriquez crossed the plate again while Venditte once more did the same to his glove hand.

This went on for a few more comical turns at which point the managers and umpires had to confer on the proper course of action before the game could proceed.

The umpires ruled that a person and pitcher could only switch sides of the plate or throwing arm’s once per at bat and that the hitter had to declare his course of action first.

Henriquez struck out on four pitches. Check mate.

The value of an ambidextrous pitcher has got to be enormous for the simple fact that they have two arms to tire out.

If this kid has any talent and brain whatsoever he could be the prototype for a new kind of athlete. Imagine a basketball player being able to drain three’s with both hand’s and a golfer drilling shots from both sides of the tee, one side being able to drive the ball with more power and the other with more control.

Let the breeding begin.

My Cat Tri-pod.

Now I know what your thinking, a tri-pod is usually something that has three legs. Yes a tri-pod usually has just three legs and so did my first cat. Our family actually had a couple cats before that, a black and white sister team who were killed together playing in traffic before I can really recall them..

Like most cats, Tri-pod started out with four legs. I can’t remember what we called him in his early days. He had an all black coat that my aunt’s describe as the most beautiful coat they had ever seen, we may or may not have called him Blackie. I had two cats named Greyfur’s for their grey fur so I’m sure Blackie wasn’t out of the question.

And he had four legs, untill he got one of the caught in a rabbit snare, and as legend has it, my father cut the limb off with hacksaw.

From then on my cat went by the name Tri-pod.

When Tri-pod was getting to mid age (seven or eight) he hissed and generally put up a fuss at pretty much anyone who would go near it except for me. That cat and I were tight, and I’m assuming the fits and commotion were in response to his civil war type amputation and the discomfort it left him with..

Because of the cats surliness my mother thought it best that the cat be put down as it was in obvious pain.

In these days my Mother was still in university and as such didn’t have a lot of extra money lying around to have a profession hitman come in and euthanize the beast so she did what any girl with a a brother who hunts would do. Had her brother do the job.

You have to remember this is also 1981.

My mom theorized that I should be at school when my uncle came for the cat, I was five or six years old. That way she could write off his death as ‘he must have went away to die. Cat’s do that sometimes when they get older.’. type of deal.

On the day in question I came home from school and went to my Mother’s room where she was sleeping and gently I nudged her away:

From my mother’s version of events I told her that Tri-pod was dead. At first it didn’t register and I had to tell her again.

This time my Mom respond’s with a “What do you mean?”

I told my my Mom that Tri-pod was lying in the backyard when I got home from school and that I went over too him and shook him and he wouldn’t get up.

With this my Mom sat right up in bed looking like she had seen a ghost and asked if he was there now.

I said “No Mom, he’s gone.”

My Mom says she called my uncle right away after that and my uncle confirmed that he took the cat to the local garbage landfill and put two slugs in him that cat wasn’t going anywhere.

I was seventeen when I heard that story for the first time and although I didn’t recall the events in question, I instantly had a picture in my mind of where the cat was lying in out backyard when I came home from school that day.