The 12,000 Year Old Secret

Humans. How would you feel about living for hundreds or even thousands of years, free from disease and/or chronic pain and other maladies?  Sounds like science fiction doesn’t it but a newly released book claims otherwise citing evidence left behind by many of history’s brightest minds (Hermes, Paracelsus, Flamel, R. Boyle). Geometry, Astronomy and Alchemy […]

I’m here to do something.

I wonder sometimes about the meaning of life, one person’s own life’s destiny. Some people do great things are remembered through the sands of time while other’s lead incredibly unremarkable lives and are never known. Not in their present day and then they are certainly forgotten almost immediately following death, sometimes even sooner than that. […]

My Cat Tri-pod.

Now I know what your thinking, a tri-pod is usually something that has three legs. Yes a tri-pod usually has just three legs and so did my first cat. Our family actually had a couple cats before that, a black and white sister team who were killed together playing in traffic before I can really […]