The Humming Bird and I

Thanksgiving in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Visiting family in Saskatoon was the event on the list. Staying at the Senator hotel a 101 year old, was the treat. At first pulling up to a small quaint hotel in the heart of Saskatoon’s downtown district seemed a bit discouraging, with all the colorful characters around the streets. But […]

Dirty hits the town

Last night I stepped into the mind of Gwen Stefani. She feed off the crowds awesome energy and delighted us with the many figments of her own imagination. Calgary obviously loves Gwen Stefani and her artistic views. Lets not forget that Akon had everyone on there feet at this sold out show. Thanks for an […]

Ads or Weather?

Advertising it getting way out of control. I like many get work outdoors and checking the weather before work is important. I used to be able to turn on the Weather Channel and check out the weather. Now it seems that commercials dominate over relaying the weather. I am guessing that there are alot of […]