Foods That Aren’t As Healthy As They Seem Part II

4 gewinntFruit Smoothies (600 cal, 120 g sugar)

Many smoothies are full of high fructose corn syrups and added sugars. If you are going to have a smoothie look for one with the label of 100% fruit smoothie made with plain yogurt. Avoid smoothies made from ice cream or sherbet. By doing this you’ll cut your sugar intake and increase vitamin and antioxidant intake.

Granola Bar (200 cal, 15 g sugars)

Have you looked at a granola bar lately? Do you wonder how it just seems to stick together like that? Well the answer is high fructose corn syrup. Instead of getting the benefit of the oats you get a spike in blood sugar. Instead try having 1 oz of cheddar cheese with a few triscuits. Instead of sugar you get protein and fibre.

Pasta Salad (300 cal,20g fat)

When you are likely have a snack or side dish you don’t want pasta to be the main ingredient. This is because it is made of mostly refined flour which means its nothing more then quick burning carbohydrates which will end in you having a spike in blood sugar. Instead of the pasta salad have egg salad. Filled with protein it will fill you up faster and help your metabolism.

Yogurt with Fruit on the bottom (190 cal, 30 g sugar)

You wouldn’t start your day off by eating an ice cream or drinking a bottle of coke would you? Then you shouldn’t eat the yogurt with fruit because it can contain the same amount of sugar as many soft drinks. Instead enjoy non-fat plain yogurt with 1/2 cup of mixed berries.

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Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr was born in Sydney Australia in 1985 and was raised in Brisbane. When she was 13 years old she entered the Dolly/Impulse Modeling competition and won. Her winning was met with backlash and raised the question of pedophile and at what age it was acceptable for girls to start modeling. She spent the next several years appearing in advertisements and posing for magazines. Miranda was the first Australian model to appear on the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. She also appeared in the music video Number One opposite Kanye West and Pharrell Williams.

The Rules of Junk Food

100 calorie snacks Probably the most important rule of all is to control your cravings. If you deny yourself an indulgent it may set you up for a binge later on. Instead eat a small serving or 100 calorie packet and be done with the junk food.’

Indulge Sensibly. Allow yourself a scoop of ice cream or a few chips, but don’t let yourself eat the whole tub of ice cream or the entire bag of chips.

Avoiding Bulk Treats. Buying treats in small quantities allows you to have a treat but not more then you need.

Mix it up. Enjoy some fruit or a salad before you eat your treat. This way you fill up first on something healthy and won’t eat as much of that piece of cake or ice cream you may be craving.

Count Calories. Compare the fat and calorie amounts and choose the healthier choice.

Focus on the fat. Read labels and be sure to avoid products with hydrogenated oils or shortening.

Foods That Aren’t As Healthy As They Seem Part I

You have made the decision to lose weight and get healthy. You’ve given up your sodas and burgers for what you think are healthier options, but don’t be fooled that salad or sandwich may not be as healthy as they seem. Here are some examples.

Bran Muffins (420 Calories, 20 g of fat)

For some reason people are under the impression that muffins are healthy but bran muffins contain two things your body doesn’t want or need which is sugar and refined flour. This will just set you up for a crash. If you want a healthier option have ham, egg, and cheese on an English muffin. Not only does this have less calories and fat it’s filled with lots of protein.

Chicken Caesar Salad (Dinner size 900 cal, 60 g fat)

Just because it’s a salad doesn’t mean it’s healthy. The Caesar salad is especially bad, smothered in dressing, parmesan, croutons and fried chicken pieces. Instead opt for grilled chicken on mixed greens. Skip the creamy dressing and parmesan and use a vinaigrette.

Tuna melt (900 cal, 50 g fat)

You’re probably saying to yourself “Isn’t tuna healthy. Well of course it is when it comes out of the can. Turn it into a tuna melt and your talking layers of mayo and cheese. If you want a tasty sandwich try making it with ham or roast beef which are packed with protein and surprisingly lean.

Chicken Wrap (700 cal, 35 g fat)

The worst part of this is the wrap which contains up to 400 calories. Normally a tortilla packed full of nothing but starch and fat. Take into account the large surface which means you can just smother the dressing and add tons of ingredients. Instead have a grilled chicken on a bun. Instead of using high calorie mayo use mustard or salsa.

Turkey Burger (500 cal, 50 g fat)

Just because it is turkey doesn’t mean that it’s good for you. Depending on the type of ground turkey and the toppings that are chosen it may end up being more unhealthier. Instead opt for using sirloin which is full of protein which will keep you feeling full longer.

Chocolate Filled Cream Puffs

chocolate cream puffs Serves: 6

1 cup water
6 tbsp butter
1 cup all purpose flour
1/4 tsp salt
4 eggs

1 cup heavy whipped cream
1/2 cup confectioners sugar
2 tbsp baking cocoa

1 (1oz square) Unsweetened chocolate
1 tbsp butter
1/2 cup confectioners sugar
2 tbsp butter

In a pan over bring water and butter to boil over medium heat. Add flour and salt. Stir until there are no lumps and a smooth ball forms. Take saucepan off heat and let mixture sit for 5 minutes. Next add eggs one at a time. Beat until smooth.

Place foil over a baking sheet. Lightly grease the foil. Take the batter and drop it into  6 mounds. In a 400 F oven bake for 15 minutes. Reduce heat to 350 F and cook for an additional 30 minutes. Remove the puffs and immediately make a slit in each to let steam escape.

In a bowl beat the cream until peaks begin to form. Slowly add sugar and cocoa, beat mixture until almost stiff. Split puffs and remove the dough. Add your filling and replace the tops. Next melt chocolate and butter, add water and sugar. Drizzle mixture over puffs and chill.

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Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin was born in Winnipeg Manitoba in 1982. When she was four years old the family moved to New Zealand. Anna’s first role came in the flick The Piano where she impressed critics. She has gone on to appear in several movies but her biggest break came from landing the role as Rogue on the series the X-Men. Anna has since appeared on the TV series True Blood.

Increase Your Metabolism

Maximize muscle. This is simple the more muscle you have the easier it is to burn calories.

Don’t forget the cardio. Cardio is important for heart health and getting you into your target heart rate. Cardio is also great for blasting fat.

Stretch. Stretching helps your muscles to work better and enables you to isolate your body’s problem areas.

Focus on the good things. If you work on the favourite parts of your body you can boost confidence and draw attention to those areas helping you not worry about your problem areas as much. For example if you exercise your chest, arms and back it may make you more proportionate if you have wider hips.

Sexy Sunday 95

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens was born in Salina’s California in 1988. When she and her sister were young they were moved to San Diego and it soon became apparent that Vanessa had a passion for music. By 8 years old Vanessa convinced her parents to let her try out for numerous local musicals. Where she showed she had talent in both singing and acting. She then decided to spend time in London studying Drama and music. In 2002 Hudgens landed a guest role on two TV sitcoms Still Standing and Robbery Homicide Division. A year later she was seen in the film 13 alongside Rachel Evan Woods. She followed that up with numerous TV appearances. Vanessa hit it big in High School Musical she then went on to star in High School Musical 2 and 3. In 2006 she signed with Hollywood Records and released her album V. In 2007 a bunch of nude photos of Vanessa appeared on the internet her and her publicist went on damage control and told everyone that the pictures were taking in private and that it was a terrible thing they were leaked. Despite the scandal Disney continued to work with the young star. In 2008 Vanessa released her second album Identified. In 2009 well working on a film more nude photos surfaced of hudgens and they proved to be even racier then the previous ones.

Sexy Sunday 94

Katie Cassidy

Katie Cassidy was born in was born in Los Angeles California in 1986. She spent her time playing guitar and piano skills at local theaters. In 2002 she acquired a record deal to sing one of her father’s hits I Think I love you making her a star and landing her a role on VH1’s Bubblegum Babylon. Soon she had many TV and film roles under her belt including The Division, Listen Up, The Lost, and 7th heaven. By 2004 she had received so much exposure she cashed in on modeling opportunities with Abercrombie & Fitch as well as Guess. In 2006 Katie appeared in Adam Sandler’s comedy Click and in the thriller When a Stranger Calls. In 2006 she also made an appearance in the remake Black Christmas. Katie is also set to appear in the new Melrose Place. It is also rumored she will be appearing in the film Lucy Ewing in 2010 playing a role that Jessica Simpson was hoping to land.

Choosing The Right Breakfast Cereal

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having a good breakfast helps boost your metabolism, gives you energy and is important in preventing a binge until your mid morning snack or lunch. There are so many breakfast cereals these days and you want to be sure you pick one that will be the most beneficial to you. With that in mind next time you visit the cereal aisle consider the following

Make sure you read between the lines. Just because a cereal may be labelled as “low fat”, or “low Sugar” doesn’t mean that it is healthy for you. The product may have extra hidden calories. Often if a product is low in fat they add more sugar to enhance flavour.

Make sure the cereal includes healthy grains. Look for cereals labelled as “whole grains”. Cereals with 7 grams of fibre or more are also recommended. Some cereals to consider are Nature Path, Kashi, or Go Lean. You want to get at least 25-30 grams of fibre per day.

Avoid sugar. When picking a cereal you want to choose one that has no more then 5 grams. Be aware of fruits containing dried fruit, they are often full of sugar. Some of the worst offenders when it comes to sugar are Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks.

Saturated Fat. Your cereal should have no more then 2 grams of saturated fat and definitely no trans fat. The American Heart Association recommends that that no more then 1% of your daily calories should come from trans  fat that means you should take no more then 2 grams of fat in.

Remember breakfast is extremely important in losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight so choose your cereal wisely.