Top 10 Manly Things That Manly Men Like

Men are not women, and we are not silent about what we like. Normally we’re not too talky, either, but this is going to be an exception. We need to have a little man to man talk about what we love, as a show of solidarity.

Since the Internet embodies the masculine virtue of individual expression, be sure to sound off in the comments section if I miss something. Let’s look at ten things that make this a man’s world.

10. Guns

A gun is a loud, powerful way to wreck what you don’t like and create what you do. As a tool of war, a gun is man’s most powerful possession (unless you have your own missiles).

9. Tools

With a hammer, you can beat on things with impunity. With a saw, you can conquer a tree and then build your house out of its corpse. Yeah, tools are manly.

8. Fast Cars

If it pushes you back in your seat, it’s got power. And men love power in all its incarnations. Anything a man can use to chase down his prey faster is all right.

7. Getting a Great Deal

New car deals and dollar specials on beer are two of man’s favorite things. What’s better than getting what you already love, on the cheap?

6. Meat

Whether you chase it down at 200 miles an hour or chased it down on foot, there’s nothing like taking a bite out of your latest conquered beast. Bonus points if it’s still alive when you do.

5. Fire

Fire can be used to keep you warm on a cold night on your tundra of choice. It can be used to cook meat, and it can be used to burn your enemies, Viking style. And if you have more hair than you know what to do with, fire can take care of that, too. Is there anything fire can’t do?

4. Missiles

There is nothing manlier than pushing a button, then hearing that a few thousand miles away you’ve blown up something massive. Don’t like that bridge or building? A missile will get rid of it! Plus it gives you an excuse to use tools to build something new in its place.

3. Big Vehicles

There’s nothing quite like a truck that can haul a boat. Or a boat that can yank a whale out of the water. The bigger and louder the vehicle, the manlier it is.

2. Booze

Beer is great, but it’s not alcoholic enough. Real men pour Everclear into their eyeballs, because that is the fastest way to get drunk. And go blind so you don’t have to work anymore. Real men don’t need eyesight.

1. Hot Chicks

The ultimate conquest, hot chicks are pure pleasure. Great to look at and great to touch. How many hot chicks can you handle at once? A real man can’t count that high without employing both fingers and toes.

If this had been a list of things men hate, it would’ve said missing stuff (like targets or landmines). So chime in if it’s not here but it should be.

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Men – Save Cash With These Cheap Date Tips That Aren’t Lame

Guys we all know that our ladies love to head out and do things. While they may enjoy hanging out just like you do, they do not want to do it all the time. Come on now, they aren’t crazy, they just want to have fun. And we want to show them a good time so that they are happy and continue to like us and want to touch us.

Money, however, does not grow on trees. Here are a few of my favorite date ideas that will keep you and your lady happy, and the magnetic strip on your credit card lasting a little bit longer.

Go For A Walk

This may seem very vague, but it’s supposed to be. Walking around is a great time to chat it up with your lady, hold hands and flirt. Every lady has a different capacity for how active they like to be, but you can vary it up depending on what both of you like. You can head into the woods/mountains for a legitimate hike or keep it simple by heading to the local park. You can walk around the botanical gardens or bring a frisbee or a simple game to break it up and have some fun. Also, it will cost a few bucks but check out some local culture by hitting up a museum or something similar. Even if it’s not your favorite, if it makes them happy it will make you happy for sure.

Go Out For Lunch

Going out for lunch is the best thing ever. You can typically get the same food as dinner, only for 60% of the price. Especially when the weather is nice, pick a nice place where you can sit out on a patio and take your time. This isn’t a 15 minute quick hit, but a nice lunch out. Maybe you’ve already taken the advice from the first tip and you took a walk in the local park to build up an appetite before strolling into town for some lunch. You score high on the date points, but this date probably costs you about $25-$30.

Plan Ahead Of Time

A lot of ladies like to have a plan. They like impulse type decisions, don’t get me wrong, but they also enjoy knowing exactly what they’re getting into this weekend so they can get ready. You can take advantage of this by doing some prior research to save some cash. If you pay at the door, you pay at the door, there is no turning back now. However, if you get online and pay attention to all the discount websites out there with daily deals, etc. you can really score a great date for less. And they don’t need to know that you saved, just tell them you’re heading to some event and not that you paid half price. Or, if they are as frugal as you, tell them and it will turn them on to the idea even more!

Dinner and a Movie – At Home

No, No. Not some standard boring affair but a special occasion dinner and a movie take you take all into your own hands. This is especially good if she’s had a busy day and doesn’t really have time to help out. You can look like the extra hero when she comes home and you already have everything ready to go, the prep working being done in the kitchen and the movie on the counter top. You don’t have to go over the top with candles or anything, but make a nice meal, sit at the table, don’t rush, enjoy, watch a movie and maybe see where that goes…

Use Birthdays/Holidays For Big Ones

If you have a bigger idea like a weekend getaway, a vacation or some expensive concert music extravaganza that you have to spend some good money on, make it a gift. That’s not cheap at all, it’s an awesome gift and should be treated as such. It’s something to look forward to and the experience will be valued more than whatever you planned to get them. You’ll feel good about cheaping out a little less because you’ve saved money on some other gift you were going to buy instead. It’s a win-win situation, and definitely something I highly recommend for the big ones.

About the Author

Cooper Elling is passionate about health, fitness & blogging. When he’s not having fun he writes about Sono Bello, saving cash, footbags and a myriad of other topics.

Alberta King of Subs

On the corner of Temple Dr and 52 street Northeast, there is a a small Sub shop called Alberta King of Subs. Contrary to the name, when you walk in side the walls are covered with Maps and swag from Montreal. I was greeted by a very friendly lady. As soon as I walked in the door she was asking how I was and what I would like. I knew that I wanted their famous Montreal Smoked Meat Poutine and The King Cold. This may have been a little too much food for one day. 

The Poutine was huge, more than enough for two people to share.  The fresh cut fries, cheese curds and ample amounts of cubed Montreal smoked meat all covered in gravy made from beef drippings. It is a wonderful unhealthy meal, the BBC voted Poutine as the unhealthiest food on the planet. But it is worth every bit if you can finish the regular Poutine.

The King Cold was a 12 inch cold sub as the name suggests. It is a sub made with Montreal Smoked meat and cheese with lettuce and tomato and a sauce that I didn’t know what it was. The smoked meat was thinly sliced and melted in my mouth. I think the sub would have been a lot better if they used better bread. The bread was kind of dry.

All in all it is still a great place to go check out at very least go try the poutine. Although from past experience the Grilled Hot subs are much better than the Cold Subs.

Alberta King of Subs

5 Cool Gadgets for Guys

Semi-Submarine Boat

This is a guest post from, a men’s blog where you can go to find more gadgets for guys.

Semi-Submarine Boat
Semi-Submarine Boat

1.       Semi-Submarine Boat – Ever have trouble coming up with ideas for first dates? Take your lady friends out on this semi-submarine boat. Enjoy the sunset while relaxing on the upper floating hall, and then head on into the submerged central hall where you’ll be able to enjoy the sea life, and participate in other… activities.


Airquee Inflatable Pub
Airquee Inflatable Pub

2.       Airquee Inflatable Pub – Want to be the coolest big kid on the block? Setup the Airquee Inflatable Pub and watch your yard turn into the ultimate man room. The internal aluminum frame even allows for enough support to hang up an HDTV.


Kinekt Gear Ring
Kinekt Gear Ring

3.       Kinekt Gear Ring – Men aren’t big on jewelry, but we are big on gadgets. The Kinekt Gear Ring has micro-precision gears that allow you to spin the outer rims of the ring. True, we’re easily amused, but you have to admit this thing is cool.


Ostendo Curved Display
Ostendo Curved Display

4.       Ostendo Curved Display – If you’re a computer game addict, this 43-inch curved display is a must-have.  Vivid colors, fast response times, and a 90° field of view. Need we say more?


Hops Holster Ammo Bel
Hops Holster Ammo Bel

5.      Hops Holster Ammo Belt  –  How do you carry 12 cans of beer and keep them cold while looking like a Rambo-wannabe badass? With the Hops Holster Ammo Belt of course. Sure you could carry sodas as well, but that wouldn’t be anywhere near as awesome.

Reducing Stress to Improve your Life

When you are feeling under the whether all the time perhaps it is because you are stressed. Stress alone can cause major psychological and mental problems. In fact, stress can cause self-induced exaggerated problems. Stress causes confusion, since it targets your physical, emotional responses, and psychological aspects while causing you pain. Stress is the leading problem that everyone in the world faces at one time or another.

What causes stress:
Bills cause stress, especially if you do not have cash flow to pay the bills. Jobs will cause stress, since you battle to make sure your duties are correctly handled. Children cause stress. Especially nowadays, since the media, television, etc has polluted and corrupted the minds of our children by offering them nudity, violence, and other harmful actions on air. A bad relationship can cause stress. If you are in a bad relationship, it only affects your mind and physical well-being, causing you stress. There are many reasons a person can feel stressed. The upside is, you have the choice to make stress your best friend or worst enemy.

What are the different kinds of stress?
There are many kinds of stress that can cause you problems like the acute stress this is a short-term stress problem normally, which may last shortly or could carry forward. You want to avoid overstressing self. One of the common reasons someone develops acute stress is because they are thinking of how to change things they cannot change. Only change the things you can change and learn to accept. We all deal with everyday challenges. Take each challenge as a learning experience. We all have to pay bills, work, and so on. It’s a part of life. We all have to face it. Sometimes we do not have the money to pay bills. Learn to set a budget that relieves you of stress. You may lose your job. Instead of sweating the problem, do something about it.

Children these days are increasing stress for parents. Many teenagers these days are difficult to manage. Today our children are plagued with mental illnesses, far more so than at one time in history. When you feel chronic stress, burned out and do not see hope, it is time to seek help. Your doctor or mental health expert can help you manage stress emerging from difficulty teenagers.

How to reduce stress:
You can reduce stress by managing, planning and setting goals. When you have something to look forward to, it improves your personal life. The first thing you want to consider while planning and setting goals is truth. The truth is what sets you free. Everything you do in life should uphold the truth. If you are not sure, research to learn the truth. You can take many steps to reduce stress.

To improve your life and reduce stress you may want to consider education. If you lack skills, experience or education you will benefit from returning to school.

You want to avoid setting traps for your memory and intelligence, since the emotions play unhealthy games if you allow it. What I mean is you want to avoid telling yourself I cannot do it. Life is too hard. Life is easier if you learn to think positive.

How you can improve, your personal life is up to you. You will need to consult with your inner counselor to learn what you need, what you are lacking and the steps you can take to improve your personal life. If you are unsure, seek feedback. Feedback is the key that leads you to success.

Top 10 Fantasy Kiosks for Men

For far too long these shopping mall Kiosks have been aimed toward women. Not at Men R Us. Here, you can find the top ten fantasy kiosks for men.

#10 – Wipeout – Simply swipe your credit card, pick all the transactions that ‘didn’t happen’ and just like that every transaction you chose will show on your statement as “How to be a better Man”. Happy bar hopping!

#9 – Field of Dreams – all sports, all the time. Who’s trading who? What manager is getting canned? Never be out of the loop again. For a nominal fee get instant texts on your favorite players every move.

#8 – The Stop and Go Accountant – bring us your check and we do it all. We pay your bills, credit your gas account and order food for the week. Leave knowing to the penny how much party money you REALLY have.

#7 – One Stop Sex Shop – Everything from condoms to fake IDs. Safe depositories for your wedding ring. With every purchase of $50 or more get a free informational pamphlet. Featuring this month “I can explain that smell”

#6 – Upgrade – Need a skill you don’t have? $99.00, 30 seconds and a few singed hairs will do the trick. Just lay back, put on a shiny helmet and learn ANYTHING. **side effects of lying after treatment will result in tiny electric shocks to the brain, but this usually subsides after two weeks.

#5 – The Trough – Every beer ever invented from everywhere around the world. Every day at 6 p.m. is free taste testing. Every visit, leave with a $10 credit for Detox Fluff & Buff.

#4 – Detox Fluff & Buff – Drank too much? Smell like a hooker? $39.95 gets you 15 minutes on the dialysis machine (goodbye alcohol) and 45 minutes in our Fluff & Buff spa. Leave sober and smelling like an angel.

#3 – Pornography Post – Pick up your favorite mag or just put your electronic device in our port and instantly download video in a matter of seconds

#2 – The Dog House – Stop here for serious ass kissing. Flowers, balloons, teddy bears, cards, chocolates, and even wine. Customized packages for every screw up.

#1 – The Translator – No more guessing. What did she say? What does that mean? Is this a trick question? It happens to the best of us. Simply type her statement into our system, answer a few questions and press ENTER. Our computer translates and you’ll find out exactly what she REALLY means

The Phoenix Kiosk writing team have provided quality articles published online and in print, specializing in technology and manufacturing quality kiosks to small and large businesses worldwide.

Using the Kama Sutra to Recession-Proof Your Life

Times are tough and it’s hard to find ways to get by in America. We’re not at the point of bread lines, but some of us feel as if we’re circling close to that drain. A solution needs to be proposed. An American Solution: ransacking the wisdom of another culture—in this case, the Indian Hindu culture. I’m talking about the Kama Sutra. As a *ahem* self-appointed expert in this field, I just ask you to bear with me through this article, and your bank account will be reaping the benefits in no time.

No gym membership or exercise equipment to stay in shape.   The cardio advantage is obvious, but you’d be surprised at the strength training you can get from lifting a girl for various positions or having to support your own weight in some variations on the missionary position. And if your girl is into pounding McDonald’s to save cash, then you’ll get some extra resistance when you have to pick her up. Her low self-esteem and extra mass will make her a keeper until your arms are ripped. Just fight through the tears.

No more money spent on entertainment.  If you’re serious about saving money, then hold off on that new flat screen or gaming console a while longer, and get your dick wet. There is no way you’re going to give a damn about some plumber saving some whore princess or whatever when you have 64 sexual acts in the Kama Sutra to work through. Are you familiar with The Widely Opened Position? No? Unplug your computer and get to it.

No need to travel.  Once you read the book, you’re as cultured as you’re going to get. There’s nothing out there in the world that’s really more profound than a book that teaches you about foreplay, because it will get you laid on a consistent basis, and that’s all that really matters.

Save costs on energy.  This is kind of a last ditch effort when you hit rock bottom, but hey, it’s a book, and books burn. When you’ve maxed out on payday loans and your fat girlfriend has left you because you can’t lift her any more, you can throw the book in a trashcan with some newspaper and light it up. It will help keep you warm until you can get to the inevitable breadline in the morning.

Best of luck using an ancient Hindu text to keep your ass afloat in the recession!

Tracy Hall is a guest writer and blogger for eDrugstore.MD, a safe U.S. medication facilitator since 2001 where customers can buy Viagra online & safely order Cialis in the convenience of their own home.