Are Man Boobs Ruining Your Dating Prospects?

Dating and relationships are not always easy, as we lead busier and busier lives we seem to have less and less time to really get to know people. Our only contact can often be over the phone, by text message or online. While we all have feelings of not quite being perfect, who hasn’t wished they were a few pounds lighter or a few inches taller? If you are a man who is suffering with gynecomastia then the chances are that your man boobs are a source of embarrassment for you. There very existence makes you feel not quite right, maybe less manly somehow?

These feelings affect your relationships, whether you are dating, engaged or married there will be some affect on your relationship caused by this medical condition. I assume that you want to have the best relationship you possible can so the question is what can you do to stop your man boobs from ruining your love life?

1-Be open with your date
If they want to go somewhere that would require you taking your top off, swimming or a picnic where people will be playing games like touch football. You don’t want the first time your new love interest finds out about your condition to be in front of others.

2-Don’t tell them while drunk!
Having a few drinks seems to make some people feel they have to share every thing they worry about, don’t do it!

3-Refer to it by the medical term
People respect medical conditions, I mean no one would laugh at a diabetic would they? So when you have the conversation tell them you have gynecomastia rather than calling it man boobs straight away. Then be willing to show them what you mean.

There are ways you can fix this condition and that may well be the best thing for your present and future relationships.

One way you can fix your man boobs is to go for male breast reduction surgery it is available in just about all areas of the world. Surgery is never a option that should be taken lightly but we do have information available for you so you can make the right decision for you.

Author: Steve Pierce
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