Affordable Gadgets

While there are those dream gadgets we would like to have many of our pocketbooks can’t handle the hefty prices that come with them. The following list is a compilation of affordable gadgets. So if you don’t mind basic models that are not as flashy as their competitors this may be the list for you.

TomTom ONE 125 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

tomtom-one-125There are many GPS’s on the market many are affordable but there are also a lot of higher priced ones. The TomTom One 125 get the job done at a reasonable price of approximately $140. There is a TomTom 130 which leaves to question the differences. However if you are looking for something basic the TomTom One 125 gets the job done.


Windshield mount
Car charger
Usb Cable
Dashboard mount disc
3’5″ colour touch screen
Turn by Turn spoken directions
Preloaded U.S maps
Approx 3 hour battery life when fully charged

Flip Video MinoHD Camcorder

flip-mino-hd-camcorderThe Flip Mino is a very cool gadget. For approximate $230 you get a good quality camcorder. It’s around 3 ozs in weight so its light and compact. It shoots around 60 minutes of high quality video and has a USB port built in so it can easily connect to a computer and upload its content onto Youtube and other video sharing websites. It is sold in black but at the online store you can create your own customized skins for your camera.

Peek Mobile E-mail Device

peek-mobile-e-mailNo it’s not an iPhone or any type of phone for that matter but at around $70 for a portable email system you can’t go wrong. It may not have a web browser or camera but it allows you to access up to 3 of your email accounts and has rubberized keys which make for easy typing. Unlike expensive plans there are no contracts for the peek mobile, only a monthly $20 fee.

Samsung BD-P1500 1080p Blu-ray Player

samsungs-bd-p1500-blu-ray-playerThis Blu-ray player won’t break the bank you can get it for around $250-300. It may not be equipped with all the fancy features of higher end Blu-ray players but it plays high definitions as well as regular dvds. It also is sleek and glossy finish. However if you are willing to wait awhile expert analysts believe prices for Blu-ray will go down.

ASUS Eee 8GB Netbook

asus-eee-pc-laptopThis netbook only weights 2 lbs. It costs around $270. It’s target audience is for kids or teens. There is 8 G of flash memory. Not only is there a camera but this computer can connect to the internet by wi-fi. This unit runs on Linux though you can get a slightly more expensive version that operates with windows.

Ambient Market Maven

ambient-market-mavenWatching your stocks fall may be one of the last things you want to do but for those of you who can look this device lets you look at the info of the real time market during the day. You don’t need an internet connection or wi-fi this device uses its own wireless network. It also is magnetic so it can attach to your fridge or filing cabinet. It sells for around $130.





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