1. Puleen Patel

    The voice dictation piece works but isn’t entirely integrated with email the way it comes out of the box on Android 2.1. If you look at Nexus One when you load up the keyboard after pressing a text field, the keyboard has a “MIC” icon which lets you use voice to write your email vs. typing the email out.

    The Liquid makes it challenging as the Voice feature isn’t enabled, atleast on the Rogers version it isn’t enabled. Major FAIL on part of Acer and Rogers.


  2. Dave

    I think it had something to do with out bilingual country. But I found another hack to get the “MIC” into the keyboard. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=

  3. G dog

    just hit it with a hammer

  4. Gary Smith

    BetterKeyboard will enable the microphone key…

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