A Hero in You

I had one of those defining moments in life the other day, a moment, an instance where you peer a little deeper into yourself and get a better understanding of who you are.

I have often wondered what my reaction would be if I saw a guy strike a lady or child, or a mugger steal a woman’s purse or wallet. What would I do?

Would I pretend I didn’t see it and go about my business ignoring a person in distress or would I puff out my chest, swallow whatever inhibitions I may have and do what I know is right in my heart.

Tuesday night while at the shopping mall, I overheard a man very angrily talking to a woman in her mid twenties.

As I turned my head to focus on the mans voice I saw the man very much in the woman’s face, his nose against hers, yelling at her to look at him when he’s talking to her.

And then he did it, as I was watching he hauled back and slammed his hand into her face with a sickening sound.

The girl across from me immediately asked if I just saw that and as she was asking that, in my head I was thinking; ‘This is not right, you can’t hit a woman…….in the middle of a freaking shopping mall no less.’

And that was it, without thinking and before I even had that last thought out of my head I had risen out of my seat and was charging towards the lowlife piece of garbage.

Initially, I believe that I was only going to step in between them to keep him from touching her again, but as I reached the guy he had decided to greet me by already throwing punches in my direction.

I fed him a few right hands before putting him in a headlock and tackled him to the ground, at which point I figured SOMEONE would step up and add a little assistance…..someone??…….ANYONE??? Seeing as how approximately eight people saw the woman get hit somebody is going to be a man right?

Wrong! NO ONE stepped in to help, security wouldn’t touch him, they’d only ‘monitor’ him until the police arrived despite the fact that two security personal actually saw the guy whack that girl.  Aside from security, and I guess if they are unwilling to help,  then getting the average Joe Smoe to get dirt under his finger nails is out of the question too.

Meanwhile I have a guy in a headlock and he’s still hitting me in the side of the head with his fist trying to get out from underneath me.

When the police did arrive they did their rounds of questioning with everyone and then informed me that the woman who was hit in the beginning to set everything off would not be pressing charges against the guy that hit her and that unless I was pressing charges, he was going to walk.

The police expressed gratitude for what I did and said not many people would do something like that, I looked around and said, ‘No shit.’ and felt utterly disgusted that there was nothing more that could be done to that guy.  I mean the mall would even have video of the attack.

Was I right or wrong in my reaction?  Would you do the same?

I know I was right, but I also know now that I was in the minority with my actions, and that right there makes me disgusted with the world we live in.


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  1. After having done the same type of thing a couple of times only to have the woman stand up for her abuser, I swore off trying to defend anymore of them. The only exception is children. I have no problems telling someone if they strike a child in front of me again, then I’m going to hit them in return. My wife hates going to Walmart with me, haha.

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