85 Penis Size “Facts”

After all this, you must be more than ready for the penis size “facts”. Note: When it says “men” or “women” then that is what it says, otherwise it would say “all men” or “all women”. So think about this before making a comment. There are exceptions to everything in life… Enjoy!

1. If you are a woman and you don’t prefer bigger than average penises, then you are… an exception.

2. Women prefer bigger penises more than men prefer bigger breasts.

3. The average penis measures 6 to 7 inch long and 5 to 5 ½ inch in circumference (about 1 ¾ inch wide).

4. When you think you have a small penis, you are generally right.

5. Shorter and thinner than average flaccid penises are averagely shorter and thinner when erect than average erect penises. (Does that make any sense?)

6. Penis size is not just a locker room issue.

7. Women care about the size of flaccid penises.

8. Women love touching and looking at big flaccid penises.

9. Women love touching and looking at big erect penises.

10. Women love giving oral sex to big penises, if they are able to of course.

11. Big penises cause more vaginal pleasure for women.

12. What about this: Twenty percent of all women stay with a man for his big penis…

13. forty percent stay with a man for his money…

14. forty percent stay with a man because of who he is…

15. …eighty percent would like their partner to have a bigger penis!

16. …eighty percent of women don’t orgasm from intercourse alone!

17. …eighty percent of men have an average or small penis!

18. If your penis slips out often during intercourse, you probably have a small penis.

19. Women find small penises frustrating.

20. Women find small penises annoying.

21. Women find small penises boring.

22. Women find small penises embarrassing.

23. Women look for bulge when meeting men.

24. Women look up to men with big penises.

25. Women find big penises impressive.

26. Women consider men with big penises more masculine.

27. Men with big penises are more self secure.

28. Women prefer men who are self secure.

29. Most women consider men with a big penis a sex object.

30. Most men don’t mind to be considered a sex object by women.

31. Women pretend they want a sensual and sensitive man no matter his size.

32. Women know they want a macho and masculine man with big penis size.

33. Women want to sleep at least once in their life with a man with a very big penis.

34. Men with bigger penises date more women than men with smaller penises.

35. Men with a big penis have more chance to have sex with two or more women at the same time.

36. Women brag to other women if their partner has a big penis.

37. Women have more patience when it comes to well hung guys.

38. Men with a big penis get dumped less by their girlfriend than men with a small penis.

39. Most women are sexually very active with different partners between the age of 17 and 21.

40. Most women have had many more sexual partners than they are telling you.

41. Consequently, the probability that a man’s new date has seen a bigger penis than his is very high.

42. If a woman doesn’t make a comment about a man’s penis it means she is not impressed, …or worse.

43. Women make favorable comments when they discover their new mate has a big penis.

44. If you haven’t heard any great comments about your penis size when having sex the first time with a woman, you don’t have a big penis.

45. If you have never heard a complaint about your penis being too small, it might be because the complaint was muted while pronounced.

46. Asking a woman if she thinks your penis is big is useless.

47. If a woman tells you your penis is nice, it means usually it is rather small.

48. If a woman tells you your penis is big, it means usually it is plain average.

49. If a woman tells you your penis is so huuuuge, it usually means it is just big.

50. If a woman lowers your pants, utters a shriek, takes off her clothes and hugs your penis, it usually means you are too big.

51. However, if a woman lowers your pants, utters a shriek, puts her clothes back on and leaves, it usually means you are too small.

52. Women don’t tell you that you are average. They will tell you that you are big, the rest is small and very few are humongous.

53. If your girlfriend’s previous lover was above average thick, she will not feel you inside if you are below average thick.

54. If your girlfriend’s previous lover was way above average thick, she will not feel you inside if you are average thick.

55. Most vaginas prefer thick penises.

56. Most penises prefer tight vaginas.

57. If your woman purposely squeezes her vagina very tight during intercourse, she wants to make you feel big.

58. Women have to strain themselves to get off on a thinner than average penis.

59. Men with a short penis have to work harder to give pleasure to a woman.

60. Men with a long penis have to work less hard during intercourse.

61. Men with a long penis have more fun during intercourse.

62. Men with a long penis cause more fun during intercourse.

63. Men with a long and thick penis cause the most fun during intercourse.

64. Women consider a penis between 7 and 8 inch in length and between 6 and 6 1/2 inch girth ideal.

65. Women whose partner is smaller than average, wish sometimes he would wear a big strap-on.

66. A big strap-on causes less pleasure than a real penis of the same size.

67. Women whose partner is larger than average never think of him wearing a strap-on.

68. Men with small penises masturbate more often.

69. Over-masturbating causes your penis to shrink by eventually depleting your sexual energy.

70. Men with small penises are getting masturbated more often than getting laid.

71. Not using your penis by getting laid might cause it to shrink as well.

72. If a woman publicly says that size doesn’t matter, it is often because she is with a small penis guy.

73. Women who believe size is a non-issue tend to be more spiritual than sexual.

74. Women who believe size is a non-issue tend to be more insecure and are looking for long-term relations.

75. Women who believe size is a non-issue care less about sex to begin with.

76. Women who believe size is a non-issue usually want flowers, candies and long walks under the moonlight instead of wild sex.

77. Women who believe size is a non-issue only want to make love.

78. Normal women want to make love on some days and have sex on the other ones.

79. Making love is spiritual…, having sex is physical attraction, size and technique.

80. Men with a big penis can be just as good or bad in technique as smaller endowed men.

81. If a smaller endowed man has great technique, it might be because he doesn’t have much choice.

82. Most women who always prefer receiving oral sex to penetration, do so because of either mental or physical causes.

83. In general, women prefer vaginal penetration above oral stimulation.

84. The main reason some women feel pain from penetration by a large penis is that the guy rushes without waiting for the vagina to be expanded.

85. Other reasons a woman can feel pain from penetration by a large penis is that she is not relaxed enough or that the guy has bad technique.

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23 responses to “85 Penis Size “Facts””

  1. your mother Avatar
    your mother

    Lol whoever wrote this shit needs to learn some better engleeesh skills…

  2. Alex Budd Avatar
    Alex Budd

    99% of these are wrong, whoever wrote this is a dumbshit.

    1. TURTLE Avatar


      1. itsme Avatar

        I am a woman and 98% of these statements are soooo true! Trust!

        1. hopskotch Avatar

           i can't trust anyone who ends a statement with "trust."

  3. Hotwheels Avatar

    My penis is small!! GRRRR

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    80% of men have a small or average size penis? That doesn't even make sense.

  5. Tony Avatar

    This guy is a total tool who has a micro tool.. He is so insecure about what his mother thinks about his small prick,that he comes on here with his awful English and derogatory statments and warped logic to make other men feel as useless as he is. Good lord I know you have a small dick but I hope it' so small it would be impossible for you or anyone of your below average intelligence to reproduce! Btw idiot everyone here isn't as dumb as you would like them to be, because we know the homo who wrote this along with turtle,hotwheels and "it'sme" are one in the same. That is they are all cock gazers with severe penis envy lol.

  6. Academic Avatar

    If these are all true, there's nothing people can do anyway. If not, then the person who wrote this is incredible vindictive.

  7. Jack Avatar


  8. Jason Avatar

    "eighty percent of men have an average or small penis." You're gonna have to change that. Just use your head. Average: only half can be above and only half can be below. So obviously only 50% of men can have an average or below average penis.

    1. FYI Avatar

      Actually it makes perfect sense…example: 50% could be average, 30% below average, and that would make 20% above average. The way you wrote it, the other 50% would then be above average and larger.

    2. Matt Avatar

      You obviously don't understand math. Imagine you have 10 guys, all 10 have 6" schwangs. The average size is 6", and 100% of the men have an average penis.
      Now imagine you have another 5 guys, except 5 have 6" members, 3 have 5", and 2 have 7". Well, the average size is still 6", but now 80% of men have an average or below average, while 20% have above average.
      Amazing, isn't it?

  9. Oscar Avatar

    My experience is that this is essentially true, and guys with small penises, me included, need to be extra giving un the pleasure department. People get dumped for all kinds of things outside their control, and penis size is just one of them. It's life.

  10. What? Avatar

    Not all of these are facts so that alone makes this whole thing not valid. I believe its 50/50 when it comes to girls and what hey like, I know there are girls that love and only want big dick, and some that dont really care and will deal with it, but still want a big dick, I got a small one but w/e if a girl would leave me because of something I cant control then I dont need her or want her.
    I could be wrong but I feel like if you have good skills and do the right positions you can still give pleasure her.

    1. julie Avatar

      Replying to What? sounds like you are sensible and balanced, lately I have wonderd if I need to see a shrink. Viagra and Cialis great for guys, but what for us girls?, How old are you? Just looking for friendly banter, thanks friend.

  11. julie Avatar

    I am 49 and wonder why in general penises are so small when babies heads are so big – is it because God has punished women for the garden of Eden episode and the apple tree, yeah, what a mystery. I also have loved my men deeply…small or big. But in advancing age, I have found it harder to reach orgasm. I blame myself. If I had had children, I would concentrate on being a grandmother…but instead I fantascize about being doubly penetrated…and care for my 88 yr old mother…nothing comes together, but I sing @ karaoke for fun. Life seems fucked up but I am grateful that I live in USA and am not wearing a birka. Men my age, I am sure you are in similar quandaries…maybe there is a more sensible existence in the next life…but I still love my friends and men…thank you. Sedona, AZ Resident.

  12. Matt Avatar

    This list is clearly being sarcastic people, these are all commonly debunked fallacies. I have remained in touch with the first girl I slept with, and she married a guy recently that she admitted to me had a much smaller dick than I did….. and I'm really not big (like 6.5" on a good day). She also the sex was much better now with him, even with a smaller dick, because he had more experience. Of the girls I have talked to about this, only one cared even the slightest about penis size (of maybe 15ish I have talked to), and she is a complete slut. The rest cared more about oral sex anyway, and cared even less about good sex than a good relationship. My point is: dick size only matters to other guys, so unless you're gay (and that's fine if you are) it does not matter.

  13. bi al Avatar
    bi al

    What a load of bullshit, it,s no good having a 10 inch penis if you cant use it, an average penis used properly is a hell of a lot better, and more satisfying for the woman, if the woman likes a bigger dick than you got, she only wants you for the size of it

  14. Cupid Avatar

    When I was growing up, I noted a lot of women appeared to be shallow about the countenance of the opposite sex i.e. height, weight and complexion of a man. I also have also noted a lot of women prefer tall handsome men. However, if a woman loves her man and finds him attractive other than money, power and penis endowment I believe her to be genuine. No man can possess every ideal feature, and a lot of time are often sought after for other things like being a good listener, meeting his partners needs especially sexually. If possessing a 10 inch dick is what she says she needs….why are so many women poising on XXX sites or using the MILF acronym when hubby isn’t home much. If a woman loves her man, she will fight like hell for him..no matter his endowment or vise versa.

  15. kim Avatar

    According to this article "The average penis measures 6 to 7 inch long and 5 to 5 ½ inch in circumference (about 1 ¾ inch wide)" WRONG. The consensus now is the average falls between 5-6 inches long erect & 4½ to 5 inches in circumference. Apparently when the first studies into penis size were done, the respondents were not supervised and we can assume that many of them exaggerated their size.
    7 inches is considered large as discovered by the founder of the dating site '7 or better' & it's sad that because of outdated and inaccurate statistics like the ones in the article, perfectly well endowed guys think they are 'small'.

  16. Mr Balls Avatar
    Mr Balls

    What about big BALLS?? You forgot the balls!

  17. dick gozinya Avatar
    dick gozinya

    well! the person who wrote this is a very angry woman and probably not happy with her body. the average size of sexual organs are really measured by the size of the female. seems to me the problem is a lot of women have big dried up sloppy vagina's. the women are trying to take the spotlight off of them and put it on us men.having a big sloppy love tunnel is worse than having a small penis especially if the the woman is so far gone the man has to tie a two by four across his ass so he doesn't fall in. its not the mans fault you let yourself go . do some kegal exercises and keep in shape or if you lazy