8 Tips For a Strong Erection

Avoid penis shrinkers: A study done at Kentucky University asked men to rate their sex lives on a scale of 1-10. The study found that men who smoked averaged only a 5 while non-smokers rated up to a 9. Smoking is known to cause impotence. Some evidence suggests that it may affect erection size. Smoking not only damages blood vessels but may cause damage to the penile tissue as well causing it to be less elastic and preventing it from stretching.

Stop Running into objects: All it takes is one misplaced movement to damage your corposa cavernosa which are the erectile chambers that run through the length of your penis. Complete ruptures need surgery within 24 hours to stop internal bleeding and reduce permanent damage. Partial tears aren’t as serious, but can cause problems later on. As the corposa heals with scar tissue they can lose their elasticity, which can lead to pain, curvature, and impotence.

Get rid of your mistress: Men who have affairs often stop having erections. This is so common that doctors who treat patients with erectile dysfunction often ask their patients if they are getting action on the side. Unless your wife knows or approves of your other woman you’re bound to feel guilty when you’re with her. Guilt can turn to anxiety which can kill your erection.

Lose your belly fat: Being overweight can cause diabetes. 50% of men who have diabetes are impotent. Diabetes increases the rate of arterial disease and slows the transmission of stimuli along the nerves in your body. Staying fit is the best way to avoid diabetes. If you’re already suffering from diabetes then its important to monitor your blood sugar levels. Men who don’t take care in monitoring their blood sugar have 70% more erection problems then those who are vigilant.

Get a vasectomy: If you’ve had all the children you want or you’re absolutely sure you don’t want any kids then a vasectomy can be beneficial. The fear of contraceptives failing can cause anxiety in many men especially if they’ve experienced a failure in the past. This anxiety can making it hard for men to get an erection and lead to performance anxiety. With no sperm the chance of pregnancy is miniscule.

Yawn: Believe it or not yawning and getting erection are similar. Both actions release the chemical nitric oxide. When released it leaves the brain and goes to one of two places. It can go to the neurons that control your breathing and opening your mouth, or to the spinal cord to blood vessels that feed to your penis. It can even travel both ways. Yawning throughout the day can be beneficial for neurochemical pathways that help with erections.

Fall asleep after sex: We known some of your gals may want some pillow talk but ultimately going to sleep is for her. Every night you get between 3-5 hour erections. They help recharge your penis by giving it lots of oxygenated blood. The more erections you get as you sleep with ultimately help with the flexibility of your erectile tissue.

Skip the vehicle: Studies have found that men who walk even just 2 miles per day had half the rate of erection problems. Like any arteries penile arteries can become clogged causing you to go limp. If you exercise you will have healthier, cleaner and more flexible linings.