8 Crazy Kitchen Gadgets That Money Can Buy

All-Clad Asparagus Pot

Price: $50.00

This pot retails for $50.00 and well it’s not necessarily a bad price it’s to skinny to cook anything other then asparagus. It may even be to skinny for the burners on your range.

Peugeot Electric Salt & Pepper Mills

Price: $240 for both

Grinding salt and pepper makes for tedious work which is where these electrical devices come in. Each shaker is equipped with 6 AAA batteries which are included with one spare bulb. The shakers are 8 inches high and each mill is constructed with a stainless-steel base and clear acrylic chamber. The salt shaker is permanently set at a medium grind and is built to resist the corrosive property of both dry sea salt and rock salt. The pepper shaker can be adjusted anywhere from a fine grind to a coarse grind. The pepper mill starts off by crushing whole peppercorns and then grinding them. When you grind the mills a built in light illuminates your food during the grinding process.

Dualit Four-Slice Toaster

Price: $320

This shiny toaster can heat up four slices of toast. It has a removable crumb tray and an adjustable rear foot. Unfortunately the slots aren’t big enough to toast bagels. You would be better off buying a 30 dollar toaster you can still change settings and be able to toast bagels as well.

Viking Warming Drawer


This is a drawer that keeps your food warm. You choose the temperature and put your already cooked foot in and it will stay warm while your finishing the roast in your oven. While a warming drawer could be useful you could save yourself money by buying a hotplate which would do the same job for a smaller price.

Jura-Capressa Impressa Z6 Espresso Maker

Price: $3,299

This will make you a very nice cup of espresso and will definitely beat any local cup of coffee you can get. This machine can remember up to seven personalized drink preferences, allowing you to choose between 5 different strengths and 3 temperatures. It’s a fully automated machine starting from grinding the coffee beans to cleaning up after itself. For this price you could travel to to Europe and sip espresso.

Kalamazoo Sculpted Grill


This is a grill which doubles as a sculpture. You can even get the cooking surface customized. Aside from being able to get the customizable surface there is nothing special about this BBQ and it’s wavy appearance.

TurboChef Double Wall Speed Cook Oven


This is two ovens. The top oven is supposed to cook food up to 15 times faster then a normal oven. The company of this product claims it will cook a 12-pound turkey in about 42 minutes using its patented combination of hot air and microwave technology. The bottom oven is a normal high quality convection oven. If it’s in your price range it may be a good buy. It can cook a pizza that would take 20 minutes in 4. However Consumer reports complains that chickens or turkeys appear to cook unevenly.

Sveid Corkscrew


This is the world’s most expensive corkscrew and it’s not even solid gold or platinum! The bit you touch the most the fingertip lever is however made of solid 18K gold which doesn’t seem worth it. Why pay this much when you’re probably not going to use it to open up your expensive wines.

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