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6 Keys to locate most suitable hosting provider…

Technical Support: Live support is preferred. Next comes email support, which is a must!

Prices/Money Back Guarantee: Many web hosting companies does not offer a money-back guarantee, however it is important to have especially when you want to switch companies, try out the services.

Upgrades Pakages Available: Skip web-hosting company that only offers one package. You would need more space and bandwidth as you expands
your online business. Especially bandwidth, as you do not want your server to be down when you traffic increases. Plan for expansion.

Friendly Control Panel: Cpanel is one of the most popular control panels for web hosts to offer, but there are others. Ask what type of control panel your web host is offering to provide you with. This is important for beginners, as an easier interface means easier tasks for making updates to their website/accessing emails.

Added Features: Instant Install is a feature offered by most web hosts these days. Other features like forums, blogs and guestbooks should be available for installation.

Reviews/Feedback from Users: While looking at the prices, tools available on these web hosting companies, testimonials of our customers using these web hosting companies should also be checked out to see the experiences of these users that have actually used these products as ultimately it is these users that are the ones who know the exact advantages and disadvantages of these web hosting companies.

Web hosting directories provides you an easily comparison between different web hosting companies. A typical web hosting directory provides a list
of web hosting companies complete with the information of services these web hosting services provides such as its different hosting plans, prices, etc… These information will get you started to look for one that suits you best.

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