1. Jayne

    Haha… the fuck-up fairy. He never gets a day off, does he.

    Found your site through Stumble-Upon. Love it!

  2. FincherFanatic

    🙂 These phrases are awesome: “I am trying to imagine you with a personality”?! WTF?!! This is great. Where did you collect all these or did you come up with them yourself? 🙂 Very funny! Two thumbs up!

  3. David

    I just woke up….now I know I’m going to have a good day!

  4. Filipe

    LOL, soooooooo fuckin funny ! Love the sarcasm …

  5. Torber

    Ironically I’ve said number 6, 49, and 50 at work.
    I’d like to give a damn but I don’t.

  6. Paul

    I use about 5 regularly … 12 recently, and No. 50 today … but then I’m English.

  7. andrew

    Am I the only one who noticed there is no number 39?

  8. dave

    Haha… good phrases

  9. business

    Very funny!

  10. Michael

    HAHA. I definitely agree with this one sometimes:

    “I thought I wanted a career, turns out I just wanted the paychecks.”

  11. GL


    Good stuff here!! Found you through Entrecard!

  12. lingerie

    These phrases are great! Everyone thinks these things.

  13. babydoll

    Very funny! If only I could say these things and a few more.

  14. John J Savo

    Well, I’m self employed, so I can say all those things and more.

    Great list. I’ll have to try some of them.

  15. John J Savo

    To my customers and clients that piss me off.

  16. Alex

    I'll use some of these awesome phrases with my English-speaking colleagues. Guess they have good sense of humour! 😉

  17. Janette

    There are only 49.

  18. Janette

    Correction: 48

  19. Janette

    Two I enjoy using are: 'Does this look like the face of a person that cares' and 'Here's a quarter, go call someone who cares'.

  20. Someguy

    I agree that some of these are witty, but most stink of racism and sociopathy. I bet most comments are from a certain demographic.

    If these are the kind of thoughts that pass through your mind frequently during your everyday job, then life must be miserable. All that festering hate.

    It may help to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and imagine what they may have gone through. Compassion and forgiveness could really make you feel much better and help you sleep peacefully at night.

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