5 Strange Flu Cures

5 Strange Flu Cures

The flu is one of the most common illnesses in the world, because everyone has had it at least once or twice in their lifetime. In fact, many people get it at least once or twice a year when flu season rolls around during those dreary fall and winter months. There are many things people do to try and fight off a flu, including getting immunization shots, taking various kinds of over the counter medicines and going to the doctor. But, there are some weird and strange home remedies and other sorts of treatments that can be just as effective against fighting the flu as the more traditional routes. Of course, some of the remedies explained below do not quite have the scientific studies to back them up, but some people do swear that these strange remedies and treatments do in fact cure the flu in some cases. So, hey, it is worth a try, right?

1. Do not blow your nose (even if you really have to.)
Perhaps the most annoying part of having a flu is the fact that your nose is always stuffed. This makes it so you can not breath through your nose, which also means you can not live in comfort while your nose is stuffed. It also negatively affects your chances of having a good night’s sleep. The natural inclination is to blow your nose and clear out all that mucus that is stuffing you up, but that is wrong. In fact, the best thing to do is to blow your nose very, very gently or to use a nasal spray instead. Your sinuses will be less irritated that way, and will usually clear up much quicker than if you keep blowing your nose all the time, as hard as possible.

2. Stay away from dry air (even if you live in the desert.)
Dry air is bad news for people with the flu. This is because dry air sucks all the moisture out of your eyes, nose and mouth and thus makes them more irritated. Also, studies have shown that the flu actually lives longer in dry air climates than it does in humid areas where the air is very wet. If you live in a house that has dry air, it would be a good idea to invest in and use a humidifier.

3. Keep working out (or start)
Physical fitness is one way to put the flu at bay. New studies have shown that the flu does not affect the functions of the lungs, so technically you can still work out with the same vigor that you did before you were sick, although the rest of your body may not agree. By exercising while sick, you will be fighting against the flu and perhaps making it leave your body quicker.

4. Sleep it off (as if that would be a problem)
Sleeping will actually fight the flu quite easily. So, put everything on hold and hit the snooze button as often as possible when you have the flu.

5. Get out of the cold (if possible)
Staying warm will make you fight the flu much better than being stuck in the miserable cold. So, crank up that thermostat and layer on the blankets the next time you have a flu.

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