5 Sensual Fragrances For Men

Some fragrances are of the ‘love/hate’ variety, a personal choice, liked by some but pungent to others. Women have a very keen nose and know exactly what they want when it comes to the scent of their dream man. Men (usually) find something THEY like and stick with it, not aware it’s either not suited to them or is too musky or too sweet. After much research, I narrowed it down to these five brands – the best potion out there to attract a lady from ten paces away.

ck IN2UCK IN2U For Him – Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein launched this fragrance in 2007, aimed at the younger generation. It’s a sweet aromatic fragrance with lemon and tomato leaf top notes. Cacao pod makes up the single middle note, followed by vetiver, cedar and white musk bass notes. This was one of the popular fragrances liked by women, and although aimed at the younger market, there was a fair share of twenty-somethings loving this scent on a man.

1 Million – Paco Rabanne
This fragrance also received great feedback from the ladies. There is a range of 1 Million for both sexes, but it’s the male scent that outsells the female version due to its effeminate quality – some women even claim to wear it over the female version. That doesn’t necessarily mean this is girly perfume for men – if women have stated they think it makes a man smell very sexy then it must be good, right? Blood orange, grapefruit, mint, cinnamon, rose and light leather make up the top notes, whilst white wood, patchouli and amber make up the heart and bass notes, a concoction sure to make a girl swoon.

PradaAmber Pour Homme Intense – Prada
Prada’s latest fragrance to leave their house is a more intense version of their first male fragrance. This is a warmer and more velvety offering, its woody scents combined with hot and spicy middle notes resembling a gingerbread man taking a stroll through a forest (that’s my thought, anyway). Tying the whole fragrance together, Patchouli and white vanilla add heat, whilst bergamot and the spicy hot resin of myrrh rise above all in a rich aroma sure to melt the heart of any lady.


212 men212 Men – Caroline Herrera
This fragrance is extremely versatile and can be worn by all ages. It’s warm base notes and spices make this a sophisticated and masculine fragrance. The bass notes are a mix of labdanum, sandalwood, musk, guaiac wood, vetiver and incense. Middle notes are a concoction of ginger, green pepper, gardenia, violet and sage. The top notes are a fresh mix of spices, petit grain, lavender, grapefruit and bergamot, finishing this sensual fragrance off with a hint of sweetness. If you want a girl to think you’re on the up and up, this will make them weak at the knees.

hugo-boss-baldessariniBaldessarini – Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss’ slogan for this fragrance is, “Separates the men from the boys.” Baldessarini is a sensual concoction of metal, which blends fresh, spicy compositions into an exotic fragrance. The first notes to hit your senses are of oranges, mandarins and mint leaf. At the heart, patchouli flower, cumin and cloves inject spicy notes, whilst the warmth comes from sandalwood, spruce, patchouli leaves, tobacco, ambergris and musk bass notes. Be a man and give this a go – the girls will come running!

I hope these five fragrances inspire experimentation in your quest for the perfect potion. My number one was Calvin Klein’s aftershave CK IN2U as it came up the most as a favourite among the ladies, and it’s also relatively cheap. Go and woo the ladies and find that scent that works for you AND the girls.