5 Most Significant Tablet Mysteries

In the vast and rapidly growing world of technology and being spoiled by it, almost every population is going crazy trying to decide which computer to go for, wishing new features and ever so being amazed by them. Here are the five most significant mysteries related to tablet computers of the year 2012. Read on, get excited and have fun.

Did anyone say a mini iPad?

The word is out that this September Apple might release a smaller iPad called the iPad mini which would be a tablet with a length of 7 inches.  I keep on wishing I had an iPad but a smaller one whenever I am in bed and a question popping up in my head, or when I am walking and a sudden query shows up, which usually is lame and meaningless but makes me all jumpy to get the answers right there and then.

But there are mixed ideas and prophecies attached to this information. With another prediction in the way, that Apple is likely to release iPhone 5, it is not very probable that it would launch a modification of the iPad as well as the advanced iPhone.

Microsoft surface

Microsoft is said to be playing all Apple. Its new tablet with a touch and type option is to be coming soon. Microsoft has perfectly prepared its way but has not yet announced the price. This, therefore, makes to the top tablet mysteries of the year 2012.  Microsoft Surface is expected to be a very promising tablet, that might have the nerve to stand up against the classical and contemporary Apple tablets. Let’s just wait and see.

Barnes and Nobles

Barnes and Nobles too are keeping the world excited as their announcement is not even there but highly prophesied about and expected by most prophets.  Barnes and Nobles is likely to announce some new exciting screen technologies. No one really knows what is going to be introduced but everybody sis sure it is going to be amazing as always. Again, let’s wait and see.

How the Samsung reacts

The big assessment is that Samsung is doing exceptionally great with its smart phones like galaxy etc but has not made a mark in manufacturing tablet computers. So let’s see what Samsung’s reaction is to such comments by experts in the industry.

Asus Padfone

Did you get annoyed because we were supposed to  talk about tablets only? Well, guess what! Asus Padfone is a notebook, cum phone cum tablet… am I losing it? Asus has reached the limit and its new Padfone seems very promising. Imagine what you would feel if you discovered a phone lying right under a net book! Or was it a tablet? Once again, let’s wait and see. ..Our jaws drop.

September and October 2012 would be the high time and we would see all the prophecies come true (hopefully). So fasten your seat belts and be prepared to make the hardest, most frustrating and highly rewarding decisions of your shopping experience! Good luck!


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