5 Classic Jewelry Items for Men

Designer jewelry for men is definitely in vogue. More and more guys are choosing to express their individuality through the jewelry they wear, which is not too surprising considering women have been doing the same thing for countless generations! While men’s jewelry is certainly nothing new – even cavemen wore necklaces and bracelets – the huge surge in the popularity of men’s jewelry has really only taken place over the past few years. Although the variety in styles is truly astounding, there are five classic must-have pieces of jewelry for men that have stood the test of time through the years and continue to be just as popular today as ever.

  • Cuff links: Once thought of as a men’s fashion accessory from the 1950s and 1960s, cuff links are making a comeback in a major way. While some may attribute the return of the cuff link to the current popularity of retro fashion, others believe that this iconic jewelry is still the time-tested, best way to dress up an outfit. Look for a simple design and have them monogrammed for a personal touch.
  • Tie bar: Another “flash from the past” in designer jewelry for men is the tie bar. There are a variety of styles to choose from, but whichever design you select, make sure that the bar is never wider than the tie you’ll wear it with. It should be attached between the third and fourth buttons on a dress shirt, and should firmly attach your tie to your shirt.
  • Rings: Long gone are the days when men only wore wedding bands or class rings! Contemporary men’s fashion trends allow and even encourage men to wear jewelry for the sake of self-expression and appearance, just as women have done for many years. Rings are a fine example of the change in how men are wearing accessories today. As is the case with other types of jewelry, you’ll find an almost endless selection online. One thing to remember when it comes to rings and other jewelry – consider not only the traditional metals like gold and silver, but also some of the more contemporary materials, such as stainless steel, tungsten carbide and titanium. Often these modern materials are lighter weight and more durable than some metals.
  • Bracelets: One of the hottest trends in men’s jewelry is bracelets. Guys simply like to wear them! Look for those made of the contemporary materials, which offer a wide range of styles to choose from. One fine example is a stainless steel link bracelet with gold tone coating.
  • Chain necklace: When you think of chain necklaces for men, you may immediately think of those made popular in the 1970s. However, today’s chain necklaces are generally much more subtle than those from earlier decades. Shop at reputable online jewelry retailers to find the perfect one for you, such as a intricate style chain in polished stainless steel.


Whatever your taste may be in designer jewelry for men, you’re sure to find an enormous selection available in local jewelry stores and through online retailers. When you shop for jewelry, remember to ask about what kind of a guarantee comes with the piece you choose and what kind of returns or exchange policy the retailer offers. While shopping at physical jewelry stores provides a great opportunity to try on pieces that appeal to you, there are some advantages to shopping with reputable online jewelry retailers. Whichever dealer you choose to do business with, remember these jewelry choices for men – they’re timeless, classic and always in style. Express your individuality and polish off your appearance with classic jewelry for men.


Cindy White writes about designer jewelry for men for JustMensRings.com.