5 Best software choices for your Macintosh computer.

Any Mac user cannot imagine his or her life without a hundred applications he or she is using to make life easier and more interesting. In fact, applications today play the same role that toys used to play in our childhood – they are bright, interesting and sometimes even useful and time-saving. Well, someone loves time-eating ones, that’s not a problem at all.

But in fact, applications are really made only on these two purposes – for entertainment and for doing some tasks. The entertainment is a very wide range of activities, which is moreover understood by every user in his or her own way. That’s why we’ll deal with entertainments a bit later, and today our talk is going to be about useful applications – like antiviruses, cleaners, optimizers and other things. Here I’ll post those applications that, in my humble opinion, help to make my life easier and better, and I’ll be happy to hear everyone’s opinion on this topic.

The first and foremost thing, which I install onto my Mac after installing the system and all software, is AppFresh. It is a very simple, but yet quite a useful tool to keep all the applications on your Mac up-to-date. I think that a lot of people here are eager app users – like me (well, I am not a maniac, but still I want my Mac to have all the necessary tools for being in a proper condition and for maximum usability), for example. And sometimes it’s a real problem to upgrade all the tools I have on my Mac. Here AppFresh comes at hand – it performs everything quickly and effectively.

The second one is Azureus – I suppose it’s one of the most flexible and usable torrent clients. As many of us, I download many items from the web and I like torrent trackers very much – because the moderation and evaluation of what you’re downloading is present. Azureus is the best torrent client I’ve ever used – seriously.

The third program that is absolutely necessary to me is Skype. I think you’ll start spitting at me right now, but believe me – I still cannot find a good alternative to Skype – so that you call wherever you want to one you have Internet connection at hand. A horribly lagging, but absolutely necessary program – because not everyone has Macs to use FaceTime and you cannot find a good Internet channel everywhere.

The fourth one is VLC. This is a player that is made for humans – and it means it eats anything you give to him and supports any kinds of codecs you can imagine. A very good tool to attach it to all types of video files and forget about the compatibility – you open everything with the same single program.

The final instrument is MacKeeper. This is an all-in-one decision for all the things I used to install earlier – like cleaners, defragmenting tools, antivirus and other stuff. A very convenient and powerful tool – probably the best all-in-one decision I have ever met. Contains a built-in antivirus and about 15 other handy features that eliminate a lot of Mac headaches.

Hope you liked my small gentlemen’s set, next time we are going to discuss the same thing for Windows users.


Author Bio – This article is provided by Tamika Clifford who is a technology blogger and enthusiast. She is interested in promotion and popularization of technology development particularly in fields of software development for personal computers and devices including all Macintosh products. To learn more about Tamika’s activities follow this link