Hook up the wagon, we’re going to the neigbours.

I wonder how or if the rest of the world can comprehend how much free space we have in Canada and how modest our population really is in numbers compared to the land mass area of the country itself.

I mean for arguments sake Russia and Canada are in the same size bracket for land mass. They are the two largest countries in the world in that regard yet Russia has almost five times more citizens residing withing their borders.

The United States you could say is in that size bracket albeit a bit smaller and they have ten times the population as Canada. Ten times!

China and India of course fit right in here but of course we’re getting redundant when the land mass continues to shink and the populations are running willy nilly over a billion citizens.

Canada has 33 million.

Kenya has 31 million and falling cramped into an area barely bigger than the state of New York and only a third the size of Texas. New York State and Texas have populations in and around 20 and 23 million.

Morocco, Uganda and Poland are all in simlar living arrangements and two of those four countries are killing themselves over land.

Finally I’ll leave you with one last wiki’d tidbit of land mass knowledge, Japan has a land mass of 145,883 square miles – the size of New York State – and a population that challanges the entire United States for total volumn. 127,433,494 citizens as of 2007, in an area the size of New York. 145,883 square miles.

Canada has 3,854,085 square miles.

I guess it’s not so bad to be a little bit cold.

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