4 Best College Baseball Teams

Only a few short months ago, sports fans across the globe were glued to their seats watching the college baseball world series- which is the national championship. In fact the College World Series ran through June and ended. The college baseball season does not officially start until right around the end of the Winter- February, specifically. That is a very, very long time for any self respecting sports fan- especially a sports fan of the college variety. College sports fans are a special variety of sports fan: a little more rabid than the average joe and perhaps a little more obsessed than the average sports fan as well. College sports fans are the ones that take off their shorts and wave them over their head while wearing full body paint in the colors of their respective favorite college sports team- which usually also happens to be their alma mater. Baseball is the American past time for a reason, because we love it. College baseball is pure and untainted by the scandals that have rocked major league baseball and other professional sports. College baseball players are young, hard working and dedicated to perfecting their craft before they ever set foot in a minor league or major league baseball park. For now, they are college players looking to make their way into the big time and bringing a national championship to their college. Here is a breakdown of the top 4 college baseball teams in the country as of right now:


College Baseball Rankings #1. the University of Arizona

Arizona was perfect in last year’s playoffs with a 10-0 record, which has cemented them as the national championship favorite in 2013. Last year’s record of 48-17 was one of the best records in the country, and nothing short of that should be expected next year. The Arizona Wildcats are a tough team and it is hard to say whether any team can really step up and beat them.


#2. The University of South Carolina

These Southern boys are nothing to mess around with, and if things go their way this season, they will giving Arizona a run for their money. In the tournament in 2012, they went 9-3 and came up short of the national championship game.


#3. University of Florida

The Gator’s are good at everything, and baseball looks to be their next shot at garnering yet another national college sports championship. They were the #1 ranked team last season, but failed to hold onto it when the season came to an end.


#4. Florida State University

Florida State is across the state from the University of Florida, but they are looking to take down their in-state rivals and win.


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