3 Ways to Make Your Boat More Badass

Nothing makes a summer day like taking the boat out for a spin on the lake. We start fantasizing about it as soon as the first snow falls. We close our eyes and envision it – one hand on the wheel, a cold beer in the other and girls in bikini’s dancing on the deck to a DJ spinning tunes near the stern. Then we open our eyes to the grim reality of a glorified dinghy that’s still docked in the garage.  Everyone feels bad-ass when they first buy a boat. But then all of the maintenance, cleaning and time spent “working on the damn boat” dulls the thrill. So if it seems your ship has lost its mojo why not think about some improvements to get back a little of the spark. Ok, so we can’t all live in a Jay-Z video, but there are some practical and semi-inexpensive ways to give that bruiser a little more swagger in the water.

Pimp It.

Naming a boat is a proud tradition among seamen. Maybe it’s just because men like to name stuff; cars, boats, anatomy… And while you can’t emblazon a label everything you’ve named, you can give your boat her proper moniker. Vinyl lettering or decals are a cheap and easy way to customize your boat with its name, or any other catch phrase or tag line that motivates you. You can also go the decals route, but it that comes down to a matter of taste.

Everybody laughs at the guy with flames licking up the sides of a 1999 Honda civic. Same principle applies here. For those of us with modest vessels in the water, a little restraint is advised. Sometimes something as simple as vinyl pin-striping can do a lot to make your boat look sportier and less boring. If you like to wear hot pink mesh tank tops, then clearly over-the-top is your thing. But for everybody else, a little bit of decoration goes a long way.

Light it Up

Lighting is great for creating atmosphere and striking up the nocturnal mood. If you’re planning a floating fiesta, a pair of strobes will create the ultimate party-boat. Or induce a seizure. If you want to use your boat to improve your love life; interior LED lights of any color can add a little intensity to a late night soiree. With outside LEDs, or rope lights, from a distance your boat will reflect an appearance of energy and sophistication. Or in other words, it’ll look hot. And, if absolutely nothing else…you’ll be able to see better in the dark.  Since we’re being practical for a second, docking, navigation and stern lights are always good to update.  There are plenty of kits for that ranging in prices to help you get started.

Get Some Speed

Aesthetics are one thing, but let’s cut to the main feature that will take your boat to the next level. Speed. The adrenaline rush that comes from going fast can be a natural aphrodisiac. And head turning speeds are an automatic boost to local water-cred. But, motor upgrades can be expensive and difficult to do by yourself. If you’ve got stock twin 380’s, try moving on up to twin 540‘s for a little extra power. Just remember, consult a professional before you start tinkering. Some motor enhancements may mean other features such as batteries and steering, might need updating as well.

And there you have it. With any of these customizations you can turn your mediocre boat into a high octane, mind-blowing, chick-magnet. Well, at least you can feel like it is. If you’ve fallen out of love with your floating friend, get out there and trick out your ship into something that would make Vin-Diesel proud.

Elise is a writer for Ebuysigns where they feature vinyl boat lettering. Elise has been writing for several years and has been a boat lover since she was a kid.