3 Fun Dining Table Settings for a date!

There are few things that impress guests at your home than a great, innovative and attractive table setting. There is nothing quite like sitting down at a table for a meal and a drink and having a beautiful arrangement sitting right in front of your eyes. In many ways, you can look at the table arrangement as a way in which to set the mood, or set the stage if you will. There are pretty much an infinite amount of ways in which you can set up the dining room table, and it all depends on your own personal style and the message that you want to get across. Some people like the dining room table to be as empty and uncluttered as possible, while other people like a busy looking dining room table design motif that distracts from other design ideas in the kitchen. Personal style and taste plays a large role in dining table settings and designs, so it is really all up to you to decide what would work and what would not when it comes down to the dining table. But, it is quite important to have the dining table design match up in some way with the design of the rest of the kitchen, if not the rest of the house overall. Still, here are some quick, fun and simple ideas that anyone can do for their dining room table, no matter the size or style of their dining room table, or even their budget:

1. Go white and green

There is something beautiful about going all natural with the dining room table setting. Bring out the white plates and bowls, as well as the white glasses. If possible, match all that white with avocado colored napkins and placemats. The combination of white and avocado is very impressive and will leave a good taste in most people’s mouths. It also helps to add some nice, luscious green plants to the mix. Just make sure it does not get too cluttered in the process.

2. More flowers= more fun

Flowers are a great way to liven up a dining room table setting, and you can pretty much use any kinds of flowers. But, the most beautiful ones that work the best on the dining room table usually are the purple and pink flowers. The bigger and brighter, the better.

3. Candle light

There is nothing that adds as much ambiance as natural candle light. The glow of the candles adds some mood to the dinner, and sets a tone that can’t do anything but succeed in looking awesome.

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