1. Jobs in Media

    Ok, some of those I've actually had, deep fried ice cream for one, and yes, it's amazing. But some of those just blew me away, deep fried pickles and olives? And the deep fried coca-cola…how does that even work?

    • South Carolina

      There is some crazy stuff going on in the fryers! Im from Rock Hill, SC and at their annual Christmasville festival there was a company called, Fried Crazy Desserts Co. They had deep fried moonpies! And wow! Were they good! They got a website @ http://www.friedcrazydesserts.com They’re supposed to have a menu with pictures of everything they fry up soon, deep fried upside-down cake! Crazy! Guess thats where they got there name from! Lol

  2. Honest...

    You need to show what happens if you eat all these regularly… the 560 pound weight gain and the almost certain triple bi-pass surgery.

  3. betty

    DEEP FRIED COCO COLA: yummmm @ LA County Fair

  4. betty

    Fried Coke is frozen Coca-Cola-flavored batter which is deep-fried and then topped with Coca-Cola syrup, whipped cream, cinnamon sugar, and a cherry.

  5. kidney stones diet

    Crazy deep fried foods is right. I'm sure it wouldn't just be your arteries suffering. Its incredible what changes in your diet can cause and cure!

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