Month: November 2012

Things better left unsaid

We’ve all had those times when something comes out of our mouths that was meant to stay locked away forever. Except of course those things you can’t wait to share with your best friend and only if it’s behind the other persons back. I knew the meatloaf was horrendous and instantly thought meatlump, definitely not meatloaf. But in saying so, and using my most sweetest tone, a cataclysmic chain of events set in motion that made the Big Bang theory look like snap, crackle, pop. Apparently when asked if I liked it, I missed that suttle expression on her face. Men know that look. We have been genetically bred for thousands of years to aim ahead of the fleeing antelope, what formation to use against an attacking tribe, how to keep beer at that perfect temperature. At the top of all our survival instincts is knowing “that look”. That look of pride in knowing something they’ve done is remarkable. That look of, go ahead, say it, I’m awesome. It’s a twitch of the eyebrow, that certain purse of the lips, the look in their eyes. I totally missed it. Damn. And women have remarkable memories. It’s been 12 years since I’ve had meatloaf. I got it at Golden Corral one time and she made me put it back. Yes, we all say things that are better left unsaid. My...

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Europe is a fascinating continent and there are some great ways to see it   by rail, by road, on foot   but nothing beats travelling by bicycle and being able to see so much of this great diverse mix of countries all under your own steam, not to mention getting a decent workout at the same time. For a long time, Europe has been one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, due in no small part to the great variety on offer. There are wonderful historic cities to explore, most of which also have a bustling nightlife when the sun goes down. There are vast expanses of forest, mountains and lakes and then there are also immaculate stretches of coastline, offering a chance to enjoy that winning combination of sun, sea and sand. Travelling to and around these enticing destinations by any means is a great experience, but doing so by bike is truly unforgettable. Nothing quite beats the freedom to see the sights at your own pace and under your own steam and the feeling at the end of the day when you feel tired but wholly fulfilled. CITIES Cycling holidays in Europe can take place anywhere, whether urban or rural, but the continent really benefits from having such a great range of very bike-friendly cities. London is one great example, with many bicycles to hire...

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Male doing laundry

I hate doing laundry. I hate it so much that I wait until everything I own is dirty before I face it.  Why is it that women know the difference between the colors and the whites? Men don’t. To us it’s simple. If it’s underwear or T-shirts it’s white, everything else is colors. We bought a new Samsung front loading washer. I know that Samsung makes TV’s, DVD players and Cellphones, none of which I can operate very well, why I would think a washer would be any different is beyond me. It has a Sanitizing cycle, Bedding cycle, Steam cycle, Normal cycle, Delicate cycle, hot wash, cold rinse, warm wash, cold rinse , cold wash, hot rinse, normal load, Jumbo load, large load, small load and automatic load. Why isn’t automatic load all there is? I’m sure this thing would get HBO if I could figure out how to hook it to the dish. With me it’s automatic load, hot wash and cold rinse. Period. Everything I own has a red or blue tint to it. I have come to think of this as a character trait and not a sign of failure. Once the washing is done comes the real work. Drying and folding. It always starts like this;  Take everything out of the washer and throw it in the dryer. Set the heat as high as...

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Constant Struggle

I am always in a constant struggle in some part of my life. It’s a never ending battle of how to get by. I went to Brookshire Brothers to pick up some toilet paper and came close to a coronary when I saw the entire aisle filled with a virtual cornucopia of defication removal products. There was Cottonelle, Northern, Charmin, the list was endless. I thought about the bears on TV, you know, the ones that have the toilet paper lint stuck to their butts? I couldn’t for the life of me remember what brand they used. I certainly have enough problems in my life without having to worry about lint on my butt. The prices were ridiculous. The cheap kind was one ply and I know what a bad idea that is. Are there really people out there that use one ply? I will always wonder who they are and vow to never shake their hand again. Unless of course they’re of Arab descent. Their culture uses the left hand for this cumbersome, but necessary deed. I walked from one end of the aisle to the other. I remember thinking, what a booming business this is. In the old days people used grass, leaves, fur, mussel shells and of course who doesn’t remember their grandmothers Sears and Roebuck catalog. At my age, my brain has become a 20...

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Getting Ripped: Starting Things Up, Keeping the Momentum

Ripped Men have nice bodies for a number of reasons: They have a body that is nice enough for themselves and their significant intimate others. They have a job that makes it. Maybe they are blessed with genes that just make it so – though doing nothing only rarely results in a nice body. Or, they work at it. Working at it usually has one of two goals – getting large or getting ripped. These are not mutually exclusive, a bulky guy can get ripped, and a ripped guy can go for more bulk. Bulk is usually caused by fluid in the muscle; being ripped usually requires muscles trained to achieve high density. This dense growth is called myofibrillar hypertrophy. The focus is on building decent muscle size (not ridiculously huge) and then shaping and defining that muscle. Getting Started on Getting Ripped For whatever reason (You don’t like what you see in the mirror?) you’ve decided your body needs some work. You decide against going for the bulk, like most traditional body builders, but you do want decent muscles that look good and work well. So you start cruising the web. Choose a Program – You know your lifestyle and what changes YOU can accommodate. You find some programs that have an exercise frequency, equipment requirements, and a diet plan that could work for you. Pick the best,...

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