Month: October 2012

PIX/ASA Firewall for Websense integration Configuration – How It’s Done

These are the steps for configuring PIX/ASA Firewall for Websense integration. These instructions are for basic security setups. The first step is to telnet in the security appliance. Enter “enable” and the required password. Configure the terminal or type either: config t.   PIX Version 6 and Older   With these you have to type the following: url-server (if_name) vendor websense host <IP of Websense server> protocol tcp version 4   filter url http allow The commands for filtering FTP and HTTP are: filter https 443 allow filter ftp 20 allow filter ftp 21 allow   PIX Version 6.3 and Newer   Instead of the protocol name, you have to use the port number. url-server (if_name) vendor websense host <IP of Websense server> protocol tcp version 4   To filter FTP and HTTPS traffic, use this command:   filter https 443 allow filter ftp 20 allow filter ftp 21 allow   Appliance Version 7 and Newer   The command is the following:   url-server (if_name) vendor websense host <IP of Websense server > protocol tcp version 4 connections 8   filter url 80 allow If you need to set up the security appliance the command is: url-server...

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The custom sticker look more gorgeous

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Your Wedding Day Music

Finding the right musical selections for your wedding day can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task. The options are countless from hiring a DJ to finding a local band or even just selecting your own mix of songs. Music might not seem like a big part of your wedding day, but it will create the mood and liven up the atmosphere. For every major moment of your day, music will be playing in the background to express the emotion that you want to achieve. Your guests will here music from the moment they enter the ceremony until the last song is palyed at the reception. Since song selection is such a key part of the wedding, it must be considered and taken seriously to ensure that your special day is momentous. First, you need to determine what you want to hear as you make your way down the aisle.  If the traditional wedding march is not original enough, you could select a meaningful song to play as you go to greet your groom. You could choose your special song that you share with your future husband or you could opt for a love ballad that features powerful lyrics that will add to the emotion of your entrance. An original song will set your wedding apart from the very beginning and show your guests a glimpse into the bond that...

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Accounting Suggestions: Apply Dividend As opposed to Bonus To Save Tax

For many Business enterprise, it’s by now a well-known strategy to make use of dividend instead of high bonuses in order to save taxes for the working shareholder. This was as a matter of fact a key topic of discussion at a recent get together between some accountants in London to discuss best methods for saving income tax under the current financial system. This technique can apply in circumstances where the lower rate of business tax is applicable. Any savings in this regard comes from the fact that National Insurance is due on salaries but not dividends. In the absence of salaries, there are going to be zero NI payable. And so the real question is why then pay a wage at all? Why not basically pay it all out as dividend and prevent the NI trap entirely? Basically the answer happens to be in what we gain as a result of paying National Insurance. The National Insurance Contribution has a bearing on much of our entitlement to state benefits such as retirement pensions, statutory sick pay, maternity pay, statutory paternity pay, and many others. One thing with National Insurance and the benefits most of us get out of it would be that the sums are not directly proportional. Nevertheless your contributions will be directly proportional to the chargeable income. Thus, after a particular amount of National Insurance ,...

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It’s Time to Move Out of Your Parent’s House!

It is one thing to boast about being a kid at heart.  It is an entirely other thing to admit to being a mamma’s boy.  And really, who would want to claim that status?!  While you might not say it out loud, your friends, family and girlfriend already know.  How?  Because you are a grown adult, living at home! Are you over 25 years of age?  Are you done with college?  It is time to cut the cord! Basically, if you are unsure about whether or not it is time to go, there is one simple thing to consider.  How many people are you pissing off?  While she rarely vocalizes it, your mom is angry.  If you were the type to pick up on subtle hints (and what guy is?!), you would notice that more often than not your morning eggs are burned.  Why?  Because she is tired of being your maid – cooking your meals, cleaning your room, doing your laundry.  Grow up!  Take care of yourself! The daggers shooting from the eyes of your financially responsible dad say he is unhappy with the way you are spending your money.  He might be irritated by the fact you aren’t paying rent, aren’t saving your money, and splurging on big ticket items like a thumping car stereo and a flat screen jumbo-tron for your bedroom. Your friends are annoyed. ...

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