Month: August 2012

Use Your T-shirt to Manipulate Communication

Alice Jenkins is a graphic designer, writer, and avid t-shirt wearer. She enjoys blogging about all aspects of design, but particularly current trends in pop and alternative-culture fashion. She currently writes for, where you can make Custom Design T Shirts Online. You’re out on the town, trying to meet people, but small talk kills you. People ask so many questions. If only there was a way to convey information about yourself without having to say the same old thing. Well, here are a few clothing options that will answer those nagging small talk inquiries for you. Sports Paraphernalia By wearing team colors, you tell people you like a certain sport and a specific team in that sport. You may even have a shirt representing a certain player. Now instead of “So, do you like sports?” you can delve into a much more interesting conversation about why your player got shafted in the draft or how all of the steroid rumors are obviously a conspiracy to taint his name. Witticisms Sarcastic T shirts say a lot about you. 1.) You are smarter than everyone. 2.) You have an awesome sense of humor. 3.) Depending on the shirt, it may reveal hobbies or interests. Whether it is a pop culture pun, drinking ditty, or thinly veiled insult of society in general, your shirt will represent you well. It can express...

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How to be a Man

I’m tired of watching TV and not being able to remember a single sitcom where a man is considered a role model or respected. Maybe it’s the constant fighting next door, the wife screaming at the husband while he sits on the porch, head hung low like a kicked dog. Maybe it’s because my own father and grandfather were real men and knew how to live and teach by example. So for any man who gives a damn, I have a few things to say about who you should be and how you should live. I’m not telling you what to do as a person, but as a member of the male race. So pull your balls out of your wife’s purse, shove them in your pants and read on. True Attributes of Manhood Lets’ get something straight, the real qualities of a man don’t come from external sources. I don’t care what kind of truck you’ve got; I can steal it, slash it, smash it and light it on fire. Real men don’t need children’s toys to prove our worth. They have an internal foundation that can’t be stolen and live by principle and example. An arrogant dick will still be an arrogant dick with or without the truck. Know Who You Are and Stand In Your Place This is the foundation of each and every man who...

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Before Sunrise/ Before Sunset

Simplicity is beauty as we hear often. And there are two movies that would fit perfectly with that adage: Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. Both of the movies is about the special relationship of a man and a woman who are complete strangers but got along very well and somehow fell in love with each other. It is not love at first sight, because that is not always true, but the development of attraction by looking at each other’s insights and thoughts about everything. Before Sunrise is a 1995 movie starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, except for minor characters they are the only ones you would see on screen. The movie revolves around how their characters: Jessie and Celine spent the night together in Vienna. It all started with a train ride, the two main characters are aboard a train heading for Vienna, and they struck up a conversation after overhearing a German couple arguing. The two strangers then decided to go to Vienna for the night and roam the city. The movie is mostly composed of conversations between the two about almost everything under the sun, and about their take on life in general, and their personal experiences. While roaming the city and picking on each other’s minds Jessie and Celine developed an attraction and eventually made love before they part, before sunrise. They promised to see...

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Good Reasons To Discover Internet Dating Solutions

Nowadays, there are several kinds of dating services in existence on line. True indeed, online dating web sites have created a style that is shaping the way people find their new match. What’s more, you’ll find the high breed social media websites that are neither full blown dating sites or straight cut social networking services. Whatever your standards and expectations you can find dating sites to cater for your needs. It doesn’t matter what your ethnicity, religion, hobbies, interests, body facets are, you will be always able to find your match using the programming system that is used by these dating web sites. Below are some of the major considerations to focus on when looking into the effectiveness of your average online dating service First of all, you should consider the size of the particular dating community. This is not always an exclusive indicator of a quality site as quantity doesn’t always equate to quality. However you should look at the profile bank. Ask yourself how many profiles can you access? Are the available options enough for you? The typical dating web site have forums, discussion boards, free online dating email notifications and chat alerts. It is always best to join a community that features members who share similar interests and are actively taking part within those interests. Next to look at is the geographical locations of the users....

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Women are Attracted to Healthy Egos, Not Egocentricity

In most societies, it’s the man with strong ego who catches women’s attention. Other more meek guys may have just as many accomplishments, but if they don’t project confidence, women pass them over for the big ego men. Self confidence and a healthy ego in a man signals to women that he’s in charge of his life. He’s not afraid to pursue what he wants and he won’t be pushed around. The confident man seems like he has it all, or if he doesn’t have it all quite yet, he has the ambition, the determination and the skills to take control and make it happen. Many women are hoping and looking for a man to build a life with or just go out and have fun with who will be a capable decision maker and active partner in decisions great and small. A man with a healthy ego looks like a man who will be there when she needs a helping hand or bit of advice. It’s funny though considering The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines ‘ego’ as ‘the conscious thinking self’ – so women then in effect like guys who actively think about themselves! It’s crazy, shouldn’t they it be those that are thinking about others that are attractive?! Women don’t like egocentric men, however. An egocentric man may at first seem competent and often even more assertive than even...

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