Five Ways to Create the Perfect Bachelor Pad On a Budget

A bachelor pad is a kind of stepping stone from the frat pad to the conventional home with the backyard, trees, dog, and 2.5 children. It’s your way of expressing your creativity and embracing the bachelor lifestyle. You might want to skip the beer bong and kegs and start establishing your own personal style. Here […]

3 Fashion Tips from the Stars

Celebrities in every shape and form, be it a musician, a movie star or a reality television star, inspires fashion and creates fashion trends all around the globe. The stars are who we look up to for fashion advice most of the time, and they dictate- pretty much- what ends up in our closets and […]

3 tips for avoiding the common cold

As the name implies, the common cold is one of the most common illnesses that a person comes down with. In fact, there are many people that come down with the common cold numerous times per year. There are no steadfast cures for the common cold, but there are various steps that a person can […]

Are Your Clothes Situation-Appropriate?

Whether you live in a big city, the suburbs, a small town or out in the country, chances are you see poorly dressed people every day. These lost souls stomp around in public looking like they shun the very concept of mirrors. Five dollar shoes, dirty sweatpants and tacky t-shirts are just the beginning of […]