Month: June 2012

5 Great Swimming Exercises

Swimming is one of the best exercises for us. It is especially good for those who can’t do high impact activities, since the water supports the weight of the body. However, it can get pretty boring doing nothing but laps across the pool. Here are five other exercises you can add to your routine that can help you to build muscle, shed unwanted fat and get a good full body workout while in the pool. Treading Water Some people like hanging out at the side of the pool just to chat with friends or look good and show off their new swimsuit. But if you want to do a bit more than just lounge around the side of the pool, you can still chat with your friends, but instead of hanging around outside the pool, you should go into the pool. Go to where the water is just a bit too deep for you to touch the bottom of the pool and tread water as you talk to your friend. By simply swimming in place and treading water, you can burn about 45 to 50 calories for every ten minutes you spend talking. Side Leg Lifts and Knee Raises The great thing about exercising in water is that, while it is very low impact, the water also adds resistance to your movements. This means that any exercise you do...

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An overview of blood types

Most people know what their blood type is, but most people have no clue what a blood type means, or what the differences are between the various blood types. A cursory knowledge just tells you that there is some difference between various types of blood, and that difference is the reason why some blood is incompatible with a person of a different blood type. A breakdown of blood types There are four blood types: Type A Type B Type AB Type O The difference between blood types comes down to the rate and presence of certain proteins in the blood, which are called antigens, and they are connected to the red blood cells. This typing system is the most common system used in the world, and is referred to as the ABO blood typing system. Most blood types are passed down through the genes from a person’s parents, so most families and the members in the family all have the same blood type- although this is not always the case in some rare circumstances. How the blood typing test works Once a person’s blood is drawn from their vein, the blood is put into a test tube and mixed with certain antibodies. The antibodies are specifically chosen to work against Type A and Type B blood. Once the mixing of the antibodies and the blood is finished, a doctor...

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That’s Never Happened to Me Before, I Swear!

Young Guys Get ED Too. Because most men learn about genital function and male sexuality by trial and error, they generally don’t get the memo that explains, “Your penis is a reliable barometer of your physical and psychological health.” Unruly as it seems, a penis is a delicate instrument. You know how quickly and accurately your penis measures heat and cold—both literally and metaphorically, and you surely know how well-calibrated “Mr. Happy” is to visual stimuli. The joy stick also responds to images from memory and other fantastic stimuli. In fact, most men learn they can depend on their penises for instant and durable response to almost all stimuli and encouragement. In your 20s and 30s, you may tune-out the most revealing message in commercials for ED medications. The man with the big voice says a lot when he counsels, “Make sure you are healthy enough for sexual activity.” In fact, if your body and mind are not equal to the task, your penis definitely will deliver the message. Yet many men seem surprised when the equipment malfunctions. It’s almost Shakespearean. Millions of men have listened in shock and disbelief as they have heard the tragic refrain issue from their lips: “That’s never happened to me before!” they moan. “I swear! That has never happened!” If you eat lots of fatty and fried foods, work at a desk, and...

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Night Out Game Plan

Recently, a lot of fellow bro’s have asked me about bar and club game and if I’ve got any pointers worth sharing. It’s only natural that I would write an article about it. To try to mix them all in, because club and bar game can be completely different, I want to focus on the actual night itself rather than the location.

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The 5 Safest Cars on the Road

Driving a automobile can be a very dangerous thing. There are hosts of different factors that come into play when getting behind the wheel: personal competence, the competence of the other drivers on the road, and the weather, just to name a few. There are tons and tons of considerations and thoughts that go through a person’s head when they step behind the wheel- and one of those things, is the relative safety of the car they are getting behind the wheel of- as some makes and models of cars are much safer than others. Here is a top 5 list of the safest cars of 2011 and 2012, according to Forbes. 1. The BMW 5 Series The BMW 5 Series is one of the safest- if not the safest- car on the road at all times. Although the $45,000 price tag for the brand new model is a bit expensive for most, it is very worth it because of the longevity, reliability and safety of the vehicle. BMW has always put a lot of emphasis on the safety of their car models, and it is no different for the BMW 5 Series, which is the latest and greatest in a line of cars that have always been great and respected in the industry- especially among safety experts and car insurers. 2. Buick LaCrosse The Buick LaCrosse is another...

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