Month: March 2012

Top 5 Most Expensive Sports to Play

The best thing about sports is that almost anyone who has talent and desire to play can participate in them. However, anyone who has played a sport professionally knows that spending money to make your game better is very important. You will have to spend on training, expensive sports gear, club memberships and so much more to stay at the top of your game if you wish to be a professional player. Here are the top 5 most expensive sports to play. 1. HORSE RACING This has to be the most expensive sport out there. The horses that take part in these races cost thousands of dollars, plus a lot more than just the cost is spent on their maintenance and training. You have to arrange for stables, maintenance facilities and a good caretaker for your horse as well so that he/she stays in top shape for racing. It also requires a lot of time for a person to bond with the horse and become good a horse racer. 2. CAR RACING No matter which racing circuit you join, you have to own a top sports car. The price of the car is the main cost in this sport which should be a few million dollars easily. Thankfully maintenance costs a few thousand dollars from time to time and then you have to pay the pit crew as well....

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A Personal Contract

Hitman Absolution is the most ambitious game in the series yet. Featuring a living and breathing world, every moment can become a story. The Original Assassin must rely on his highly honed skills and instinct as he takes on his most dangerous and personal contract to date.

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Fast Food Hype among the People and Related Health Concerns

The latest food trends among the people are inclining towards the take up of fast food such as the burgers and sandwiches and are leaving behind all the other necessary food items. Fast food, which is now available right around the corner of almost every street, is most popular among the people as it is very convenient and is cheaper than other cuisines. In this article, all the food items that are rich in calories, fat, sodium and have high cholesterol amounts are discusses as the fast food items. These items may be quick to eat, and are available at the arms reach, but are causing much pain for the health. Fast Food Types In Different Cuisines: The people should avoid all the food items that are causing health problems such as high blood pressure, obesity, and / or heart diseases. Almost every cuisine has some sort of food choices that are considered in the category of fast foods and are harmful for the health of a person, especially if not utilized otherwise. People should avoid such food items from their diets, especially if they suffer from high cholesterol or have fat accumulations in their bodies. Here are some of the most famed fast food types, which are served to people all over the globe: Burger Fast Food Items: Burgers are the most famous fast food items, as they...

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