Month: February 2012

Manly Dog Breeds

Dogs are the epitome of the manly pet. That is, of course, if you get yourself the right breed of dog. You can feel the respect seep out of the room when your friends walk into your den and are greeted by two toy poodles in their custom embroidered dog beds. Don’t let this happen to you. The German Shepard is a dog that has seen use in war, police work and countless other incredible areas of dog use. They need to be well trained but they are loving and devoted dogs that have one of the most recognizable loos of any breed on the planet. The Pit-bull is and often overlooked breed that has gotten a bad reputation. I am disgusted by those that train their dogs to fight. These dogs are some of the most loving and friendly dogs in the world if you treat and raise them right. A lot of people think they are aggressive but they have less bites per year than golden retrievers, Dalmatians and pretty much every small dog on the planet. They just have a very powerful set of jaws so you hear more about the bites that do happen, no matter how rare they are. Blame the owner, not the dog. The mastiff is a gigantic dog. These animals don’t fit in the biggest of dog beds so expect to have to...

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How to Choose Gifts that Don’t Suck for Women

Did you hit it out of the park on Valentine’s Day? Or did you fare like many other men who spent the day of love trying to make it up to the women in their lives because they failed to deliver a thoughtful gift? Choosing a great gift for your lady love isn’t as easy as picking out a nice-looking piece of jewelry from a counter at the mall (though that does work for many of us). What constitutes a great gift is as unique as the woman herself. If the gift doesn’t reflect her taste, you risk making her think that you don’t know her well enough or just don’t care enough to make a thoughtful decision. Before you end up buying another vacuum or blender for her next birthday or your anniversary, consider these tips for picking out a great gift that doesn’t suck: Don’t Be a Dolt Any man who thinks that a Cuisinart or the latest “Biggest Loser” workout DVD is a good gift should not expect to see the flames of passion burning bright. Sure, women may talk about how they want to buy a new sewing machine or need to lose a few pounds, but none of us want a pair of spanks or fuel for our to-do list on a day that’s meant to treat us. Likewise, we don’t want gifts that...

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