Month: January 2012

Society and Alcohol Usage: What is Causing The Growing Drinking Culture?

Although legal drinking age in the United States is 21, but students all around the country are so ecstatic for the concept of drinking that they abuse the use of alcohol. Drinking has become a norm in a number of families. The Growing Culture of Drinking in the United States: Whether the gathering is for Christmas dinner, thanksgiving, New Years, and bridal showers or even for baby showers and birthdays, alcohol has become a choice for beverage among the adults and seemingly among the youngsters as well. The notion has been hyped so much so that today a number of homes have bars. All this socializing and the use of alcohol has become a fast “drinking culture.” According to the studies of Centers for Disease Control (CDC) it has been reported that out of every six one U.S. adult is binge drinker, which means that an average male can take up to five drinks or more at a time. Reasons behind the Building up of Drinking Culture among the People: If you wonder, why people today have the tendency to booze it up so frequently, here are a list of things that have encouraged this behavior: You Catch On Things You See On The Screens: Television, media, commercials are all the reasons for promoting the hyped drinking trend. According to a study, published in the journal “Alcohol and Alcoholism,”...

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Health Benefits of Lemon Juice in Treating Diseases

The botanical name of lemon is Citrus Medico that is a small tree. It contains most of the vitamins and minerals. It is quite good for healing purposes. Lemon contains huge amounts of citrus acid and vitamin A, B, and C, iron, and calcium. The presence of vitamin C in lemon has made it an amazing substance. Vitamin C in the diet helps the body to grow and maintain collagen. According to the research, collagen is a gelatin like gristle that keeps billion of cells together in the body. It is present in ligaments, joints, bones, gum tissues, and in the walls of all the blood vessels. Vitamin C is quite good, effective as it provides strength and elasticity to the connective tissue and heals the wounds faster. Vitamin C has the following role in the body. It acts as a remedy to the damages caused by smoking and alcoholic beverages. It cancels out the stress and strain that occurs in busy life. It rapidly repairs the injury and diseases. It reverses the process of aging. Lemon juice is quite effective in treating nose bleeding, hepatitis, and gastric ulcer.  Lemon is in fact the most commonly used medicine. They are quite effective for colds, sore throat, gastric, liver troubles, and headache. It is also quite effective for constipation problem. It is also used for skin cure. Use of lemon...

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Top 10 Manly Things That Manly Men Like

Men are not women, and we are not silent about what we like. Normally we’re not too talky, either, but this is going to be an exception. We need to have a little man to man talk about what we love, as a show of solidarity. Since the Internet embodies the masculine virtue of individual expression, be sure to sound off in the comments section if I miss something. Let’s look at ten things that make this a man’s world. 10. Guns A gun is a loud, powerful way to wreck what you don’t like and create what you do. As a tool of war, a gun is man’s most powerful possession (unless you have your own missiles). 9. Tools With a hammer, you can beat on things with impunity. With a saw, you can conquer a tree and then build your house out of its corpse. Yeah, tools are manly. 8. Fast Cars If it pushes you back in your seat, it’s got power. And men love power in all its incarnations. Anything a man can use to chase down his prey faster is all right. 7. Getting a Great Deal New car deals and dollar specials on beer are two of man’s favorite things. What’s better than getting what you already love, on the cheap? 6. Meat Whether you chase it down at 200 miles an hour...

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